Thursday, January 30, 2014

it would be to noisey for all

So she's going to the Super Bowl party, chaperoned by Myrna, and trying to avoid too many high-fiber or otherwise gas-inducing snack foods. I thought she might mention the calories and Dad's monitoring, but YAY! She just wants to avoid thunderous disruptions of the game emanating from the bathroom. (Though if she really wanted to deter Sam's "sugestive" mooves, this might just do the job...)

Hug’s to you. It must be TERIBLE to have to deal with divorce and a guy who turned out to be a rotten apple. FOOEY! I guess I am lucky, in this way that I have NOT married b/c all of the guy’s that wanted me seemed to be focused on very short term releationship’s, not comitted one’s and Alan shyed away from any thought of kid’s (tho he certeainly liked the sex part). DOUBEL FOOEY ON GUYS LIKE ALAN who want sex but no comitment!
As for this bag, Cat, it is to expensive even for the manageing partner to get Margie. He had me return thing’s she bought b/c they were to expensive when Margie did NOT want to take them back. Personaly, I like Coach bag’s for leather, but will NOT pay more then $400 for a bag. My dad make’s me schlep my lit bag back and forth to work anyway, b/c he say’s it build’s character! Can you imageine? FOOEY b/c most of the time it is empty except for my gym stuff (that Frank sometime’s look’s at–fooey on him for lookeing at my gym stuff).
Myrna is OK goeing to Sam’s. She said he will have another freind over there for her, but I do NOT want to be left alone in a room with Sam, b/c he is getting very sugestive, and in his house he could be weareing the same short’s that he had on when he showed his winkie. FOOEY on that! Sam talked about munchie’s, but I also do NOT want to have to eat Nacho’s and Bean Dip all day b/c I would for sure have to go to the toilet and it would be to noisey for all. I will sugest that he call out for sushi or Italian, which is easier on my digestive system. And who knows what his freind will be. Mabye he will be better for me then Myrna.
Anyway, the best to the HIVE. I have to go to court tomorow, so may onley be able to post before and after if I don’t meet with Roberta. I’ll see about bringeing the new guy (Mason) if he can pry himself away from Lynn. They both walked out the door 3 minute’s ago! YAY for them–at least they are enjoyeing themselve’s I think, but NOT in the office! YAY!!!!!

so much sexueal tension, if you can beleive it

Gross, as usual. The whole office is stareing at each other's bodies when they're not contemplating each  other's bathroom odors. As for Sam's invitation, it sound's like Ellen didn't necessarily trust that it was actually going to be a Super Bowl "party"--she thought it was more along the lines of a hoax to get her alone. 

My guess is Myrna will be game to come along (oops, I'm punny) 

Definitely go to a real place for some EGG ROLLS (veggie), or DIM SUM! YUMMY! OR MOO SHOO GAI PAN! DOUBEL YUMMY! If you want, you can get some LEECHIE NUTS FOR DESSERT. I never had LEECHIE Nuts until I went to China town with my Dad, and we ate a whole bag!
I think now that you have got me thinkeing about it, I will ask the manageing partner if I can take an extra hour off tomorow after I go to court downtown tomorow to eat lunch in Chinatown instead of goeing to Century 21. I can not charge lunch to a cleint unless I discuss busness, so I will bring Mason with me if he can eat Chinese. Otherwise, I will meet Roberta downtown and take the afternoon off, but just bill her for lunch.
The manageing partner keep’s bothering me to figure out how to set up this new International Group. What is ITC and what does the FTC do overseas and internationaly? I thought they just handel false advertiseing? I need to get someone to help me, but Mason is onley interested in ooogeling Lynn! It is so funny b/c he used to be stareing at me, but now he is stareing at Lynn. YAY!
I think the manageing partner is starteing to notice this b/c Lynn is less attentive to the manageing partner. I did tell Mason not to touch Lynn at all at work, and I do not see anything, but now, there is so much sexueal tension, if you can beleive it — Even Madeline notices this and I do not think she has had a man since the 1970′s, and that was when everyone was a “flower child” dad says. He met Madeline and warned me that if I did NOT look out, I could turn into that in a few year’s! FOOEY!
Sam called again today, and insist’s that I go to his apartement for a small Superbowl party. He said I could come with Myrna so I will ask her. I do NOT want to be alone with him b/c in his apartement, he is probablely goieng to get FRISKEY, and I do NOT want to see his winkie any time soon. DOUBEL FOOEY!

[Yanoula #2]

Ellen may have left Alan in the du'st long ago, but some of her alter egos are still slumming. Another reason she's such a shining example to other fictional phantasms, I suppose. 

I would not put up with this. There is no way any of these hot women would even look at my boyfriend let alone sleep with him, so why should I be compared to them. The day I get Justin Timberlake to date me is the day I say Sayanara to my fat and sloppy boyfriend!

[Head's Up: Yanoula]

This wasn't her first appearance, but I'll try to be better from now on about it. Notice the completely useless content of Yanoula's reply (OP is asking about how to demand her money back, not whether she should do so), as well as her mockery of Corporette trends--this time "rawr." 

You know what it is, back in the building...

Legal question t/j
I signed a mutual release to get out of a condo purchase that was going on too long. It was signed on December 11 and I do not have my funds yet. Properties and forms signed in Ontario, if that makes a difference. Emails and telephone calls to builder office and law office have been ignored. They’re both big businesses I do not expect them to disappear but what is a reasonable length if time to get back my (big to me) $50,000?

they are NOT alway’s 100% kosher theemselve’s

Wait--if I get too fat I'm supposed to switch from skirts to pants? I thought it was the other way around! Maybe MP's premise is that he wants plenty of leg to look at around the office, as long as it's SVELTE, but once you're over the line it should be all fabric? Spoken like someone whose only experience with these issues is as a spectator, that's for sure.

Hug’s to you! This, like my dad say’s, is the “nature of the beast” (whatever that mean’s)–if you are a beast, then how natural is it I say! Your billing alot of hours, like ME, and I have the same probelem — all I do all day is fix thing’s legal for my cleint’s. They usueally have a worker who is trying to get away with something, but they are NOT alway’s 100% kosher theemselve’s, so it is my job to smooth over the crappey things they are DOEING with their worker, and make the judge say that the worker is dogging it and reduce or elimineate their worker’s benefit’s.
Sometimes I feel for the worker b/c they are out of work sick, but most of the time they do NOT want to work and just want to get benefit’s. I even have invesitgatiors tail them and take picture’s. Last week, we caught a guy shoveleing snow who said he could not moove his back! I can’t wait to take this guy into court to show the judge! YAY!
But as for the OP, you will learn how to be more effective over time. RAWRR! as the hive says. YAY Hive!
Finaly, I want to commend Cat’s choice today. I totaly LOVE Tahari, and would love to wear brown with a skirt, tho, b/c pant suits are VERBOOTEN here by order of the manageing partner. If I had leg’s like Madeline, mabye he’d let me wear slack’s, but it’s strictely skirts and dresse’s for me (at least I guess until I get porky). FOOEY!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

standard’s and scrupule’s

Probably right about Fred's calculation (in Para. 2)--he thinks no way could Ellen do any better than the spoils of a stinky pet store. Time will tell, hate to say it! 

I'd like to know more about how Mason responded to being counciled on tuchus-grabbing...? Finally, I'd bet MP already knows about it (and then some) and look forward to his rendition on disastrous mishandling. 

Finally, I trust that the Sunshine Girls will look up and post here some aid for Ellen about this prospective "international" practice. They haven't failed her yet. 

Me too. I love Tina Turk, but is Bloomie’s the onley place I can get this? If so, FOOEY! unless I go up to see Rosa and get it in Westchester. DOUBEL FOOEY b/c I would have to take the train unless Myrna drove me.
I got a text today from Fred. He want’s to know if I like the kitty litter. Should I even respond to him? I think he think’s I am desperete for a guy so that he is lookeing better all the time. I hope Ed did NOT put that idea in his littel head. I have standard’s and scrupule’s.
I have decided to council Mason about his behavior. What he doe’s on his own time is his own business, but I will tell him NOT to touch Lynn’s tuchus in the office (or any one else’s tuchus for that matter). I also will say that it is proabley not a good idea to date Lynn b/c she work’s here and he should not have sex with the staff. FOOEY! I did NOT want to bring this up with the manageing partner b/c I want the manageing partner to think that I am independent and have MANAGEEARAL capabilitie’s! YAY!
I am wondering, tho, if we need to bring in an HR speciealist to give me some pointer’s b/c the manageing partner also want’s me to head up a new department he is cobbeling together useing some peeople who are now “underutilised”. The manageing partner is thinkeing of consolidating our estate’s group into what he is now calling our international group. He see’s alot of opportunity in import/export b/c he has a freind on 31st Street who work’s in the area lookeing for council, and he figure’s that with the FTC getting new authority, that I could learn FTC law, and something called ITC law and we could market ourself as a full service international import/export firm.
Do the hive know peeople doeing this kind of work? Is it realy that lucrative? I want to be abel to respond to the manageing partners’ inquiry, but have onley found articel’s about international law, but NOT import export law. FOOEY!


Interesting--Alan applied to b-school but apparently didn't get in. I've always known he was a CPA but I also thought he had the MBA. We're scaling back our assessment of Alan all the time, it seems! 

As for Mason, I notice that the narrative has found a way to make his sexual appetite Ellen's problem even though it is (thus far, amazingly) not directed at her. It's true, though: she has no idea what she's doing even with her own workload, and manageing people--particularly in the absence of even one good example above--is totally foreign terrain. I like that more characters are in this mix, but as usual, the outlook isn't very bright! YAY!!! 

There is a BARONS on line prep that Alan had on my MacBook air that he was useing when he was studying for the MBA school, but when he did NOT get in, he just left it. I told my dad about that and dad deleted it from my computer b/c it was takeing up alot of room and I only had a small memory — b/c it is a new drive that is VERY fast, but small. Not sure if this help’s.
Mason is getting very grabbey. He is defineitely doeing something with Lynn after work, and I see him with his hand’s on her tuchus. I wonder if, as his SUPERVISOR, that I need to tell him NOT to be grabbey at work. I know she does NOT do work for him, but I do NOT want to get into an FMLA issue where he get’s the firm into troubel for haveing sex with her and then she get’s mad and sue’s the firm b/c he will NOT marry her.
How does the hive deal with sexueal issue’s at work? Should he be allowed to do anything with her b/c they both work here. It is a small LLC (onley 30 peeople total), so I do NOT want Mason to cause troubel and then have the manageing partner blame me for not preventing them from haveing sex. At a MINIMUMUM, I think he need’s to keep his hand’s to himself at work, and NOT touch her tuchus. Am I on the right track? Any thought’s from the HIVE? HELP! I am not use to beeing a manager! FOOEY!

he would onley date one of the elephant’s

Once again, Ellen specifies which moguls and superstars might have a chance with her, and on what conditions. DeKaprio is known for dateing supermodels, but he'd probably respect someone who forewent that opportunity in favor of a different longterm earnings strategy. Wikipedia says he has an apartment in Manhattan...

Meanwhile Sam is comparing his love interest to an elephant and Fred is sending cat litter. If anyone were to ask me, I'd say pass on the further set-ups with friends of Ed's. If Fred was the top contender, I shudder to think who may be next. 

Yay! Splurge Monday’s! I love this dress, Cat, but can’t go into Bloomie’s — they have the guard’s lookeing out for me b/c of my shoe incident. FOOEY! But I recomend this dress to the HIVE–it meet’s all of my requirement’s — Warm, and NOT low cut, so FRANK would NOT like it. YAY!
What a weekend I had! Myrna and I went to the Natural History museum where she took a picture of ME next to an elephant, and sent it to Sam and some other freind’s of our’s. Dad got ahold of it and said to me that he was NOT sure who was who? FOOEY on him. It is easy to tell the diference. Sam said he would onley date one of the elephant’s which I think is a compelement, but I am not sure. Then, guess who jump’s out of the woodwork? I get a package in the mail of cat litter, and it’s from FRED. Fred says he was thinkeing of me and that mabye I could use this if I don’t have a cat to get a car out of the parkeing spaces on the upper east side! I do not even have a car, so I gave it to Myrna. FOOEY on him for thinking of me like cat poo! FOOEY!
Myrna says he is tryeing to get back in my good graces. But why? I will NOT marry him and I will not waste alot of time on looser’s who stare at other girl’s. Mabye he should send it to to Lynn, tho I think she is now dateing Mason.
The judge also called to ask if he could send his nephew over to eat with me. I met him once and he has a deli, but not in Manhattan. I am a city girl, not interested in Brookleyn or Queen’s. Ed has another guy for me. I think Rosa is makeing him find them for me but I said I did NOT want to get the bottom of the barell from Merrill Lynch. I do NOT need to date another Wolf of Wall Street, tho Leonard DeKaprio I think I could date if his breathe was fresh.
Anyway, my tuchus is getting smaller from all the walking this weekend so even Dad cannot yell at me! YAY!!!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Frank practicaly POST’s our salarie’s

Lovely, mascot. 

I like this sub-plot about Mason bringing home Lynn and the ongoing makeing of eyes around the office. As Ellen points out, it deflects attention from her, and worse things could happen for Lynn as well. One problem I may raise for the longer term, however: they get married, Lynn quits to become full-time Mrs./Mommy Mason, and Manageing & MANAGEING LLP is stuck looking for a new secretary. The new one could be an improvement, but more likely, we're dealing with more eye candy (hired by MP, after all) and thus more guys stopping by the office to see Ellen but deciding they got all they needed at Reception. (I can't find the link right now, but I'm looking at Fred.)

Yay! Open Thread’s! I love open thread’s!
As for the OP, yes, big companie’s and big firm’s and even the goverment back track’s on their job offer’s. It really SUK’S but it hapens. This hapened to Ed’s cousin. He was offered a big job in some company and after he told everyone at his old job to go stuff it, they called him and said they did NOT have a bugget for him at the salary HE wanted, but they would hire him at about $20,000 less. Since he had BURNED his briges at his current job, he had to take it, and this was YEAR’s ago when $20,000 was alot more money then it is now. I think Ed says he was goeing to make $80,000 and onley wound up takeing $60,000 b/c of the screw-up.
So the word for your relative is, DONT BURN YOUR BRIDGES, and be carful not to be to hasty. In my firm, everyone knows what we are all makeing b/c Frank practicaly POST’s our salarie’s — he is workeing now on our W2s b/c Dad told him he was waiting to give it to the acountant that work’s up all of our INCOME 1040′s for our taxe’s. Frank say’s I am lucky this year b/c I do NOT have a partnership tax issue, but next year I will. FOOEY! I do NOT mind payeing taxes, but I can NOT stand to have to sign all of these paper’s dad and other’s keep throweing at me. Everything from my COOP Board to Dad, to Frank with the Partnership, and even the manageing partner, who is getting me my OWN AMEX BLACK CARD! YAY!!!!!
I think the new Guy might have had Lynn stay over last night, b/c Frank says Lynn is wearing the same dress as yesterday. I did NOT see her clotheing yesterday, but those 2 have been smileing at each other all day and went out for lunch together. At least Mason is not stareing at me today. YAY!!!!
I am goeing to a Museum with Myrna tomorow. I hope it is not to cold out b/c I need to get step’s in on my fitbit and dad does not know if I am walkeing inside or outside. If we go to the Natural History museum on the west side we can see stuffed animal’s and fishe’s and then go out for deli! YAY!
  • I cannot understand why anyone would waste time writing this drivel. I come on here to write about a real issue and you trivialize it by writing this crap.
    Thank you to everyone who responded with REAL experiences.
    • Apparently offer rescission is a common practice in the lives of fictional characters as well. So to answer your original question, yes, this does happen.
      It happened to us, my spouse’s transfer got yanked after I had already locked up a job in a new city.

So kudo’s to me

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love fruegel Friday’s and this BOW TIE TEE SHIRT! Great Pick, Cat — I am forwearding this on to my sister and to Lynn, who would look very cute in this.
As to the OP, you are doieng everything right. You are already MARRIED, and to a lawyer, who will probabley make alot of money in big law (as will you, until you get pregnant and have a child, which is great). Just make sure that your husband keep’s his eye’s out for an inhouse job, b/c after a few year’s, he can probabley get a job in house, like Roberta, where he can have steady work, make almost as much money, and not have to worry about geting booted out when he does not make partner. Just tell him to grab the first in house job he can b/c he can then have more time to come home early every night and take care of your baby, when you have one, and you make sure to stay on the job until you have a baby, then get time off on the firm’s FMLA policy (which is the law, I know b/c of Rosa, who used this to get time off before she quit her job at Nordstrom’s).
I do not have this b/c I am not in Big law. I am in WC law, and the onley one in my law firm that has compentence in the area. The manageing partner used to be our WC litiegeator but he stopped reading up on the law back in the 1980′s, so he is stale on alot of thing’s. Beside’s he does not want to appear in front of his law school freind, who is now a WC judge, so he has me doing all the court room stuff for the last 3 year’s, and the judge really likes my leg’s! So kudo’s to me b/c I win almost every one of my cases in front of him. ( not so much in the Bronx and Brookelyn court’s — FOOEY).
I kind of think the new guy is makeing a play for Lynn, and I think they went out last night. He keep’s peekeing over to her and she keep’s smileing back. I wonder if they did anything? Lynn lives in Queen’s and he live’s in the Village somewhere. I will keep my eye’s open and ask Frank later to see if there is anything goeing on. I think it might be good for Lynn b/c she has been goieng out with some seedy peeople from the buildeing and near her, but they will NOT be abel to provide for her the way a workeing lawyer can.

Ohgrotten potatoe’s and Yummy Apple Pie

The proper partnership lunch--I like it, but I'm also a bit suspicious. Why isn't Mom coming? The combo of Dad and Leyeh make's me think this is some serious sit-down about needing to be married yesterday and/or looseing even more control over her finances. These are the common denominators on the Barshevsky side of the family, where Mom is more of a moderating force. 

I did not know previously that Alan is a year younger than Ellen. She isn't aging, so this either means Alan has passed her long since, or that he too has been the same age since ~2009. Follow-up would be great, especially since we'll be celebrating yet another numberless Ellen birthday this quarter (March). 

I need a new coat also so PLEASE post your answer when you find out from the HIVE. I need a WARM coat, prefereably NOT to puffy, but WARM! I have froze my tuchus for the last 3 days and should NEVER have given away my down coat, dad says, and now I think mabye he was right. Myrna is a doll for letting me use her fur coat, but it smell’s funny when wet. I think whatever animal it was when it was alive needed to take a bath, but they NEVER washed the fur before makeing it into this COAT. Then I slipped on the ice and fell into a snow bank full of dirt and Poopie, so it realy smells FOOEY! when wet.
The new guy has been stareing at me alot today. I think he think’s that I like him b/c Frank says that he want’s to take me out but he is way to young for me. Alan was a year younger then me and he was SO imature. Imagine me goeing out with this guy? I think he wants only to have sex with women at this stage of his life, and I do NOT want to be just a sexueal recepticel for him. I lived that once with Alan, and will NEVER let a man do that to me again. They can go buy a blow-up doll if that is all they want. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Grandma Leyeh and Dad are comeing into the City tomorow and are takeing me out to Lunch. They said I can pick the place to celebrete my partnership. I am thinking about either the Palm 2, Morton’s, Smith and Lewinsky’s or Spark’s, and a nice thick juicy STEAK with Ohgrotten potatoe’s and Yummy Apple Pie for desert !!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

VERY jelous and posesssive

I count three S's there. I'm picturing Madeline hissing at Ellen when she was a new hire, for example. 

This is the first time Ellen has mentioned wearing jeans, to my knowledge. I didn't know she was so hip! Again, she met MP in an elevator when she was in his building running errand's for her former boss. 

I agree with AG. ALWAYS wear a skirt; NEVER PANT’S or a PANTSUIT. FOOEY! You look much more feminine in a dress–that is what the manageing partner taught me even tho the first time I met him I was weareing jean’s! I think he saw the posibility of me workeing for him in a skirt so he hired me.
The onley thing you have to watch out for — at the interview stage, is NOT to wear a short skirt, especialy if you are interviewing with women, b/c they get VERY jelous and posesssive of the men in the office and immediately think that if you are hired, that you will be very seductive of THEIR men, even tho the men are NOT attractive to you.
So wear a conservative skirt and you should be fine. Once you get the job, you can wear shorter skirt’s and like me, very short skirt’s when you go to Court. YAY!!!!

what goe’s in must come out

The "exemption" Ellen wants is presumably from Dad's Fitbit expectations for daily step count. 

Yummy! This sound’s good! I love CHILI! Mom make’s great Chili and she add’s a little hot sauce and that really makes it HOT! The onley thing to watch out for is that what goe’s in must come out and if you do NOT mix it with something like YOUGURT, then it is very hot in the tush, and you can get adult diaper rash. FOOEY! That is not fun and I remember as a child mom rubbing Zincofax on my tuchus. YAY!
Does anyone in the HIVE remember ZINCOFAX?
I froze my tuchus this morning walking in, even with Myrna’s coat. I wish my dad would give me an exemption when the temperature is less then 20 degree’s! DOUBEL FOOEY!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

if Mason is doeing some of my motion practise

Ellen wants to avoid looseing some of her professional duties to Mason because it would mean she gets less shopping time on the company clock. Lean in. 

I agree with AnonAttorney on the ruffel’s. I also LOVE the tv show with Alicia Florik – I think she won some Emmy’s for that role, but I also love what Ali McBeal wore when I was in high school, she was the one that made me say to Dad that I should be a lawyer! Unfortueanately, it was not until I went to law school that I realised that most female lawyers did NOT dress like that in court. I think that if we did, we could do alot better with the judge’s, tho. I know that the manageing partner want’s me to be as flashy as is legally permitted b/c he knows the WC judge from law school and he told the manageing partner (on an ex party basis) that he was very partial to my leg’s!
Anyway, I am goeing to NYSC tonite to work out. Last nite I stayed in and had pizza and sausages with Myrna and I am VERY bloated. Sam wanted to come also but I said there was NOT enough room for him. He said we could have a private party this week. I have to tell dad to call that guy off. Myrna says that he can smell blood in the water, and I do NOT want to be thought of as bait. FOOEY!
Now I have to prepare the new guy to work on some case’s. The manageing partner wants for him to be abel to make general apearances in court for me some times, but I am not sure I want to give that up b/c I get time OUT of the office and I go some times afterward to Century 21 downtown and would NOT have that oportunity if Mason is doeing some of my motion practise. DOUBEL FOOEY!

in my freezer inside a box of brocolii

Genius plan; no surprise coming from a genius. This emergency fund has been depreciating for years, the broccoli's sell-by date was in 1999, and no doubt Ellen would have a more graceful tuchus if she'd eaten it rather than CRUMB'S. 

I keep calm by just calling my dad and askeing him to put money in my account. It realy is not hard. YAY!!!!
As for the emergency fund, I ALWAYS keep $500 in my freezer inside a box of brocolii. No one eat’s brocolii, so that box has been siting there EMPTY execept for the $500 goeing back to my college day’s. Fortuneately, I do NOT have to acess it, so I keep it inside a GLAD BAG–otherwise it would get all wet and mushey. FOOEY!
Frank saw my coat and he swear’s there is POOPIE in the fur of the coat, but NOT to worry, b/c when the animal (mink or raccoon was alive, it had to poop anyway). Frank told me his wife take’s her coat’s to the cleaner’s so I will have my house keeper do that on a weekend when I do NOT need to wear it. Right now, it is to cold NOT to wear the coat, poopie and all. DOUBEL FOOEY!

if I moove with him back to the U.K.

So Ellen has become more ambivalent about the idea of marital intimacy with Sam. Maybe this is why Dad's airfare offer, which is actually very generous, is being taken as a nuisance (?) Perverse, since so often when Dad gets up to all kind's of BS she has no words of protest. 

Again, she is potentially non grata at Bloomie's because she deliberately wiped poo off of her shoes in their home goods department. I already linked to this once before, so just trust me. 

Mabye you should have your Dad do all of your organizeing for you! That is what my dad doe’s and it free’s me up to do alot of other thing’s, b/c I do NOT have to waste any time paying bill’s or doing tax return’s or anything administreative! YAY!
But my dad is pusheing me to get MARRIED already so that my HUSBAND can do this instead of him. FOOEY b/c I do not want to have to marry some schlub just b/c my dad is getting lazy and want’s to retire and moove down south. I told him I would send him all the forms I get and he can do all the work from wherever he moove’s. He said that he want’s out, and Ed is doing all of Rosa’s paperwork so I need a guy to do mine. He wondered why Sam is not good enough and I said he was NOT even a citizen and that I do NOT want bad teeth and if I moove with him back to the U.K., I might have teeth like Grandma Leyeh by the time I was 40. He did NOT agree. He said I could come home 2x a year for dental check-up’s and that if I married Sam, he would pay for my airplane ride’s! FOOEY! He is being VERY dificult, especialy b/c I am not sure I would even want Sam making love to me every day, which he said he would SURELEY do. Why is it that men want to have sex all the time?
Anyway, I have a question for the hive: I was walkeing in today with Myrna’s fur coat on and slipped, fell on my tuchus, and got dirty snow and ice all over it. Should I take it to a DRY cleaner’s b/c it is FUR, or should I go to a place that specialises in FUR? Can anyone recomend a place on the upper east side that handel’s FUR cleaning? I could go into Bloomie’s and ask them, but I do NOT think I am to welcome there. I was also thinking about L&T, but I did NOT buy any furs there. HELP!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

quickley lookes elsewhere

The only news here is about Dad's recent property acquisition. Are he and the Missus actually going to relocate? Is this just a winter digs? Does this mean the potential job at Duke is off the tabel for good? Is something up at UVA instead? 

Yay! Coffee Break! Cat these are wonderful shoe’s but I personally prefer heel’s, b/c I need to look as tall as possible in court. Men naturaly are taller then me so if I wear 3 or 4″ heel’s, I am either the same or taller then them and I am more imposeing in court. I remember that Brian is very intimidated when I am speakeing directly to him face to face, but onley when I am standeing in front of him. He is to scared to look me in the eye and quickley lookes elsewhere. I am happy that he is totaly sexless and does NOT look at my body.
The judge is alway’s lookeing at my leg’s and when it is cold out he alway’s ask’s why I come to court wearing pump’s and a skirt! I tell him b/c the manageing partner want’s me to look professional and I know the judge apreciate’s my leg’s also. I usueally also take off my jacket in court in the summer b/c it is not very well air conditeioned, but in the winter I leave it on. I know he like’s to look at my body (in a clean way) and I can make a few mistake’s w/o getting beat up like my opposeing council does!
Frank is makeing out the annual partnership return, but I am NOT part of it b/c it is for caleandar year 2013, and I was NOT a partner. Dad has requested a copy of the return when ready. I am so glad that dad is watcheing over me. I just wish he would not be pusheing me so hard to marry someone already! He has a place he is goeing to close on in Charlotesvile, VA so he is trying to get me married off ASAP. I just wish there were men out there who would marry me first and not just want to have sex with me. FOOEY! The men I know (other then Willem) want sex first. DOUBEL FOOEY!

He is swave, makes alot of money

First of all, the issue of Ellen prematurely giving away a relatively new coat that was a gift from her parents just will not go away, will it? I was the first to express my disapproval, and unsurprisingly Dad is upset too. But interestingly, his position on puffy-looking garments is that his daughter is a hopeless case regardless, so she should just keep wearing them. I don't know how many marriage proposals have been drawn with this strategy, but we won't find out with this test case anyway because Ellen donated it: the puff is long gone. 

In other realms needing review, if you're wondering why Ellen can't stop thinking about Sam's nether regions, it's because of the INADVERTEANT flash she got way back in August. No amount of apology for that is enough, it seems, even though Sam is the only male character in our entire story who has ever been cited as remotely attractive. Now he's forthcoming with an offer of marriage (and possible dental)? Dad signed off on this a while ago, so nothing is in the way... 

Yay! Splurge Tuesday’s – what happened to Cat’s splurge Monday’s!! This is a great choice, but I have NO credit until the end of March, and then Dad said that he would consider REOPENING my credit, but it is NOT a done deal. FOOEY! b/c I am a Partner and should be abel to have personal credit!
As for the OP, today is cold and snowey, so I am wearing boot’s and jegging’s and Myrna’s fur coat. Dad will NOT let me spend on a new coat b/c he said I was dumb to give my good coat away. But I told him it was a PUFFEY coat and it made me look fat, especialy in the TUCHUS! He said I did NOT need a coat for that. DOUBEL FOOEY ON HIM FOR MAKEING FUN OF MY TUCHUS, especialy b/c I am useing my FITBIT every day now.
Mom say’s she is bakeing me a Pecan Pie. I LOVE PECAN’s, and buy them by the POUND at Trader’s Joe. I recomend Trader’s Joe for all kind’s of food, b/c it is GOOD and it is NOT that expensive. Alan used to go to Trader Joe and buy me pecan’s but then he would eat them all up. Also, they used to sell a good bean burger that is good in the winter, tho Alan used to heat up the bed at night and that was very stinkey. TRIPEL FOOEY!
Sam came over with Myrna last nite and we watched TV. Sam said he would marry me if I wanted, but I still can NOT get his winkie out of my head. FOOEY! What would the hive do? He is swave, makes alot of money, but is from the UK. I could NOT live in the UK b/c they have bad teeth there. I want to have a good dentist, and I am NOT sure of the dental care there. Is anyone in the HIVE from the UK? How is dental care there? YAY!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

go where there IS oportunietie’s

So yes, it was in fact a typo when Ellen stated recently that March 2013 was Dad's deadline for controlling Ellen's cc. It's actually this coming March (though I'm not optimistic that he won't re-freeze soon after that for whatever other excuse). 

In Para. 3 below, Ellen admit's that it isn't always necessarily by sheer brilliance that she win's cases or get's promoted. All the more reason to be terrified of "older me"--she's used up most of her cuteness already, in fact. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love Open thread’s (and the clotheing being hawked by Cat — tho dad has a freese on my cards through March — FOOEY!)
As for the OP, you sound alot like me, agewize, that is. So we are probabley pretty much in the same boat on these issue’s. What I would do, if I were you, is to go where there IS oportunietie’s, even if it mean’s leaving where you work now. As a YOUNG PROFESSEIONAL, you need to pursue every open door b/c everyone knows that once we get older, we will NOT have the same oportunitiies b/c older peeople (particulearley older me) really like it when we can flatter them and we get ahead by useing the tools we have.
For example, both the manageing partner and the judge I work before both cut me alot of slack b/c I flatter them. The judge really give’s it to the poor schlub’s that I am up against in litieagation b/c he knows how much I appreciate it and so I fawn over them afterward’s and they totaly love it. I do NOT know what I would do if I had to work in front of another judge, or a woman judge, who would NOT care for the thing’s that I do with the older guy’s I work with. Dad told me to use my assets, so I am doieng that, and b/c of that, I win most all of my case’s, and the manageing partner has made me a PARTNER already! YAY!!!!!
So follow my dad’s advise and use the asset’s you have and you will NEVER regret it. NOW if I can ONLEY find a decent guy to MARRY me who I would NOT mind sleeping with! So far all of the guy’s that want to sleep with me onley want to have sex with me. They do NOT want to comit to MARRAGE. FOOEY ON THAT!
Myrna and I are goieng bike riding tomorrow and mabye will go to a museum also. YAY!!!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

actueally fairly bright

YAY!!!! The new associate dogging Ellen finellaly get's a name! I had suggested that she might be stalling on this because she's already used up so many common men's names in her story, and her going with "Mason" seems to vindicate me there. We'll take it, though!

More puzzeling about Mason is the fact that he's the only person to enter the narrative for quite a while who isn't an idiot. They obviously can't become friends, and I assume she thinks he's too young and green to date. So why isn't he being denigrated? Is Ellen setting herself up for a professional rivalry? 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love fruegel Friday’s and these top’s, tho I wish they had sleeve’s in them. Frank LOVES to look thru any sleeveless top’s or dresse’s, so I do NOT buy them any more. I realy do NOT know what he think’s he is goeing to find! FOOEY!
As for the OP, having bad secretearial suport is NOT limited to big firm’s. Before Lynn, we had some woman who came from high school that chewed and popped her bubble gum when she was takeing telephone message’s! And she would NOT work on docuement’s we asked her to update and she would NOT help us with our billeings! So the manageing partner told her NOT to come back into work ever again and he gave her a month’s salary. YAY!
Mason has been following me around for the last 2 day’s like a puppy dog! Can you imageine? I think he think’s that if he follow’s me around, he will learn everthing within a week. I told him NOT to follow me into the bathroom! He at least did NOT do that. He is actueally fairly bright, tho he remind’s me a littel of Evan, that teck guy who I met who wanted to date me but picked his nose to much. I could never date a guy who had his fingers up his nose all day. FOOEY!
I am trying to figure out something different to do with MYRNA this weekend. It is to cold to ride Citibike’s I think, tho we can do that if it is not snoweing. Has anyone in the HIVE used the Citibike’s on the weekend’s? With all of the dope’s running peeople over in the city, we do NOT want to be just another statistick. DOUBEL FOOEY!

then I am a thrify one.

I suspect the highlight here was a typo on Ellen's part (shocking, I know). March 2014, is it, when Ellen will regain access to her own damn money? Around the time of her 3-Nth birthday?

tesyaa aptly points out that Ellen has correctly used "spendthrift" where so many others fail. I think it's beautiful that we can appreciate rare glimmers of correctness in a dark sea of fooeys.

I do NOT have any experience with mediteation, but I love this handbag! I wish DAD would let me buy some thing new, but he has blocked my credit cards through the end of March 2013. That also means that I can NOT even go out to dinner unless I get cash from my DEBITT Card! FOOEY! He think’s I am a spend thrift? If I am then I am a thrify one. FOOEY b/c I like to pick up a check but I can ONLEY do that at work with our FIRM’s AMEX BLACK CARD! YAY!
I will have to ask the manageing partner if I can use it if I promise to remburese the firm for any personal use until I get my own credit card’s back. What would the hive do?
Does their dad’s also make them do dumm thing’s like this? Do any manageing partner’s let you use their credit card’s if you pay them back? TRIPEL FOOEY!
I found out MYRNA will no longer go out with this guy b/c he is NOT interested in anything more meaningful and even tho Myrna was not in it for a LT releationship, she thought the guy was very petty. He said she was NOT curvey enough for him! What is he, Jared Leto? FOOEY on men that think they are movie star’s! FOOEY!