Historical timeline
~2008-09: Commenting on ABA Journal site.
2009: Author of her own Blawg.
2010: Begins commenting on Corporette.com.

Early romantic life as chronicled on Corporette --for current information please browse recent posts tagged "Dateing" 
LAW SCHOOL: (as related in retrospect) Ellen's Torts professor asks her out but is rebuffed.
11-2010: Refers to a boyfriend in law school one year earlier.
11-25-2010: First mention of Alan.
11-30-2010: Mentions being thirty years old.
Spring 2011: Breaks up with Alan.
11-2011: Alan's mother nonetheless asks that he be invited to Thanksgiving with Ellen's family.
Holiday season 2011-12: Ellen gives her phone number to two men she meets at parties, and they call, but are not actually interested in a relationshep.

        Relationshep with ALAN: what is Known
Alan is an alcoholic. Additional reasons for the failure of Ellen's relationship with him include his bringing pornoegraphic magazines into her apartment, his apparent infidelity with DIEDRE, and the fact that he ultimately would not marry Ellen. Ellen affirmed that she "did not need him after all" upon realizing that her father could do her taxes for her just as well as Alan once did, but clearly continues to struggle with moving on emotionally. Ellen often reiterates regret for allowing the relationship with Alan to become sexuel, and is determined not to become intimately involved with any man in the future without a guarantee of marriage. Her reports suggest that Alan was her first and, to date, only sexual partner.

It is unclear what contact, if any, Ellen still has with Alan. He does not seem to have made attempts to rekindle their romance and appeared to be dating someone else as of 2013. It appears that he has sought treatment for his alcoholism and/or stopped drinking altogether, but this is not certain either.

      Ellen's Early Profesionel Career: what is Known
Ellen's first job out of school seems to have been in health administration, working for her father. Presumably this position was held before Ellen entered law school. While in law school, Ellen did an internship under the supervision of Mr. Frank. Ellen first met the manageing partner in an elevator when she was delivering a subpoena on Mr. Frank's behalf, and he encouraged her to contact him when looking for a legal job after graduation. (Disambiguation: HAROLD has once been referred to by first name Frank as well, reasons unknown.)

Ellen's legal practice area has never been announced. For a long stretch in 2011-12, Ellen reported being saddled with "EBT's," and this seemed her main function within her group. In June 2012, she said she is not a courtroom litigator but does much in administrative white collar defense. She has never mentioned specific colleagues other than the manageing partner, other than to say that no one else at her firm is of a similar age and rank.

Ellen's long-term career goals are unclear. However, she has asserted both that she is, and is NOT, interested in going IN-HOUSE. She seems to be considering "getting a MBA degree by the Internet," upon advice of her father, but is concerned about the level of math that might be required of her in such a program.

UPDATE 3-12: Ellen has shared that she thinks she would like to be a judge. We would all be so lucky to see this jurisprudence. 
UPDATE 4-12: Looks like this judgeship would ideally be in the field of worker's compensation.
UPDATE 9-12: Narrowed down to a judgeship or General Council position, either of which might be part-time upon Ellen's marriage.
UPDATE 11-13: Ellen's usual stated priority is to find a high-earning husband, leave the city, and stop working. 

Ellen's complex relationship with the manageing partner forms the centerpiece of most Ellen content. MP reportedly stares at Ellen mercilessly, scrutinizing her clothing and body. His requirements of Ellen often stretch beyond what seems professionally proper, including mandatory one-on-one lunches, particular hairstyles and dress, and babysitting his children over Thanksgiving 2011. The two seem to argue often, ranging from good-natured teasing to tense negotiations over Ellen's salary.
For better or worse, MP appears to be the most significant figure in Ellen's day-to-day life. As much frustration as she expresses with him, she has never mentioned being tempted to leave her firm or to attempt to switch practice groups. In a lengthy post about the MP's offer to begin paying for some of her workwear, Ellen once concluded in a one-sentence paragraph: "He is not all bad." She has also called him "supportive" and shared that they met informally while she was in law school, making him and his firm the only employer she has had as a lawyer.

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