Sunday, September 29, 2013


So Ellen and her father are still not speaking unless you count this incident of suddenly grabbing the phone out of mom's hands to make a FORBIDEDENCE. Given Ellen's increasing stridency with him lately, I'm still pleased with this trajectory. Something had to give, and it's not surprising that it's more like a mounting leak than an explosion. 

I asked for the judge's nephew's name, and we got it. Thanks freind. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love open thread’s!!!! As for the OP, none of us like billable hour’s! If you onley have 1800 hours, that is not to bad. The manageing partner wants us to go up to 4000 next year when we move uptown. You should learn to bill for everything you do so you can UP your billeable’s. My manageing partner has be billeing PORTAL TO PORTAL, so if I have a hearing in court lasting onley 30 minutes, I can bill 3 hours, which include’s traveling down to court, sitteing waiting for my cases to be called, the hearing itself for each case, then lunch (including the bill), and travel back. If I do 6 cases, I can get 18 hours out of it plus the cost of 6 lunche’s, even tho I am onley out for 3 hours!!!! So it can add up quick, if you know how to do the math.
This weekend, I am goeing with Myrna to look for a new computer. The manageing partner said he would take my Macbook air into inventory at the firm and have the teck guy fix it to operate on our LAN. So I am thinkeing I will need a new Apple, mabye a Macbook PRO to keep at my home office. Myrna say’s it is going to cost me over $2000 for the RETNA model and I want a big fixed disk for all my photo’s and Itune’s!!!! I told Mom and she told dad, and dad says he will look and NOT to buy anything without first clearing it with him b/c he know’s he can get it from a guy in the busness. I told mom that Apple does NOT discount, so Dad got on the phone and FORBIDED me from buying anything without getting his pre-approval. FOOEY! I will STILL go to the Apple store to look. He can’t prevent me from lookeing! The teck guy is here now fooling around with my Macbook Air, which the manageing partner is giveing me $800 for in cash!!!!!
The judge’s nephew left a message for me. His name is Micheal, and owns an Italian deli in Queen’s. I have to call him back, and while I do love deli, not that kind. To bad he does not own Pastrami Queen, 2nd Avenue Deli or Mendy’s or I would MARRY him tomorrow! FOOEY!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

thru my walkeing and fitbit

We already had the broad brushstrokes of Dad's complete control over just about every tangible component of Ellen's life, but this (successfully!) numbered list is helpful for the specifics. 

As for why Dad needs to entrust these jobs to another man and won't give them up until Ellen finds one, we knew that--she's been getting more and more direct in this acknowledgment ever since the Sunshine Girls first proposed it. Retirement on the horizon is a major added incentive for DAD. 

I suppose it goes without saying that when Ed leaves Rosa for the babysitter, Dad will be back in business immediately, starting with choosing her divorce lawyer and placing him/her on a leash. If Ellen's potential marriage also falls apart quickly, we need to know whether Leyeh will expect the $50k to be repaid, and if so whether with interest and so on. 

I recomend you do what my dad did. He took 100% control of my finance’s, and put’s me on a BUDGET.
1) Dad must pre-APPROVE all expenses BEFORE I spend any money
2) Dad get’s all of my bills and pay’s them for me
3) Dad get’s automatic deposit of my salary from the manageing partner and
4) Dad control’s my 401(k) and other investment account with Merrell Lynch
5) Dad negoteate’s my salary and benefit’s with the manageing partner, includeing my partnership terms –Yay!
6) Dad oversee’s my health by monitoring my exercize and mileage on my FITBIT (Fooey!)
Right now, Dad is lookeing for another man to take this over from him, which is how he got out of doeing this for Rosa. Because Rosa got MARRIED to Ed, Dad has been insisting that I find a guy like Ed to MARRY me so that I do NOT have to do this, and he will NOT let me even try to do this myself.
So because I have a man to do all of this for me, I can focus myself on my work, become an excelent litiegator, and also a great cookie baker. I also am workeing on slimming down my tuchus thru my walkeing and fitbit. If I am abel to get a guy to MARRY me and have a baby soon, Grandma Leyeh will give me $50K. YAY!
I do NOT think you need to do all of these thing’s, but if you get a guy to do all of these for you, will become a great litiegator like me, become a partner, get MARRIED, and let him do all of the work. YAY!!!!

had his assisteant tell me that the diplomat wanted to complement me.

Has anyone heard that foreign diplomat's like a white scrunchie, Nike Air's, and a few extra pounds? Myrna was probably right; it's too bad this opportunity passed so quickly. 

Sorry to be doing catch-up with such brief comment's, but in many cases there just isn't a lot to add. 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s and this blouse (beleive it or not) b/c I will wear it OUTSIDE of work. A deep vee neck blouse is a VIRTUEAL invitation for Frank to take a look at my boobie’s and the last time he did that he spilled coffee on my computer. Now I am useing the manageing partners computer and it is dirty and sticky from his coffee I think.
As for the OP, there is NOTHING to worry about. If you have ever litigated a case, it is alot easier b/c you do NOT have to stand up where peeople can see all of you. You either are sitting (on a panel), or if you are standing, you have a LECTERN where all peeople see is your body from mabye your waste up. No one can stare at your legs or your tuchus and make you self consious. So If you prepare, you should be FINE. YAY!
Yesterday, I was walkeing past the Waldorf on my way home from work and a bunch of UN diplomat’s came out. One of them was stareing at me and he had his assisteant tell me that the diplomat wanted to complement me. I said I thought he was doeing a great job. He smiled and then they rushed him into a big Cadilac SUV and he drove off. I do NOT know what country they were from, but they had accent’s. I think they could have been from Europe. I told Myrna and she said I should have gotten their card’s. FOOEY b/c I was dressed all schleppey and had my Nike Air’s on, with a dress so they probably thought I was a cleaneing lady or something. At least I got a complement from a diplomat!!!! YAY!!

instead of WATERRING it with WATER

We just want to know the final location of the new office, OKAY???

Myrna gave me a decorative PLANT for my desk, but then I got so much work that I could NOT keep it any more on my desk, so I gave it to Frank. He did NOT take care of it, and he put his COLD coffee in it at the end of the day instead of WATERRING it with WATER. The Plant died, but he still dump’s what is left of his coffee in the dirt. It is smelley and moldy and I told him he should get rid of it but give me the pot back so I can put something new in it and bring it home so MYRNA can see it again. I wish I had more room here, but it is cramped and I am doieng all the work so it is messey.
The manageing partner promised me a desk with a window and space to close my door when we move. He is leaneing toward’s a place on 3rd Avenue, but said he may ask me (and other’s) to UP our billieng’s to 3800 – 4000 hours per year. That will mean that I will probabley have to spend an extra 1/2 hour each day at my desk or at home. FOOEY!

sitteing in the office

Another scam on Dad. All's fair in this particular context, say I. But don't lend the fitbit to Myrna on the day of her TRY-ATHELON or he may FIGGER it out!

FOOEY on Snow! Snow ruines my leather boot’s and sometimes get’s into them and my stocking’s get all wet and smelley. Also, it is VERY slippery in New York City when it snow’s so peeople have to be VERY CARFUL when they cross the street. Finaly, if it snow’s after a dog makes poopie, you do NOT even know until you step in it, and then you have to take it to the COBBLER’s to clean and polish your shoe’s all over again. DOUBEL SMELLEY FOOEY!
For now it is VERY nice and I am keepeing up with my fitbit requirement to do 6,000 step’s a day (this include’s everything I do all day, even when I am sitteing in the office, if I move the fitbit say’s I did a step. YAY, b/c Dad does NOT know that, and he sends me a TEXT if he sees I did NOT do my 6000 steps. FOOEY. I lent my fitbit to Myrna last week and she did 23,000 steps and Dad was so happy. I did not tell him who did it. All he sees on the INTERNET is that I did so many steps each day. I will have to loan it to Myrna a few day’s a week so that I meet my 42,000 QUOTTA. Otherwise, Dad will not advance my weekeley spending allowance. FOOEY!
For NOW, I just got back from Court where the Judge granted 4 of my motion’s and granted the plainetiff a CONTINUENCE on one other motion b/c he could NOT find his CLEINT to respond in time. I think his CLEINT might be illegal, so mabye he went back some where instead of comeing into court. YAY!
No men have called or texted for 24 hours! YAY! I can fineally get some work done! DOUBEL YAY!


Thank you, Sunshine, for bringing to my attention this missed post. We need a name for the judge's nephew if this goes any further. 

Meanwhile, I have no problem at all with this silent standoff between Ellen and Dad (see top of P. 3). She seems to have concluded that if he insists on total authority over her finances, she can take an exploitative stance on it and cut off all other angles in their relationship, including his authority over whom she dates. I wonder who will cave first. (Actually, I don't...)

Hug’s to you. You will do OK if you keep your chin up! You should try the hotmail website, I think now called b/c not that many peeople use it.
I think there was a probelem with this websight today. I could NOT get on and the manageing partner wanted to know why I was swareing at his PC! I told him it was b/c the key’s were all sticky. FOOEY b/c he like’s to drink coffee with SUGAR, and his sticky fingers are all over the key’s!
Mom called and told me that dad was still mad at me and will NOT be calling me until I set up a date with Sam. I told her that Sam’s nose pickeing was gross and I could NOT beleive that his car radio was full of booger’s! I said Dad did NOT have to talk to me as LONG AS HE PAID ALL OF MY BILLS. I know he like’s to talk to me b/c I have a law degree and can tell him all about my court apearance’s! He will call soon I am sure. I was in court today and the judge asked me if I wanted to meet his nephew, who is a busnessman in Queen’s. I said mabye (but I ask the HIVE why not), b/c all of the loosers I am dateing do NOT want to get married and his nephew does. He is 36 year’s old and has his OWN small busness.
The danger I see is that if it does NOT work out, the judge will get mad and I will NOT win all of my cases any more. I am worried about that. On the other hand, if it DOES work out, I can get MARRIED and get $50,000 from Grandma Leyeh! YAY!!!! I have to decide quick–is there any CONCENSUS in the HIVE about this? I will follow your advise… but HELP b/c I am goeing back into court on Thursday!!!! FOOEY!!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the manageing partner has been to PORNO sight’s and now they are askeing that he come back.

We already knew that Myrna work's in finance--is this "freind" in para. 5 Myrna, simply unnamed to protect the identifiable information of her employer? I don't know what other freind Ellen has mentioned for quite a long time now.

Remember that if Myrna works for JP Morgan, that means we now know Sam does too. If any ELLENWatchers have insider connects, please let us know! Coworkers have other coworkers. 

Yes, alway’s wear a suit to an INTERVIEW, even if it is in the SAME COMPANY. This way, they know you can dress profesional, and can meet with cleint’s if they need you to.
I have had alot of troubel with the manageing partner’s computer today. I think there is a VIRUS or something on it b/c there are alot of POP-UPs that keep popping up telling me that my virus definition’s are OUT of date and I need to buy new software. There is also some popup where there is a girl who is wearing a VERY skimpy batheing suit telling that I should click here and watch her loose her top completely. FOOEY! I think the manageing partner has been to PORNO sight’s and now they are askeing that he come back. DOUBEL FOOEY b/c I need to work and am worried that my file’s are being looked at by these sights b/c of the viruses in his machine.
I think I will ask the manageing partner if I can get the teck guy to scrub his disk of these dirty things, or mabye I can get the teck guy to configure MY machine for office use, even tho it is a MACBOOK AIR and we use window’s here.
Does any one in the hive have a MACBOOK AIR in a network that runs Window’s? This way, if the answer is YES, I can tell the teck guy that he can do it. Now I can ONLEY access my email from HOME but when I bring in my MACBOOK AIR, I am NOT abel to access anything unless I go through a WIRELESS network and it is VERY slow here.
The manageing partner is now lookeing at places on Park Avenue for us, but they are all below 34th street. I perfer closer to Grand Central or even closer to my freind, who work’s at JP Morgan bank uptown. The manageing partner says he looked there with the rental agent, but he did NOT like the space.
Willem called me again on my cell– I think he is geting more interested in me b/c he say’s he like’s my voice (that sound’s strange, but OK, it’s better then saying he like’s me for my tuchus), and he said he had to go to a meeting in Newark, New Jersey today, so he will call me to TALK tonite. YAY, but Myrna is comeing over to bake cookies with me so he might have to talk to Myrna if my hand’s are full of dough. We will see if he calls. Sam also keeps texting me and mom called to say again that dad is not goeing to talk to me until I set up another date with Sam. I am getting tired of dad dictating who I should see and date. FOOEY!

I used to take the manageing partner’s laundry out

If you are JUST starteing out, you must be cheerful and accept all ASSIGNEMENTS, tho some will clearly be secretarial in nature. After all, you are the newbey and must take it all from every partner who wants to dump thing’s on you. They say they are testing your metal, so just be kind and accept the work.
But do NOT let this extend to personal thing’s. I used to take the manageing partner’s laundry out, but now Lynn does this. I do bring back cookie’s from Crumb’s, but that also benefit’s me (tho not my tuchus), so I do not mind that.
Also, do NOT date peeople at work. You are there to work, not socialize. There will be men who will want to date you and sleep with you. Do NOT do it. There are plenty of fish outside your little pond that are equal or better then the guys who want to date you in the firm. This is important b/c if you should break up (which usueally happens), the guy will tell about EVERYTHING you did with him. I had this probelem with Alan, and he did not even work for my firm! FOOEY on him!!!
So seperate work from play; work hard and if your lucky, like me, you can become a partner!!! YAY!!!

probelem’s I am haveing with the so-called men

Applause always for Corporette readers who become even the tiniest bit invested in Ellen's saga. I'd never thunk to create "teams," but this is why I need backup in my endeavors! Well done. I think I am on Team Sober and Repentant Alan, but that's subject to revision, especially if he is neither. 

2 other things!
ONE: Who's in marriage counseling down in DC? My best guess (lacking another candidate) is pampered SAHM Lorrie, who wisely planned her undergrad career around securing a high-earning husband. As with Rosa's similar arrangement, it's hard to imagine anything going wrong, but you tell us, Ellen. Is Jamie having an affair with the nanny? Is Lorrie fantasizing about getting a fainting couch? 
TWO: How far off is Ellen's 35th birthday? She's been extremely dodgy about her age, having already doubled back on her own insinuations a few times...such that she may well already be 35 (or turning in March). Dad has access to her birth certificate, though, so if there's anyone who isn't going to play along with alternating stories, it's him (and his wallet, vis-a-vis wedding finance). Good luck with that, as they say...

I do NOT know where you are, but my freind in Washington just found a good one, and I can get the name of that counselor if you are in DC.
I need some one like that to guide me thru the probelem’s I am haveing with the so-called men who are in my life. What total looser’s! The onley one with potential is Willem, and dad does NOT like his NAME b/c it sound’s like a rat from a movie. FOOEY! He called again last nite and chewed me out for rejecting Sam. I told him Sam picks his nose and flashed his weenie at me. Dad said I need to find a guy now, and if that mean’s putting up with stuff like that from men, then I should do that, and alot more. He says he will not pay for a big wedding for me if I am over 35 b/c by then I should be abel to do it myself. I told him that he gave Rosa a great wedding and I want the same. He said onley if it happens before I am 35. FOOEY! That mean’s I have to move faster then I wanted to, even if I do NOT make Grandma Leyeh’s timeline.
Willem called to find out how I am doieng and to see if I wanted to go on the Circle Line cruise. His parent’s are comeing into town and he want’s to show them Manahattan. So I had suggested the Circle Line a few week’s ago. I told the manageing partner and he said I should go and he would go also and pay for it all as a cleint expense. I supose that is OK, but I was hopeing that I would get some info from Willem’s parent’s to convince Dad he is OK.
I did want to thank the Hive for advise on Sam and Willem, but am torn b/c Sam does have alot of money and is younger, but the nose pickeing is VERY dificult to get over. I am alway’s lookeing at him waiteing to see when he start’s pickeing his nose! DOUBEL FOOEY!

Monday, September 23, 2013

to assertive for his taste’s

So, Ellen is blowing off Sam's calls and starving him of attention even when he gets into naked fisticuffs at her boss' house, and he complains that she's to assertive? The nerve, and I mean that.

You are so lucky. I techicaly can be considered a petite, sizewize, but unfortunately, the cut of many of the skirt’s are way to tight for me right now — Grandma Leyeh says it’s b/c of mom’s side of the family. FOOEY! So even tho Rosa can wear all petites, I can NOT. It has NOT stopped men from wanting to date me, and I do NOT think it is because they like bigger tuchusses, but b/c they like my PERSONALITY. I am smart, bubbley, and have a good job, and that is what men like. I disagree with my dad, who want’s me to be more demure. I REFUSE to just say to men that they are the boss and I should just do what they say and NOT question it. Dad says Sam think’s I am to assertive for his taste’s and that I should tone it down. Mabye that is what they do in ENGLAND, but in the USA, we women are ENTITLED to have our own opinion’s on things! YAY! I refuse to be a YES woman to a guy who pick’s his nose, anyway, b/c what would that make me? FOOEY!

Dad left me feeleing guilty

Posing as her own friends, Ellen has already been abundantly clear in answering this question: yes, Sam does deserve another go, and indeed the benefit of the doubt all the way up to the altar. Notice that the prospect of her actually taking care of her own finances wasn't entertained all that long. I will remind yet again that my readers prioritize Ellen's independence first and engagement-->marriage-->fecundity second, so any resolution that includes either outcome would be fairly popular. 

For the OP, I would have him talk to a HEAD-HUNTER, b/c they know where they can place him. Head-Hunter’s get a percentage of salary for placeing him, so they are the best to see what they can do for him. Usueally, you will NOT have to pay the Head-Hunter; that is the responsibility of the firm that is LOOKEING for your husband. You are VERY lucky to have such an accomplished husband! I hope to have the same soon. YAY!
Question for the HIVE:
My dad called me up last nite to chew me OUT for NOT dateing Sam. Evidently Sam called dad to complain that I am pusheing him off even after DAD gave him the green light. I told dad he has NO BUSNESS butteing into my personal life and handing me over to SAM, like a peice of MEAT. Dad say’s he is tired of doeing all of my book-keepeing and he want’s to retire and hand it over to a guy like ED, but Ed is busy with Rosa, and I should be MARRIED at this point with my OWN MAN to do all of the financeal stuff.
I told dad I was MORE then capable of doeing my own financeal stuff, and that I did NOT have to be married to be independent. Morover, I told him that I am admitted to the NYS Bar, and I did that on my own, so if I have to, I can pay my OWN bills and manage my own credit card’s. Dad said that Sam is good for me and that I should date him and marry him. I told him he picked his nose, and he said “so what?” He said he was alot worse and mom married him!
Dad left me feeleing guilty that I have NOT given Sam a fair shake. I think I have, tho. What does the HIVE think? Should I date him? I have troubel thinking of that Temper Pedic matress and sleepeing with him. FOOEY!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

a veegan who will NOT take me serious

Blessed is Wildkitten for approaching Ellen with not one but two bits of compassionate advice. She did ask, after all! (As she so often does!) 

The suggestion with Sam is an interesting one. He does seem to be takeing a fairly unilateral approach to dating, with Ellen at least, so mixing that up might help. At the same time, his reading of what she (and Dad) want is by and large correct. If Ellen tried to renegotiate the terms with him directly, it would be an even more important change for her than it would be for him. She did mention a chemical attraction to him, so maybe that will provide the motivation? 

UPDATE: Alice and Susie chime delightfully in. The issue is that these are both historic Sunshine Girl names as well as straight-faced Corporette commenter names. Anyone want to take responsibility as the real or fake voices here?

YAY!!! Open Thread’s! I love Open Thread’s and I wish that I could go, but I have to work and do NOT even have a computer b/c Frank ruined mine. FOOEY!
I am useing the manageing partner’s computer until mine is either fixed or I get a NEW one. Dad says I should get a new one or sell my Macbook to the FIRM and get a new one for home.
What would the hive suggest? I think the manageing partner should see how much different the macbook’s are. I wonder if they are waterproof? Does anyone in the hive have experence with water or coffee on a macbook? If I can show the manageing partner that they will NOT get ruined if we spill coffee on them, mabye we can get macbook’s!!!!!! YAY!!!
I told Sam not to call. He still think’s that he has the inside track, he told Myrna, b/c Dad gave him the green light! But I told dad that I am dateing and not him. FOOEY for dad trying to push Sam on me, especialy b/c dad does NOT know Sam is NOT circumscribed. FOOEY! And Sam alway’s bring’s up stayeing over on his TemperPedeic mattres!
Why would I sleep with a veegan who will NOT take me serious? I have a JD and am NOT a bimbo, but men do NOT give me credit for my brain’s. They think only to have sex with me and that Is NOT what I want, obviousley. FOOEY!
I will be leaveing early to meet Myrna. We are heading to the MET to MEET MEN. Myrna says that most men there are NOT interested in women, but there should at least be a few we can meet and date. With any luck, I need to get MARRIED soon, so I hope there is one guy lookeing for a woman like me to marry. I am smart, cute and have a great courtroom manner, the judge says! YAY!!!!
  • Wildkitten :
    I love my macbook and I have a speck case and a moshi keyboard cover. The combination isn’t waterPROOF but it has saved my computer against several spills.
    Maybe you should tell Sam you don’t feel like he’s taking you seriously and see what happens? It sounds like he’s very interested, so maybe he would change his feathers if he knew what you wanted from the relationship.
    Reply Report

    It makes no sense to me why Ellen dumped Sam. He has a great job, apartment, and seemed willing to consider Ellen for marriage! All I see bad is that he picked his nose. All the guys I’ve dated we’re a lot worse. Most piced other parts of their body too, often in front of me. Some wanted me to pay for meals, and others cheated on me. The vegan thing is not a minus, and Sam seems to like Ellen’s fat tush, so he’s a keeper. If she hangs out at museums, she is sure to meet guys who are bi- and they won’t be beating a pAth either to have sex with, let alone marry her.
    Give Sam another chance, and David too!

    • No!! Sam is disgusting, he also flashed E. E is a nice Jewish girl and deserves a distinguished gentleman like Willem!

Congreatulation’s! I onley wish I was you today

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s!
As for the OP, Congreatulation’s! I onley wish I was you today, b/c I need to get married soon and have a baby! But the guy’s I have now are either unworthy, untrustworthy or just want to have sex w/o makeing any comitment.
When I was in DC, lots of guy’s just wanted to have sex with me, but I held out for a ring (which I never got). I knew alot of places then where there were very nice Dimond’s, but now they have other places.
So I called my freind, who works in the goverment as an attorney, and she recomended a place called Tiny Jewel Box, where it is not to expensive.
1147 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20036
TEL: 202-393-2747
They have a websight called tinyjewelbox that is on the Internet that you should looke at first, b/c you ALWAYS have to be careful of jeweler’s.
My dad got my mom her dimond ring when he was overseas in AMSTERDAM, and he said he was abel to get the best deal by lookeing around and telling these guy’s that his uncle lived in South Africa. What that had to do with anything is beyond my pay grade, as he says, but mom is wearing a 2 carrot ring that Dad says is worth over $30,000 b/c it is about FLAWLESS, and he onley paid a little less then $3K — but that was OVER over 30 years ago. It sounds like it is a good deal, but back then, peeople made alot less money.
Dad alway’s make’s mom show peeople her ring, b/c he knows they all think he was such a great dealmaker in Amsterdam. I think that is where he was doing all that GLAZZNOST stuff with the women. Mom does NOT know about that and dad says I can NEVER TELL HER. FOOEY! DOUBEL FOOEY!
  • I love your posts. I can’t imagine how you can be a lawyer and not be able to spell at all, but your comments always make my day.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

do NOT want to hear from peeople

To Hel-lo's question: I responded in comments, but here again is Poll #2 wherein most readers said they thought Ellen had remained Ellen since her very inception, or at the very least has been the same person throughout her Corporette career. I also got a little technical, with help, to compare posts for stylistic consistency. Before you make fun, remember you're reading a blog about Ellen, which in turn I am writing.

For my $.02 on this issue, as Kat would say, close observers notice that too many of Ellen's details are stable across posts for unconnected people to have managed, especially over years rather than months. We've had a few obvious aberrations, but otherwise I am in the school of one dedicated troll rather than numerous dilettantes. Furthermore, with great respect to Susedna, I do not agree with the dichotomy proposed below (see highlight). I have a tab called "practical Advice," and perusing these posts--in which Ellen either asks for or gives advice from/to other readers--one most often sees that said tips are combined with exactly the same kind of rambling anecdotes that characterize her other comments. In other words, she's never able to stay on any topic other than her own life for longer than a paragraph or two. This afternoon's comment, posted here, is actually a pared-down illustration!

Thank's for playing, as always,

UPDATE: Angela's suggestion is just the latest hilarious addition to our collection of idle theories about the Kat-Ellen relationship. There's no actual mystery there, but the guesses just keep getting better: Kat tacitly condones Ellen--> Kat is actually herself Ellen--> Kat has some kind of contract with Ellen. Keep 'em coming!

Ellen :
While I am similar to you age-wise I really DO need a husband in order to have children quickly, so that is where we think different from each other on that score. I do think though that if you do NOT want to hear from peeople that seem to look funny at you just b/c you are NOT with a man, yet, tell them FOOEY and move on, b/c you are your own person and you do NOT have to rely on a man to be complete.
I think if you wait for the RIGHT guy, he WILL come along, and your attitude will change. I wish you the best of luck and hopefulley you will have BOTH a great carreer as well as an understanding husband, who will love and cherish you, and NOT cheat on you or go drinkeing with other guys, like my Alan did. FOOEY on him!
  • Do we think that Ellen is always posted by the same person? I’ve been getting a vibe lately that the Ellen posts might be posted by different people/copycats.

Between the VEEGAN stuff and the nose pickeing

Obviously no surprise at this point: Sam is out. We'll see if he put's up as much of a fight as David, especially 14 months from now. (Not that it will matter, as Ellen will be married and staying home with her toddler.)

This is exactely what I do! There is a shoe guy on Lex that know’s me very well b/c he is ALWAYS repeairing my shoe’s. I damage so many shoe’s on the curb’s and other place’s in the City that my dad says they should sell shoe insurance! But for $25, he fixes all my shoe’s and boot’s. He also scrape’s my NIKE’s when it get’s caked up with mud and dog poopie that I are NOT abel to get out myself. He says I am his best customer b/c I also have him shine all of my shoe’s every month so that I look VERY profesional in court and with my CLEINT’s! YAY!
I decided not to date Sam any more. Between the VEEGAN stuff and the nose pickeing, I decided I could NOT marry him. I also did NOT like it when he let me see his weenie either. FOOEY b/c he wanted to sleep with me on his TEMPUR PEDIEC MATTRES, and I would NOT do that. Now I hope David or Willem step up and be a mensh, so that I can get MARRIED and have a child NOW! YAY!!!!