Friday, August 31, 2012

engeaged with a dimond ring on my finger

Perhaps this will help calm the fears that Anonymous keeps voicing here? Ellen is steadfast in abstinence-until-engagement-since-ALAN-Fooey. 
I still think Ellen's doing sour grapes on Alan at this point. She talks about him way too much for me to believe she's actually over it. But you can't move on until you've just said FOOEY--as we all know--so we have to meet her where she is. (#TCFKAG)

Ellen August 31, 2012 at 2:22 pm
Well, as far as I am concerned, No Man is geting any kind of acces’s until I see a Dimond RING from Harry WINSTEN or from Tifany’s.
The last doosh I was serieous about never gave me any ring and I alway’s thought if I was good and honest and NOT to Judgementeal, he would see how good I was and MARRY me and I would be happey, but he did NOT, and beleive it or NOT, I do NOT miss him one bit now b/c he is Still drinkeing with the bottel, perferring it OVER me. FOOEY on that!
Now all these men I meet want to date me but I know that they are realy interested in just haveing sex with me and that is TOTALY OUT of the QUESTION until I am at least engeaged with a dimond ring on my finger. And even then, mabye not.
Anyway, I want to be MARRIED to a guy who love’s me for me. Is that so bad? I do NOT think so. Fooey on men who do not love me for me. Fooey! I can make a good wife for some lucky guy my dad says and he is very smart.

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When is it?

Ellen asks when the SF Bay area meetup will be, directly under a post stating precisely when it will be. I suppose she needs some excuse for NOT makeing it after all? 
Meanwhile karenpadi continues in her previous recommendation of a rich Cali dude for Ellen. (UPDATE: Eva object's.) I love it when freinds on this websight have sustained, strongly held opinions about what should happen in our story. I (selfishly) hope that both karenpadi and Senior Attorney are here with us on ELLENWatch too, at least from time to time. 

karenpadi August 31, 2012 at 1:16 pm
Bay Area meet-up!
Saturday Sept. 22 @ 1 pm
Cafe Borrone, Menlo Park
Ellen August 31, 2012 at 1:45 pm
I want to go! The last time I was there, my ex got drunk, and I saw nothing other than his head hugging the toilet at the Marriott in San Francisco. When is it?
anon August 31, 2012 at 2:37 pm
Are you FOOEY! Ellen or another Ellen? Cause I might have to fly out to San Francisco if you are FOOEY! Ellen and showing up in person ;)
ELLENWatch August 31, 2012 at 2:52 pm
This is definitely “FOOEY! Ellen,” as you put it. The NoCal incident with Alan is one she has told us about:
This also isn’t the first time Ellen has flirted with the Bay Area meetup group:
Almost every local meetup has drawn an Ellen comment at some point about not being Abel to make it. Here’s another of my favorite examples:
In proud service to this community,
ELLENWatch August 31, 2012 at 2:54 pm
It’s for real. I have replied with link’s, but am in MODERRATION.
karenpadi August 31, 2012 at 4:14 pm
Ellen, we would love to have you! You and I can go out drinking afterwards at Antonio’s Nut House and find you a nice, rich, Zuckerberg-type to help you get over Alan. I hope you play pool and aren’t allergic to peanuts!
Prepare your lady garden!
Eva September 1, 2012 at 7:20 pm
No Ellen! Dime betwixt the knees, puhleease!
Senior Attorney August 31, 2012 at 4:31 pm
If Ellen is going to be there, I am totally FLIEING UP to San Francisco to meet her!

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I was the same person even before I became a lawyer

It is beyond doubt that ELLEN was the same person even before she became a lawyer, but I enjoy having to reflect on it anyway. The first thing I imagined was some kind of prequel, as I've heard is being done with some of our other favorite fictional NYC female professionals. But then to the present--What kind of Ellen content would we have if she didn't find us through the ABA and then lawyer-dominated Corporette? What credentiel would she constantly cite, to be taken seriously, if not her JD? Is there something integral about this character that needs to be a lawyer, or would Ellen have the same effect as an imaginary surgeon, flight attendant, or librarian? 
Sounds like Myrna actually has been in touch with the Long Island guy's, such that they are coordinating plans. Running into Jim is no longer ruled out, however, if Ellen accepts Francie Nolan's invite! He does love his pastrami. 
Meanwhile Ellen's judgeship has apparently gone from an "if" to a "when." And yet she's not even important enough as a fifth year at Manageing and MANAGEING to have a secretary do her billeing for her...  

Ellen August 31, 2012 at 10:09 am
Yay!!!! Fruegel Friday’s!!!! And weekend comeing up!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!
I love this blouse to, but it is ONLY availeable in Large! FOOEY! I do NOT want to have to grow bigger in order to fit it. DOUBEL FOOEY!
The sloppy teck guy just came back AGAIN to fix my machiene–it did NOT work right yesterday. He told me I must have done something to it AND I was way to cute to be a lawyer. I told him to fix the machine. I also said I was the same person even before I became a lawyer, and he did NOT understand what I said. He might know computer’s, or NOT, but he does NOT understand me at all. Fooey!
In the meanetime, I am STILL busy useing my own Apple MacAirbook, but I am STILL NOT abel to bill for August!!!!! The manageing partner should give me a subesidy for useing my own laptop, and the manageing partner also said I could come in tomorow to finish my billeing. Fooey! I told him tomorow was the WEEK END and I had plan’s to drive again with Myrna out to Jone’s Beach. She want’s to meet those Long Island guy’s so I said fine but at least I wont RUN into Jim there! Yay!!!!!
cfm August 31, 2012 at 11:51 am
Just want to say I love Ellen’s idea that since there is only large shed have to gain weight in order to fit it. Instead of say, tailoring
Francie Nolan August 31, 2012 at 12:10 pm
Ellen I would love to meet you and Myrna for lunch at the Pastrami King near Jones Beach if you have the time let me know.
Monday August 31, 2012 at 12:22 pm
And I am still trying to invite Ellen to my weddeing. Let me know if she ever gives up her contact info! It would mean a lot to me to have her there, and she could get another case postponement out of it…
Francie Nolan August 31, 2012 at 12:51 pm
Absolutly Monday! I so wish she would RSVP to something

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And Monday was referring to the following comment, earlier on the same thread:

Ellen August 31, 2012 at 10:14 am
This is easy… Get the case posponed! I do it all the time!
Dont bother with the plainetiff. Just go talk to the judge, and tell him about the wedding you are goeing to and it won’t realy matter b/c the judge has alot of other case’s, so he is NOT waiteing for you to keep him busy.
I have posponed at least 30 cases this way! I wish all probelem’s were this easy to solve. When I am a judge, I will allow this if peeple ask for a posponement. Yay!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

do dieligence

Ellen is exceptionally loquacious today. But FINALLY, we get definitive word on Frank! I had assumed he was indeed the accounteant, but am too dieligent myself to have ever been totally comfortable until Ellen confirmed. Better late than never, girlfriend.
We already knew Ellen's low estimation of her own quantitative skills...and it's not surprising that Frank is screwing up too. Meanwhile, sounds like Jim knows he needs to do better with his courtly invitations. Recent anonymous commenters may be relieved to hear of the separate room's agreement, but that doesn't mean that the Tiffany's ring won't necessarily appear at some point during this trip.

Ellen August 30, 2012 at 3:35 pm
Nice handbag. I do perfer the Eteniene Aigners tho. In law school, we all went to the outlet’s and fought over who got the Aigners. I alway’s snagged the best leather one. Yay!!!!!
Jim called ME about the HSR. He detected something’s that could be mathamatical issue’s that could cause question’s at the FTC, I told him that I did NOT do the math, but gave it to our accountenant, Frank, and that Frank could go over with him the form. Jim asked me again about going to the beach, but I said it was to hot. I told him that I wanted MORE transeactioneal work from him, but NOT the kind of work where alot of math was involved.
Jim said he would talk to the general council. He asked whether I had ever done any do dieligence before. I said of course. So he said that he was going to travel to Nashville on a do dieligence matter, and if the general council approved, I could go to; all expenses paid. I told him mabye, b/c the last time I went on a business trip, there was NO air condition and we had to stay an extra day to finish up. FOOEY!
He said we would be stayeing at the Hyatt Regency and that the ambeience was great, and if I wanted, we could go to the Grand Old Oprah, and see Elvises House. I alway’s wanted to see Elvises house, and now I can go for free! I told him we had to have seperate rooms, just like when I travel with the manageing partner. He said OF COURSE. Yay!!!! So we will see.

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[Further Anonymata: From ALINE to EVA]

So, the following was just posted in reply to Ellen's latest Corporette coment:

Eva August 30, 2012 at 1:29 pm
He wants to see your tuchus, dear!
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And meanwhile I was already planning to transcribe this anonymous ELLENWatch comment, which arrived around the same time:

Now Frank, Jim and the MP are all after Ellen's tuchus?

You are right to be concerned, and if need be, to intervene. I do not want this innocent to be used and jettisoned by these ne'er do wells who will disappear after having their way with her. 

The last post of this kind that I got--urging me to take action to protect our girl--got much more anatomically specific, and I chose not to reprint it. But the one prior got its own announcement as well.

Eva/Aline/Belinda/France's/B. McLeod/Anonymous, I am still infinitely flattered that you think I can influence the events of Ellen's life. However, it just isn't the case. I pitched Nerdy Guy again, recently, but that's about as much as I can do. Again, I appreciate your concern. But all we can do is have faith! 

"Innocent," especially as a noun, is NOT how I would describe Ellen anyway. She'll be aight. 

WOO him for more business

What is it with Jim and Coney Island? He may have grown up nearby, but Ellen has already been pretty clear about her feelings on it as a date destination. 
Contaminated water is also a recurring motif this month. 

Ellen August 30, 2012 at 9:49 am
I LOVE Anne Klein –even with the color block. Yay!!!!
This dress is NOT to expensive so I will ask the manageing partner for permission to get my 20% reimburesement.
The manageing partner should say YES b/c he aksed me yesterday to bring my OWN laptop in to work after my PC CRASHED yesterday, and I had to carry in my OWN Apple Macbook Air here. FOOEY!
I do NOT have the billeing software on this machine, and that mean’s that unless the teck guy comes back with my machine, I will have to sit at the manageing partners’ desk to enter all of my billeings today, b/c the manageing partner wants me to bill everything in AUGUST.
I do NOT want the manageing partner stareing at me today b/c I am wearing a sun dress and he always stare’s at me anyway when I am in his office.
The manageing partner also want’s me to ask Jim for more transeactional work. That mean’s I HAVE to call him today. UGH! I was hopeing that Frank would to go over the HSR but the manageing partner wants me to WOO him for more business. FOOEY!
I did NOT want to have to do that before LABOR day, b/c Jim wants me to go with him to a BASEBALL game. Now he want’s to take me to see the Brooklyn Syclone team in Coney Island, but I do NOT like honky-tonk. I DO love the beach, tho, but this water is DIRTY! FOOEY! He also sugested the US Open, but I am NOT a tennis player, and I think he asked what I looked like with tennis short’s on. I do NOT want to show him.
The teck guy has NOT come back yet…. FOOEY!

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leering Louie’s

Thank's JANUARY. Eva is a new one for my roster.  

Eva August 30, 2012 at 11:56 am
I hate it when men look at my boobies! I should not have to wear Icelandic sweaters all year long to keep leering Louie’s from drooling all over the floor. Guys, my boobies are mine, and are reserved for my boyfriend, that is, when he is good to me.
January August 30, 2012 at 1:03 pm
Hello there, friend of Ellen.

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tinker’s with the machine

Not surprising that TECK problems keep happening at Manageing & MANAGEING LLP. It's clear that they have a right resource budget, and Frankly (get it?) Ellen's office is probably at the bottom of their priority list.
When I saw Flora's comment, I thought, "PREFER?" Is Ellen actually spelleing that correctly now? But I went back up to the original post and sure enough, it's still your standard. 
Not much plot driving in this post. We already knew Frank was ooogleing. 

Ellen August 29, 2012 at 7:53 pm
I do NOT like LV. I perfer Chanel if I have to have some thing nice, but that is just me.
I was NOT abel to use my computer all day b/c it crashed! The manageing partner first came over to TRY to fix it, but he did NOT know what he was doeing, and it was D.O.A.
So then Frank came over, and he was suposed to give ME the HSR b/c Jim is MY cleint and I was going to e-mail it back to him. But I could NOT b/c my computer was dead. So Frank sent the HSR back to Jim on time. Yay! I did not hear anything from Jim, but I was to busy with Frank.
Frank said he was tryeing to fix my computer, but, he kept stareing at me. I said to him: FIX the computer, do NOT looke at me, b/c I know notheing about fixeing computer’s. FOOEY!
So when he started tryieing to look down my blouse, I said ENOUGH. FOOEY! GET the TECK GUY in here. I was MAD at him but he could NOT see anything, b/c my blouse was butoned all the way up b/c it is cold in my office. The TECK guy FINALLY showes up at 4:30 pm and he tinker’s with the machine and says he will have to take it back to the shop but he will get it back to me tomorrow. Yay!
So now I am FINALY home. At least my MacBook air works. Fooey on the work computer. They do NOT work so well. Doubel fooey. I better have the machine workeing tomorow, b/c I have a lot of hours to bill before the end of this month.
eek August 29, 2012 at 8:12 pm
Ellen, we were all very worried about you. Please check in from your iPhone next time. ok?
Also, I think Frank was just using the opportunity to look at your girls in your blouse. He’s NOT IT and he shouldn’t be touching your computer.
Flora August 29, 2012 at 9:38 pm
I am so in love with this: “I prefer Chanel if I have to have something nice, but that is just me.”

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a respecteable date like me.

I really did think we'd heard the last of Harold. (Review: this is MP's 22-year-old nephew last seen rubbeing up against Ellen in the pool at the July 4th party in the Hamton's.) Yet MP evidently has not let this idea die. I like the image of grunchie Harold mysteriously loitering outside Ellen's apartment. No, she doesn't suggest he was there INTENEIONALLY, but I think it's possible. Jim may not know where Ellen lives, but Big Bald Boss sure does--and Harold moved 5 blocks away as of June. 

Lovely reader advice on this one, by the way. While my quixotic advocacy of Nerdy Guy certainly goes on, I particularly admire karenpadi's creativity here, since my records do not reflect any additional MP nephew of whom we're aware so far. How great would it be, though? Ellen marries into MP's family! That way she could stop working and get a WALK-IN closet, but still regale us with storie's about her uncel-in-law. I doubt he would stop ooogleing either. 

Can't wait to hear how this formal family event goes. But isn't it just like Ellen not to tell us when it is? 

Ellen August 28, 2012 at 5:09 pm
RB is right! Peep toe’s are OUT at my law firm. The manageing partner forbid’s me from even wearing them any where! And no reimburesement either. That is OK b/c I am not a big fan anyway.
I saw Harold outside my apartement yesterday and now the manageing partner is askeing me to go out with him again. He is MUCH to young for me and I am not even sure Harold has a job b/c he was dressed all GRUNGIE in the middle of the day. If he was workeing, he would have had nicer clotheing on.
I TOLD the manageing partner that he was NOT for me, but the manageing partner just said PISHAW, I should try goieng out with him.
I think the manageing partner wants me to date Harold b/c there is a big formal family event comeing up and I am guesseing that Harold needs a respecteable date like me. When I last saw Harold, he was with his silly college freinds, and they were all grunchie, and the women were definiteley not what Harold’s uncle wants. Most of them had tattoo’s that to me speled “TRAMP STAMP” all over their tuchuses’ any way. FOOEY!
I do NOT think that just b/c I work for the manageing partner that I should have to date Harold. He should find a younger person with more in common. All he does is stare at me and does not have the knowlege or sophistecation that I do b/c I am a lawyer admitted to the NY Bar, and he is a college kid with NO expereience. FOOEY!
karenpadi August 28, 2012 at 5:29 pm
Ellen, you should go to the big formal family event with Harold and leave the event with the manageing partner’s handsome, intelligent, billionaire (other) nephew from California. A word of warning: the other nephew might dress grungie, too–’cuz that’s how we roll on the Left Coast.
Monday August 28, 2012 at 6:02 pm
Myrna seems to be OK with YOUNGER guy’s. Maybe she should GO with Harold and you can CALL UP Nerdy Guy!

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2 whole days for NOTHEING

I wonder if this beginning paragraph is Ellen's attempt to reconcile earlier contradictory posts about hiring a cleaning lady and NOT hiring a cleaning lady. We're now back to a focus on the maid who ate out of Ellen's fridge without authorization (among other thefts, perhaps. Scrunchies?)
Does anyone know where the IPhone comment figures in here? Does this just connect to working for NOTHEING in the form of being constantly available, perhaps on a device she pays for personally? 

Ellen August 28, 2012 at 10:31 am
I had a cleaning LADY that was so good at cleaneing that she took alot of thing’s that did NOT belong to her. Right now, I do NOT have anyone b/c I have alot of expense’s and can clean myself without looseing anything. FOOEY!
Jim keep’s calling about the HSR form, BUT he refuse’s to EVEN give us the name of the “target” companie! He said its’ confiendenial, so he will compelete it HIMSELF after we return him the form.
The manageing partner is pusheing Frank very hard to get the form compeleted by tomorow. Yay!!!!
But the manageing partner want’s us to bill Jim’s company for all of it THIS month. FOOEY!
What make’s it worst yet is that the manageing partner told me NOT to bill more then 10 hours for all of the reserch and advise I have given to Frank, so I have worked 2 whole days for NOTHEING on this! FOOEY on the manageing partner for makeing me work for notheing! I am SURE Jim would have paid me, and now I have to bill even more to my other cleint’s this month.
I am going to stick to litiegation and my WC cases where NO one can make me work for notheing! I am also NOT going to use my Iphone anymore for work or for sendeing emails! Doubel Fooey!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

I need a MAN NOT A BOUY!

We know that Jim keeps calling for reasons other than the HSR form, but at any rate, here's our resolution on the fact that neither Ellen nor MP knew how to do it: Frank FTW. Somehow this TRANSACTIONEAL WORK plotline has led to the entrenchment of not one, but TWO significant characters in Ellen's work life (Jim and Frank, both of them oooglers of course). Meanwhile, MYRNA has achieved frequency of mention far beyond any other woman in Ellen's narrative, even includeing her mom. Myrna's apparent openness to younger admirers may be a can of worms, since Ellen feels differently but is often challenged on this point (viz. MP's attempt to hook up the 22-year-old HAROLD). 
Is our story going to become complicated, or even mildly interesting, as a result of Ellen's sudden bloom in creativity? Look how many peeple and prospect's are now in the mix! But then remember that this is still Ellen!

Hey, I'm just the world's authoritative blogger on the subject,

UPDATE: Readers noticed the portion here highlighted. Thank's for playeing! 

Ellen August 27, 2012 at 3:43 pm
I am Pretty in pink too! Yay! The Manageing partner is makeing frank work on the hsr b/c Jim needs it this week!
Myrna is thinkeing that she wants to go back to the beach saturday! I DO NOT wank
She thought the beach guys were cute but I think they were to young! FOOEY! I need a MAN NOT A BOUY! FOOEY!
Jim keeps calling about the HSR FORM! I told him Wensday, so why is he so Worried? FOOEY! It’s only a form and frank is doeing it today! Yay!
eek August 27, 2012 at 5:20 pm
” I DO NOT wank” Proof that Ellen is a man! Or a just a typo….
a. August 27, 2012 at 5:23 pm
You DO NOT wank, Ellen? Did you miss all the threads on PERSONAL DEVISES for your special LADY garden?
a. August 27, 2012 at 5:24 pm
Although I agree, wanking with MYRNA at the beach could give the beach guys the WRONG IDEA
ELLENWatch August 27, 2012 at 5:30 pm
I’ll update in a few. My expert assessment is that this line is a typo + accidentally unfinished thought–errors that even Ellen does sometimes make. But I’ll of course appreciate it if she comes back to clarify.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

guy’s from LONG ISLAND

Not that I expect a response. But I felt I owed it to Aline or whatever other anonymati I may have been hearing from lately to put in my best effort. 

Ellen August 26, 2012 at 8:33 am
First of ALL, it is a STUDIO with a MURPHEY bed, which mean’s it is not to big. No counter space and NO dishwasher. FOOEY!
The neaighborhood is OK; but I think it is a little out of the way b/c my freind lives near there, and I have to take the BUS b/c there is NOT a subway line that far over. It’s near the water pier where the barge’s send out the City’s garbage, so mabye you want to open the window’s to check which way the wind blow’s. FOOEY!
Also, 57th street is a VERY busy street, which mean’s alot of cars and trucks. There is a BUS line on 57th –YAY!!!, But if your a light sleeper and the apartement is faceing the street, you could have a probelem.
I do NOT have alot of time to get into it, but as my father say’s: You get what you pay for. He is smart.
This is not alot of money for an apartement $255K in Manhattan, and the mainteneence is not CHEEP. Be carful b/c there is alot of dog poo around so watch your STEP’s if you value your shoe’s!
Myrna and me went to the beach yesterday. We were aproached by 3 guy’s who wanted to Hang out with us. But they were all guy’s from LONG ISLAND, so we were not to interested, even tho I grew up there, I am now a city girl and do NOT want to have to date a guy from Long Island. FOOEY!
ELLENWatch August 26, 2012 at 3:29 pm
Some of my reader’s have been expressing concern about you, Ellen. Were these guy’s older? Is Myrna the cuter one, or were they targeting you?
I’ve been asked to INTERVEEN to make sure you don’t get mixed up with the wrong peeple. I don’t think you want my input, but there’s certainly nobody who cares about you more than I do. I think you should look up NERDY GUY in your OUT-Look contacts and finally meet him for that lunch. Fooey on Jim, Frank, Harold, and LONG ISLAND loosers! Nerdy Guy is the one.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Please pardon the fact that this guy has hair.
Ellen can be very diligent in her misspelling. It's always "websight," yet here we have "siteseeing." 
I still assume Frank is the accounteant, but can we be sure he isn't a lawyer with Manageing and MANAGEING? 
Finally, Myrna may be the only female friend to feature in multiple posts. I'm dying to know more! Is she MARRIED? What size does she ware? Does she perfer LORD and Taylor, or Macy's?
UPDATE: "Aline" has again responded, this time with a concrete suggestion. Now tagged under Alternate Names.

Ellen August 24, 2012 at 4:14 pm
I wish I lived in San Francisco! The weather is NOT as hot as NYC, and it could be VERY Romantic. I rememmber when I was dateing Alan, he had a acountent’s convention there and he had a FREE room, so we went TOGETHER, and stayed at the MARRIOT near the Fisherman’s Cove. It was OK, but Alan got drunk and I had to keep him in the room until he soberred up. FOOEY! I missed out on alot of siteseeing. If I EVER get MARRIED, I will want my HUSBAND to take me there.
Right now, I am geting hounded by Jim, who NOW tells me he needs to file that darn HSR form next week. I put him off, b/c Frank took the day off (sick). I think he just wanted to go FISHEING on the Ocean — he has a 25 foot boat that we all went on last year. The manageing partner got seasick and vomited all OVER the top of the boat. UGH! We all just tryed to pretend it did NOT hapen, but unfortuneateley, the smell was EVERY WHERE. FOOEY!
So I told Jim that we would have it by MID-WEEK. This gives me time to get the manageing partner to MAKE Frank do the work. Frank has done NOTHING I can tell and I must bill 25 hour’s. That’s $11,125 for ME, and I have YET to have something on paper, and Frank will be billeing also, but NOT until next month. OMG, I hope the General Council does NOT hit the roof! Anyway, Happy Friday!!!!! I am going to the beach tomorow, but just JONE’S Beach with Myrna. Yay!!!!!!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

[Favorite Anonymous COMENT]

I've seen some wonderful Ellening here on my own sight, but I had to do a special post on this particular comment from earlier today:

I think Jim may be angling his way into her life and you should do something to stop it. She deserves alot better.

Yes, this demonstrates a seriousness of approach to Ellen's tale that we can all appreciate. It also shows a certain fogginess of perception that is entirely appropriate given our protagonist and her style of narration. "May be angling his way into her life"? Jim has been threatening to buy Ellen an ENGAGMENT ring. There's not much discerning we need to do here.

One also cannot miss the "alot," which is something of an Ellen signature. But my favorite segment is "you should do something to stop it." I, blogger on fictional internet personality, am expected to intervene. I'm supposed to, what, have coffee with Ellen and come up with a tactful way to warn her about Jim's predations? Better yet, call Jim at his office and tell him to back off, explaining the delicate nature of Ellen's position--since he is her cleint--and the fact that MP is too much of an ooogler in this own right to ever drop the hint that Jim is being inappropriate? I'm very flattered at all the grandeur Anonymous' assumption puts on me. Especially since Ellen has never publicly acknowledged even my existence, let alone my devotion.

So where does the humble pie come in? I promised I would announce my error if it turned out that Jim was becoming a regular character rather than being chucked like all of Ellen's other suitors, and this comment above gave me the ideal opportunity to integrate it with a real post. I was wrong, freinds on this web sight! FOOEY! It may even be that Jim becomes more important over I have (reluctantly) already considered. So consider this my official retraction. Jim is evidently hear to STAY for the foreseeable. I am not confident that I can come to any kind of rescue. 

pulled me asside

I enjoyed this one. It's fun to think of MP once upon a time in Ellen's shoes, probably equally incompetent (since he's not much better even now). Do you think HIS manageing partner was an ooogleing cougar? Can we ELLENWatchers get a PRE-QUELL some day?
Meanwhile VJ is valuable even solely for her name, which evokes the lady garden that she insists must be carefully guarded. Her advice seems highly Ellenized, but is actually pretty standard. I will soon follow up with a FAB anonymous comment here which may have come from the same person.  

Ellen August 24, 2012 at 11:10 am
Yay!!!!! FRUEGAL FRIDAY’s!!!!!!!!
I love this dress. Price: Yay! Color: Yay! The onley Probelem I have is that the manageing partner will be stareing at my tuchus with this one, b/c it is very well fitting, and he is already doing way to much noticeing of my tuchus! FOOEY! Otherewize, I would RUN out NOW and buy it!
As for the post, my advise would be to tell the woman NOT to get overeley stressed out, and thing’s will go alot better for both of you. That is the lesson I learned soon after I got this job, when I worried alot about being perfect about everything.
I was a stressed out mess! FOOEY! So the manageing partner pulled me asside and he told me that I should ALWAYS do my best, but NOT to worry if every thing was not PERFECT 100% of the time the FIREST time thru. He said when he got his first job, his manageing partner said the same thing.
Therefore when I am in charge, either here, as a General Council at CORPORATE job or as a NYS JUDGE, I will remember this and teach it to the young peeple who work for ME.
I have to alway’s rememmember this, b/c I STILL get stressed with all of my workeload, my litiegeation, and the new transeactionel work I am now so very BUSY on! But busy is good and I am earning money for my 401K reteirment fund. Yay!
I did NOT even get to take any vaceation this summer. FOOEY!
VJ August 24, 2012 at 1:30 pm
Be very circumspect. These older dudes are out for a quick roll in the hay, and are not about to make a commitment, emotional or otherwise to you. If you become a judge, you will not have to worry about politics, so that may be your best bet. Otherwise, stick in the law firm because you seem to have a good relationship with the managing partner.

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his feet smmeled REALY bad in the ofice.

eek continues to show exceptional Ellen competence. One of these days maybe she will gain the distinction of an Ellen response. eek, will you join us here on ELLENWatch again? I think we'd gain a lot from your comments. 

MP seems always to be gaining new and creative ways to smell FUNKY and be unattractive. But more importantly, I'm wondering if the intense secrecy around Jim & Co.'s target for the HSR filing is leading up to some major plot reveal. I know Ellen doesn't really do either--plot or reveal--but this is a lot of buildup. 

Frank? What?  

Ellen August 23, 2012 at 4:13 pm
It will get better, for you! I am so sorry you worked on some thing that turned out to be NOT BILLEABLE. FOOEY to that.
And a speceial FOOEY to the asistant that did NOT tell you early that the cleint had taken the project back! DOUBEL FOOEY!!!!
I am SO busy on my transeacteional work with JIM that I did NOT even have time to ask the manageing partner about any thing before he took off early today. There also was a WATER MANE break this morning and his shoe’s got all wet. He had to go home b/c his feet were soggy, and when he took off his shoe’s, his feet smmeled REALY bad in the ofice. FOOEY! So he left early to go and get new shoe’s. YAY!
BTW, I got wind of a VERY VERY BIG sale this weekend on shoe’s at MACY’s. Anne Klein’s too! I love her leoperd’s print shoe, but I think they are ALL OPEN toe’d and the manageing partner will NOT give me reimbersement for those. He also will NOT pay for a purse, or a satchel. NOT clotheing, he says! FOOEY!
eek August 23, 2012 at 9:22 pm
If you LIKE anything, see if Lord and Taylor’s will price matche.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

20 billeable hours

Ellen's legal play-by-play getting pretty "granular," to quote a few lame sirs I have worked with. But we'll take it. Looks like I was right that Frank is the accounteant, though I'd still appreciate having it spelled out (as it were).  Meanwhile, eek continues ELLENWatching in high style. Her comment today signifies close following and also a knack for STREAM-of-consciousness. 

Ellen August 23, 2012 at 11:19 am
Me too. I am 8 lbs overweight now, and the manageing partner is commenteing that the dreses I am wearing are a little to tight. He is NOT compleaing, tho, just stareing alot more at my tush. FOOEY on him for lookeing so much!
I just got back from the CHAMBER’S hearing on my 3 cases. I did NOT have to go back on the same line with Jim b/c he had to go on the 4 line and I do NOT take that line back here. The judge like’s me and Jim was very impresed the way I handled issues with the judge. Yay!!!!
One of the plaintiff’s DID show up so I could NOT win my motion to disemiss. Insted, the JUDGE ordered the plaintiff submit to an EBT that he asked ME to schedule with the plaintiff! Jim said I should schedule it soon, but since Jim would have to pay eventueally, I said there is NOT to much of a rush. I will ask the manageing partner today.
I also told Jim I asked Frank to do the math on the HSR form with the “data” that Jim gave me. So far nothing back from Frank. Frank says this form should be given to the company, but they gave it to US to fill out and I now have 20 billeable hours that I have to submit tomorow to the manageing partner.
Fineally, Jim asked if I wanted to go with him to a MET’S game. I told him I do NOT like sport’s unless it is air conditoned. FOOEY on swetting in the hot sun!
eek August 23, 2012 at 12:28 pm
Was Jim upset that the judge was not in his judiceial robes? Also, swetting is good for your pores and it might help you lose some weight — it’s like a steam room!

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