Wednesday, May 14, 2014

they apreaciate fine meat’s

Where have I been? Lying in weight for Ellen to reveal herself. My trap isn't working for sh!t, but that's my business. Thanks for those of you eternal springers, especially if you've been posting updates in the comments. It's not that I haven't been reading Ellen, it's just a bit of a girlcott.

I interrupt my protest to bring you the below news because the INVESTEMENT BANKER may be heard from again. Also a bit concerned that food from 2011 is still to be found in Ellen's residence...

Yay! I met a guy today walkeing on Lex and he is an INVESTEMENT BANKER! He said I was so cute that he did NOT want to sleep with me! He said he want’s to get to know me as a person, what my like’s and dislike’s are, and who my family is! — can this guy be real? Any way, I told him I would meet him for dinner and we will meet tomorrow nite. I have a busness meeting tonite with the manageing partner and the supermarkit guy’s — we are goeing to Ruth Chris Steak House b/c they apreaciate fine meat’s — meat’s that they do NOT sell in their supermarkits! Can you beleive the hyppocracy? FOOEY! If you eat good meat, you should stock good meat the manageing partner say’s and I agree with him!
As for the OP, you should get Almond’s at Trader Joe’s. I get all of my nuts there, and you can buy big bag’s of almond’s for about $6 / pound. You probabley want to buy RAW nuts if you are squeezeing them into Milk. I have never tried makeing Almond milk, but figure that you have to squeeze alot of nut’s to get milk out them. Alan loved to eat almond’s so I had to buy them for him even tho I had to travel to get fresh nut’s on the West side. I did NOT want to go downtown to get him nuts. He was SO lazy — he should have got his OWN nuts. FOOEY on him. I finaly threw out the last of his nut’s last month when dad asked why I ate so many almond’s. Dad said he did NOT think Alan had nuts. FOOEY on Alan!