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Name: Ellen Barshevsky
Born: March 28, 1981
From: Long Island, NY
Lives and Works: Manhattan
Occupation: 5th year associate at a law firm (current as of 2/12; partnership deal pending as of 2013)
Meyers-Briggs Personality Type: ISTJ
Alternate Names Historically Used: Lourine, Lourine P., Laura, Louise, Amanda, Wilma, Hilda, Vivian, Frances, France's, Alma, Alma Federer, Susan, Belinda G., Verna, Vera, Vikra, Mulva, Ooona, Jill, J'Ill, Ulea, Eva, Elana, Eunice, Nomi, Ayomi.
--Commenters posting as "Alan," "Alan S." or "Alan Sheketovitz" may either be fictional Ellen's fictional counterpart, or the same person/ensemble. The same might be said for the Sunshine Girls (SSG and SSG2), endemic to this blog but also spotted on Corporette. However, they do not always identify themselves. "Vincent (Vinnie) J. Kutza, Jr.," Esq., is a hated coworker of the Sunshine Girls.
Education: JD, George Washington University, year unknown. BA, seemingly "Social Studies," also GWU, year unknown.
       *Before being alerted to Ellen's specific alma mater by a fabulous, anonymous commenter, I liked to think that Ellen was a classmate of Corporette blogger Kat Griffin at Georgetown Law Center (they seem close enough in age to have at least overlapped). Now that we know it was GW, and see some historic Ellen comments suggesting a rivalry with Georgetown, how does this affect my imaginary Ellen-Kat dynamic? Ellen occasionally seems to refer to private communications between herself and Kat about the standards of commenting on the site. I enjoyed a scenario in which Kat is extending some kind of collegial courtesy to Ellen, allowing her posts to come through but apparently offering friendly guidelines. I also imagined fuzzy, flashback footage of Ellen attempting to be friends or study partners with Kat during law school, and being (politely and professionally, of course) denied.
Relationship Status: Single and intently focused on getting married.
Religious Preference: Jewish. Ellen has also mentioned celebrating Christmas, however.
Political Views/Affiliations: None (affirmatively stated at every mention).
Go-To Retailer: Lord & Taylor
Gym Membership: New York Sports Club
Preferred Shoe Company: Nine West
Preferred Suit: Anne Klein
Appearance: Ellen has long blonde hair. At some point in the past it was brown, but we do not know her natural hair color. She has mentioned bearing resemblance to Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow. Client Jim has compared her to Britt Ekland. Ellen owns glasses, which she has not changed since high school, but we don't know how regularly she wears them. Her signature hair style involves a scrunchie, of which she has many colors.
Ellen's reports of her own build vary wildly. Sometimes she brags of being slim, yet she also has mentioned attempting to lose a substantial amount of weight, and said that clothing in Size 12 or higher would be too small. She reports a height of 5' 5" -- taller than Mila Kunis.
The manageing partner, and substantially all unknown men encountered by Ellen, tend to stare and flirt with her, so we can assume regardless of any of the above that she is ravishingly beautiful.

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