Sunday, June 30, 2013

he is afreaid I will get BURNED out!

Is MP suddenly encouraging Ellen to take a bunch of her paid vacation time? Very suspicious, as he almost never advocates anything purely for Ellen's good. My first intuition is that he wants her out of the picture for at least a week while he does something even sketchier with the firm and its finances and membership--perhaps even with Dad's collusion. 

Yay!!!! Open thread’s!!!! I love open thread’s!!! The manageing partner says that I MUST take a vacateion this year. Last year I onley took 7 day’s off over the corse of the full year and he is afreaid I will get BURNED out! FOOEY! Me to. OR, Mabye I can get Myrna to take time off or Dad can take me to San Francisco b/c he once taught at Stanford U so he knows ALL about Silicone Valley and HI-TECH thing’s!
For now I told dad that I would NOT go home this weekend, but I would go with him to the manageing partner’s house in the Hamton’s over the 4th of July holiday and go out on the new 53 foot boat. The manageing partner is showeing picture’s of it to everyone and he is goeing to have a party in August for the whole firm. YAY!!!!!
Myrna did NOT want to go into NYSC to see Brandon so mabye next week. She is to busy getting siked for her race this weekend. I have to drive upstate with her, so I am going tr be gone all day Saturday and we will stay until Sunday! Yay!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

and that is why I have to wear loose clotheing and sneaker’s

Both pretendeing she knows Kat from way back and "Tryathelon" are old moves with Ellen. Veteran Watchers may recall how Kat gave us an exclusive, dispelling Ellen's recurring insinuations that they have private conversations, or perhaps knew each other during law school. (You can hardly blame Ellen for encouraging such a flattering myth, however! In addition, she's been correctly spelling this blogger's three-letter first name with impressive consistency lately.)

And the ever-sporty Myrna has occasioned misspellings of her crowning event before...

Yay! I love fruegel Friday’s and I think hese are VERY pretty, Kat, but I would have to keep Frank from stareing at me if I wore these, tank top’s!
Dad got here before me and he was “shocked” how I dress comeing in to work. I told him how can I exersize and walk 3 miles with pump’s and a dress so I get my FITBIT mile’s in? I am also swettie today and that is why I have to wear loose clotheing and sneaker’s goeing in to work AND back.
He grumbeled, but agreed that I have to keep up the work to get my tuchus down and in shape. Dad is goeing with the manageing partner on his boat over July 4, and they invited me to go also, with mom. I am not sure yet, b/c I might have something to do with Myrna. Myrna is also doeing some kind of tryatheleon so I might cheer her on instead. Dad is here now, and he want’s me to go out and get him coffee. FOOEY! He will NOT let me go to CRUMB’s either. DOUBEL FOOEY!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

the assistant dean all of a sudden wanted to start dateing me

Where Ellen was oooogled
Irresistability began early for our girl, as we already knew. Not only did substantially all of her law professors try to date her, she apparently rated some upper-level administrators back in undergrad too! Asst. Dean play's rescuer and then expect's the spoils--FOOEY! 

Note the formulation "nerdy guy" applied to someone from ~10 years ago. I assume this wasn't the same guy who almost came to work at Manageing & MANAGEING--though I do still hold out some hope for that one as a husband, breadwinner and impregnator. 

Extra credit: How many fake words has ELLENWatch used in this post? 
Very sereious! Sound’s like some one I would NOT let get to close, b/c some peeople get very volitiale when you tell them later you are NOT interested in dateing them. When I was in college, there was a nerdy guy that alway’s hung out in front of my dorm room waiteing for me, and I felt sorry for him because he was so dorkey. Once I talked to him, I think he got it in his head that we belonged “together” and were dateing, even tho all I did was say hello and was freindly to him instead of brusheing him off like all my girlfreind’s did.
It got to the point that he would be stareing at me in the quad, and followeing me around to my classe’s. Fineally, I had to tell the quad coordineator that this guy was hangeing around me to much and mabye she could tell him to move on.
Well this guy got very mad and told her we were dateing (even tho we were NOT — I never even said anything to him other then hi, how are you today), so we had to go the assistant dean together and explain our story together before the assistant dean told this guy to stop hangeing around me and to move on. It was so embarassing, especialy b/c the assistant dean all of a sudden wanted to start dateing me (and he was very old — then mabye 45 or so and I was 19). I told him I could NOT go out with him even tho he KNEW I did NOT have a boyfreind, b/c he was my father’s age. I can think fast on my feet, my dad said. YAY!!!!!

when I leave my sweattie stuff in the toilet

Well, the manageing partner insists on me wearing skirt’s all year, and he does NOT like it when I do NOT wear pantihose, so my firm is therefore the execption! FOOEY, b/c in the summer, it get’s very hot. My onley concesion is that I can walk in to work and back WITHOUT wearing pantihose, and then CHANGE in the toilet into the pantihose, or OUT of them on the way home. On the way home, I also change to wearing short’s or sweat pant’s and sneaker’s, and on the way in, just sneaker’s and sweat pant’s. Alot of men will NOT look at me (but who care’s anyway) based on my clotheing, but I would rather be comforteable then sweattie. FOOEY on that!
The manageing partner does NOT like it when I leave my sweattie stuff in the toilet, and he want’s me to use the public toilet in the hall, but I will NOT b/c the janitor like’s to come in there when I am in there and looke around. FOOEY on him for takeing cheap look’s at me. DOUBEL FOOEY!

dad is a very INTENSE investigoator

And so it continues. Madeline's weight is also probably an issue here. Meanwhile I'm waiting to hear what Myrna think's of Brandon. 
It's just occurring to me that Ellen is chronically mistrustful of her own decision-making capacities. I can't think of anything she has ever done without assiduously securing approval from MP, Dad, Myrna or Leyeh first. Brandon is just one more exampel. Perhaps Ellen punts on all of these judgments because she's wise enough to know herself a fool? 

This is a VERY beautiful sweater, Kat! And I Totaly LOVE the color! And a good price also! YAY!!!!
Myrna is comeing with me today to my health club to check out Brandon. I wonder what she will think of him.
The manageing partner aksed me today if I could get my dad to be less forcefull in his interview’s of the staff b/c Madeline said he was kind of a bully to her, and she is ONLEY a associate! I said I would see if I could calm him down, but I think that my dad is a very INTENSE investigoator, goeing back to his days in the Goverment. I wonder if he think’s he is ON to some thing. The manageing partner said Madeline thought he was like a PITT BULL in his interogaetion of her. She does NOT even have any control over firm fienance’s either!
Dad is comeing in again tomorrow, so I will go to lunch with him. I will also mabye go home for the weekend b/c mom said she is bakeing my favorite lemon marangue pie for dad and he onley eat’s about 1/2 of it and will not let mom finish it b/c of her tuchus. FOOEY for her, but YAY for me!!!!

getting a little antsey about dad noseing around

Hmm, someone doesn't feel like Ellen's Dad should be able to get all up in their sh!t and start ordering everything the way he wants it? Perhaps this idea will finally catch on with our heroine, once endorsed by an(other) old white man. 

I agree. You are empoered to be whatever you want to be, my mom say’s. Dad say’s that with a college or law degree, you can look great in anything! Dad was here today for another set of interview’s with the staff, and he is learning alot about the firm. The manageing partner is getting a little antsey about dad noseing around so much, but dad is doieng it to be sure I know what I am getting into if he let’s me be a PARTNER. YAY! I need to be a partner to get MARRIED and have a child. FOOEY if that fall’s thru b/c Grandma Leyeh is sticking to her offer that I have a child, but NOT out of WEDLOCK. She is “of the old school ” say’s dad, b/c she does NOT want me to get impregneated without a ring on my finger. YAY!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

He was the onley profesor who did NOT want to date me 1st year.

Always pithy and insightful on legeagle issues, and showing off that she knows what SCOTUS stand's for. Any high hopes for Brandon? Why is Myrna's determination a deciding factor? 

Ellen :
I am ALL for equal right’s for EVERYONE. After all, we all are different, but we are all the same at least to the extent we are all human’s. So it is WRONG to legislate that someone should get less right’s b/c they are NOT percieved as the same, when they are. FOOEY on peeople that singel out peeople and discriminate. I say whatever is right should be what is ruled on by SCOTUS. (I knew what that was b/c my Con Law prof at GW told me that. He was the onley profesor who did NOT want to date me 1st year.
I met a guy, Brandon, who work’s at my health club. He wanted to know what I did so I told him. He was very impresed, b/c he just fold’s towels, but he has a BA from Hunter’s College. He say’s he is goieng back for his MBA, so mabye he has potential. I will ask Myrna to check him out. YAY!!!

Even his mom thought I was some kind of floozie

This one is almost depressingly real-sounding. Look at all this codependency, emotional manipulation, and repetitive dysfunctional patterns (in that order, highlighted). Ellen is clearly still recovering.

Ellen :
This hit’s very close to home. I also had a releationship with a guy who turned into a drunk after I had INVESTED alot of time and effort (and emotion’s) into the releationship. The thing is that HE said he wanted mariage and a family, but he NEVER proposed, and mabye that was a good thing b/c he was a drunk and I thought that with my stability and attitude, I could change him and stop the drinkeing. BUT I was wrong.
I do NOT think he ever loved me b/c he saw me as a pretty thing he could just use and abuse by drinkeing and thinkeing ONLEY of himself and NOT me or my need’s. He knew I was willing to do anything to get him away from the bottel, but I do NOT think he cared b/c he perfered the bottel over me. He let me clean up his vommit, and just burped and walked away after he had his way with me. I do NOT know why I even put up with him; all my family thought he was a mess and that I could DO better, but he had me convienced that I was just a nothing who managed to get thru law school and was lucky to have found a job with the manageing partner. He warned me that my look’s were temporary and that I would need him ALOT more then he would NEED me, b/c he was an acountant and there was ALWAY’s a BIG need for CPAs.
Like a dummy, I beleived him b/c he seemed so sure of himself, like all of the Sheketovits family, they thought they were better then everyone. Even his mom thought I was some kind of floozie who onley wanted her son, the CPA, to suport me. FOOEY on that b/c I have a job and he lost his to the bottel.
So it is a very sad when you fall in love with a drunk, and I will NEVER date a guy who like’s to drink again. TRIPEL FOOEY ON THAT!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

but everyone thought I was so cute

Ooogleing began back in Ellen's baby days, no surprize! Likewise pursuit by bald men appears to have been going on almost as long as she was remotely within a baldness age bracket with her male counterparts. Did any of her college classmates find a way to lose all their hair before asking her out/for her hand in marriage? I'm talking mostly about Bud or Biff, whose shiny scalps I can almost see from here.

I love pearl’s also. My dad bought my mom a set of cultured New Zeeland Pearl’s when they went on a 5th year aniversary date down there. I was just a baby and I stayed with Grandma Leyeh then. I even remember it b/c she took me to the beach club and there were alot of other grandma’s there but everyone thought I was so cute. Anyway, I told Dad I wanted a set of pearl’s like mom, but he said I would HAVE to get my husband to buy them for me b/c a good set was way to much for him to spend on me, especialy b/c I cost alot of money for him with law school and all. FOOEY!
I told him I could have been independant, and gotten my OWN financieal aid, but he would not hear of it, b/c he was telling all of his freind’s he was still suporting me at age 23. So I got NO financeial aid from GW for law school, even tho I could have been an RA if I pressed for it. The head of the houseing office told me that I would have been a great RA, but I just think it was because he was interested in dateing me. I told him he was to old for me. I was 21, and he was 38, and he had NO hair at all when peeople just started to think that shaveing your head was cool. DOUBEL FOOEY!
So I must wait for a husband to buy me pearls, unless I am willeing to spring for them myself. I do NOT want the cheep ones, so either I will buy them or wait to get MARRIED and have my husband get them in New Zeeland for me when we go there. YAY!!!!

we are NOT these guy’s play dolls

As usual, Ellen eloquently misses the entire point of a thread. The concept of women judging each other is evidently a little too complex for her, even as she praises the link posted prior. No, the issue is still oooogleing by Frank, perhaps the judge, and usually MP. I wonder how much less hot Ellen think's she would need to become before this ceased being an issue.

This is a great PICTURE! Thank’s for posteing it!!!!!
This explain’s why I never wear any work skirt’s that are MORE then 1″ above the KNEE. That is b/c I do NOT want Frank to be ooogleing me and thinking about what would happen if I wore my skirt’s another inch or two HIGHER then that.
Even the manageing partner does NOT want me to be to provocative, even in the court even tho he know’s the judge is “a leg man” — I told him what am I a chicken, so I should show my leg’s to him, and the manageing partner agreed that I should NOT. It makes him focus on my arguement’s and MIND, NOT my clotheing or my leg’s. FOOEY on men that just look at us for our bodie’s and NOT our mind’s. We are attorney’s at law first; we are NOT these guy’s play dolls. DOUBEL FOOEY on men that do NOT respect us for our mind’s.

Foggy Tuchus!

Why has Ellen's dad been riffing on the name of this neighborhood for so long that she can't even remember a time before? Recall that she went to GW for undergrad and law school, thus being there from--educated guess--1999-2006, give or take internships and summers. As to why it took such a locale to make Dad start on his ongoing BS, apparently it wasn't that she used to be thinner, leaving no room for tuchus barbs. It's that he used to be less deft with such genius pun's and thus needed inspiration.

I think she should consider moving back.

New Carolton? You should realy look also at Bethesda Maryland on the RED line b/c they have good deli’s up Wisconsin Ave, and they are also close enough in to DC. Yes, you have to transfer at METRO center, but so what?
I also read and agree with the comenteator’s who say live close and pay less in metro fare. You also get a city feel in Foggy Bottom, or as my dad says, Foggy Tuchus! Mabye that is where he started the focus on my tuchus. OMG! I just thought of that. It is so wierd!!!! FOOEY! I should have thought of this along time ago.
Speaking of deli, we had great deli with Roberta on Sunday, but we were so hot that I had to get Dr. Brown’s soda with my deli. I LOVE Dr. Brown’s and I did NOT even get DIET this time. I will not tell dad, b/c he alaready warned me to stay away from Deli. FOOEY on him. I had a great Corn Beef sandwich and I ate all of Myrna’s kishkey b/c she was still not 100%. I feel bad for her, but that meant more kishkey for me! YAY!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

wanted me to go with them to the beache’s in Maryland

The stream-of-consciousness structure is even more pronounced here than in some other post's. And awkwardness with FRANK could reach whole new levels if the new office has a gym or a shower.

Where stand the partnership negotiations/Dad's business analysis of Manageing & MANAGEING? 
What about Rehoboth or Ocean City? When I was in DC, all the guy’s wanted me to go with them to the beache’s in Maryland on the weekend’s!
But Back then I looked great in a BIKINI, but now, not so much b/c of 5 year’s of sitting on my tuchus at the law firm — that my dad say’s is why I need to exercise EVERY day. And today is a HOTTTTT Day! Lots of HUMIDITY, and I hope the manageing partner is goeing to get us new SPACE in a buildeing that has a gym, or at least a shower! Yay!!!!
Otherwise, I am goeing to have to to go to the nearby NYSC, but that one has alot of greeazy guy’s there who LOVE to stare at me. FOOEY!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Roberta has a few suprizes for us she says

Kanye has been joined by potential Sunshine Girl Bernice. It is Cool. 

No info on the content of ongoeing talk's between MP and Dad. I kind of hope the firm is advised to shut down.
Yay! Open thread’s!!! I Love Open thread’s!!!! And I realy love this blazer also! But NOT for work except mabye on Friday’s in the Summer.
The manageing partner had another sit down meeting with DAD today and Dad and I just got back from LUNCH. Dad like’s the Italian pizzarea on 37th, so we went there and he had a CALZONE with Ricotta Cheeze and I had a slice of white pizza, with a DIET Coke.
Dad wanted me to go home with him this weekend, but I said I could NOT b/c I am already doeing something with Myrna and Roberta in the Bronx. Roberta has a few suprizes for us she says and this will be FUN! Dad did NOT make any bad coments about my tuchus today. Thank god for that, and he saw that I still got a few construction guy’s to callout to me when we walked down 5th. They alway’s OOGLE me, but not call out. I guess today it is sunny so they get a little more FRISKEY! It is nice to know that even a girl over 30 with a tuchus can get attention, even if I am tight in a size 4. YAY!!!!!
Have a great weekend, Kat and the hive also!!!! YAY!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

they even send him e-mail’s telling him how many stair’s I have walked up

Why is "double" spelled correctly today? 

Seinfeld continues as a reference point, though not yet up to the level of exposure Mr. Pitt enjoys on ELLENWatch. Recall that MP's Hamton's house allegedly lies somewhere near Gerry's
Yay! Fruegel Friday’s, I LOVE Fruegel Friday’s!
I have the same issue. I have to loose 8 lbs, but mostley in the tuchus and leg’s. Dad says my legs are like the piano at Grandma Leyeh’s apartment — short and stubby. Thank’s dad, but I got them from you probably. Dad is himself only 5 foot 7 and he is short and stubby for a guy, and even tho I look at men for their brain’s, if I were a vane person lookeing at just a mans look’s, then I would NOT be lookeing at him striectly speaking b/c he is NOT a Brad Pit type.
Dad is more like a SHORTER older and pudgeier version of Gerry Steinfeld. That is someone that Gerry should look at to see what he might look like in 15 year’s! YAY DAD! Mabye he can get a consulteing gig with Gerry and not looke at my tuchus with comment’s this week! As it is, he call’s me to report on my walkeing b/c he track’s my FIT BIT useage, and they even send him e-mail’s telling him how many stair’s I have walked up! Can you imageine! DOUBLE FOOEY!
This weekend, we are goeing up to see Roberta– Myrna is fit to drive and Roberta has a whole day planned for us! YAY b/c we can eat DELI again!!!! I think I will sample the same thing we ate last night and COMPARE. Or mabye I will try the pastreami and have 3/4 of the Kishkey. It will be a battel between the BRONX and Manhattan deli’s! YAY b/c there can be NO looser in this race!!!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

he is sloppy looking and pick’s his nose

From Dan Draper to Don Drayper. Be careful, Ellen--one of these day's you might actually get it right!

My dad would NOOTER me if he found out I bought these. FOOEY!
Even if I was a PARTNER at my firm, I would NOT be abel to get these. They are cute tho!!!!
Myrna is comeing by at 5 so that we can go to the Second Avenue Deli. She realy love’s Corn Beef and Kishkey so we agreed we would order both then SPLIT the corn beef and I would get 3/4 of the Kishkey. Yay!
Dad does NOT like me eateing Deli b/c he said that is how Mom got her tuchus. Mabye that is true or mabye it is NOT, but either way, I think we should be abel to eat what we want, and if that means corn beef or Kishkey, then so be it. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
I do NOT have any plan’s for the weekend yet. This guy from the office across the hall keep’s stareing at me. I think he is in adveritiseing, kind of like on Mad Men. If ONLEY he was a Don Drayper, OMG, I would melt. Unfortunateley, he is sloppy looking and pick’s his nose when he look’s at me. FOOEY!

he is goeing to subleease this office

As the (presumptive) Sunshine Girls have pointed out, this post is relevant in attempts to locate Ellen's office--though she shouldn't be there much longer. I do look forward to hearing about how the new place is, and what kinds of smells it offers. SSG wonders if MP is playing slumlord just a bit, to his own employees, and I wouldn't be surprised either if we had to add that to his list of skeezes. 

(I had indeed seen this one, but it was hanging out in the queue.) 

I LOVE Ann Klein, but I can NOT wear slack’s to work, b/c the manageing partner now want’s us all to look presentable to all new and prospective cleint’s! He also said that we should start thinkeing about what we will need in our new OFFICE, b/c he is goeing to subleease this office b/c peeople are willing to pay alot for our lease if we subleaese it to them. Thank GOD for Midtown South and the INTERNET PEEOPLE! YAY!!!!!!!

I do NOT think any of the professor’s were interested in dateing her to give her extra credit.

Linda has been reminisced about before, and even herself chimed in on Corporette at least once, but I am interested in the distinction or intersection between Linda and Ellen's other cited law school (or undergrad?) roustabout-turned-trophy wife Lorrie. Ad we know, Ellen had the option to date a number of her professors, but did not (perhaps to her regret today).

I think it realy ALL depend’s on how FAR up in NW DC you want to live, and also if you are on the METRO Line.
When I was in DC goeing to school, I wanted to have a car, but DAD said NO b/c he thought it would take me away from my studie’s, b/c all the peeople in my DORM would want to have me take them shoppeing or to bars or anything but STUDY.
As usueal, he was RIGHT, b/c my girlfreind, Linda, who had a car, got alot of dates, but wound up flunkeing out of law school b/c she did NOT study enough to pass, and I do NOT think any of the professor’s were interested in dateing her to give her extra credit.
If you are workeing, I think you SHOULD have a car b/c NOT everything is on the subway line, and you do NOT have to want to schlepp thing’s on the subway b/c you do NOT have a car. Beside’s the METRO goe’s through some skeevey neiborhood’s and men will wind up followieng you or at the very least, stareing at you on the train, which is spookey!

peeople are asking the same question

I have to assume "just" here means "only/to the exclusion of other better things," and not "in the immediate past." 

I think it is the same here when you are over 25 and have a law degree. Once I gradueated, everyone wanted to know when I was getting MARRIED. I said as soon as I find the right guy who is abel to support our life style and raise our children. Now that a few year’s go by, peeople are asking the same question, but my answer has remeained the same. To bad that this guy has NOT apeared for me. All the men do NOT want to marry me and have me raise our children. They want to have sex, but that is it. That is NOT what I want. I will of course have sex with my HUSBAND as long as children are IN THE PICTURE. Alan said he wanted kid’s but he never wanted to marry me. FOOEY on him because I just had sex with him. That is NOT what I wanted, partucularley b/c he was an alcholholc. FOOEY on Drunk’s!

wanted to know everything about us (particularely Rosa)

Food in teeth is a problem with many men Ellen must work with--opposing counsel sweaty hands Brian also come's to mind.

You are so lucky to be nurseing and abel to take a plane and had a good situation. When I last flew with the manageing partner to PITSBURG, he did NOT leave me alone to rest, and I need alot of rest when I fly b/c I should be drinkeing water to hydrate, but do NOT want to have to get up to pee during the flieght. Once when I went with Rosa to Cancune, all these sloppy guy’s came up to us on the plane and wanted to know everything about us (particularely Rosa). She was NOT married yet, but was dateing Ed, but that did NOT stop those guy’s from askeing all these question’s!!! They were the worst! And fineally, when I went to Saint Louis, I realy did NOT like flying b/c I had to deal with bieng nice to the Cleint, Jim, who was acteing weird alot of the time. FOOEY! He is comeing here again today. I hope he does NOT want me to take him out to eat. He gets alot of food in his front teeth, and it is GROSS! DOUBEL FOOEY on that!
PS: Hug’s to NOLA. I also care about her and her family too.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

there must be form’s I should look for on the INTERNET

This kind of request from Ellen is almost familiar at this point. Perhaps the Sunshine Girls will step in with link's as they have done in the past? Good luck girl. Can't comment on what sounds like a kind of dubious proposition, but liability for a new cleint's bonehead moves should still all be on MP at this point.

Hug’s to you and DH and the baby that is comeing soon! He will get another job, after all he has a MBA, and that is a very valuable tool. Dad has one from Harvard and he swear’s by it. He wanted ME to get a MBA, but I am NOT that good with number’s.
I am so busy now. The manageing partner said that he has a new cleint that want’s to borrow $13 million from a group of investors and they want to useing the cleint’s Intellectual Property as COLLATERAL. The manageing partner asked me to draft a form agreement to do this. I told him I NEVER did a bank loan agreement. He said there must be form’s I should look for on the INTERNET. HELP!!!!
Does anyone in the HIVE have a bank loan form I can copy, so that ALL I have to do is FILL in the partie’s? Also, where can I figure out what Intellectual Property is Collateral? FOOEY!

Monday, June 17, 2013

just tell them FOOEY and ask for $20 / hour

I'm not sure if the news in our last paragraph here constitutes progress toward throwing off the paternal yoke, even if we're only talking tuchus. Note that Ellen isn't defending her own bum on its own terms; she's asserting that men are ok with it (of the caliber she attract's at least). Also, mom's agreement doesn't mean much given how unseriously Dad consistently takes it. 

Let's do better.
That hapened to me at my first job, and they said when I asked that they were JUST testeing me. So I would not hesitate to be askeing them what the story. You do NOT want to be to caveleier about it b/c you are NOT makeing that much! If they complain to you, just tell them FOOEY and ask for $20 / hour. YAY!
My dad had a great father’s day b/c Rosa, Ed and the kid’s came down and we all ate Italian food. Dad really like’s Calzone’s and I am a big fan of Veal Piccatta, so we have a good resturant near us that know’s dad and alway’s seat’s him in the BAY window. It is good luck the chef, Louigi, say’s. Rosa was very pretty, I think her being pregenenat helps her to be more radeint, even after the baby! She is still nurseing, and that is I think why she look’s so good.
Dad was nice to me and did NOT say anything bad about my tuchus for a change. I told him men seem to like my tuchus just the way it is and mom agreed. YAY!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

I was ONLEY about mabye 3 feet tall

Aww. Another peek into the old Barshevksy family scrapbooks. Ellen seems to be frequently nostalgic of late. 

Jim (the cleint who persistently tried to date and perhaps marry Ellen) is suddenly back after a long narrative hiatus. And TCFKAG, Ellen is generally a Lord & Taylor girl, followed by Macy's for proximity, but she has mentioned Norsrum before. 
Smart girl! I am goieng to Nordstrom’s next weekend.
Yay!!!! Open thread’s! I love Open thread’s!!!!
Has any one in the hive thought about takeing their dad’s out to the beach for FATHER’s day? After all, when I was a little girl and Rosa was a BABY, Dad took us all out to Jone’s Beach where we ALL learned how to swim in the OCEAN. Dad held Rosa so she did NOT have to swim, but I was told how to swim, and then taken out to 4 foot of water which was VERY deep b/c I was ONLEY about mabye 3 feet tall. Dad then let me go and said to SWIM to him as he backed away, so I was forced to paddel the way he told me to (it is not easy to swim in the ocean), and when I got to him he would pick me UP over his head and then back DOWN again! YAY! It was fun and scarey at the same time!!!!
Myrna is fineally getting better and she is NOT contageous any more so she is comeing out to celebreate FATHER’s day with us, b/c her family is out West some where. Also that guy Jim has some new cases so I am meeting him Monday in the office. I hope he does not start stareing at me again. Still not a PEEP from Philip (I am writeing him off, and telleing Ed that he was NOT to be my spouse), and David continue’s to text “HOW ARE YOU DOEING?” all the time. I think he wants attention but NOT marriage, so FOOEY on him.
Have a great weekend with your FAMILIE’s. Dad is here but we are leaveing early to catch the 3:30 train home together!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

eateing alot of chocolate muffin’s

Some whiff of an answer to my frantic question yesterday about how/when/where Ellen came to meet Alan's current squeeze. It appears she has indeed seen him at least some time recently. 

I agree with CORNAELLIAN. If your freind for the ex-boyfreind, she will probabley like to do something nice for herself, mabye something from from Elizabeth Arden like a massage or make over mabye, if NOT something to eat like a gift cerfificate from Fairway’s or from WHOLE FOOD’s. When I broke up with my ex-boyfreind Alan, I wound up eateing alot of chocolate muffin’s, and it all found it’s way to my tuchus, and stayed there. Alan is even thinner then he was back then. I do NOT understand why we get bigger and they get smaller. FOOEY!
I really love this silk blouse, and it is very FRUEGEL at $49.00 for FRUEGEL FRIDAY’s! YAY! I am goeing to meet Dad soon, he is commuteing into the City alot this week, almost like the old day’s he says, when he was one of “the big KAHUNNA’s” on Wall Street. He once showed me the buildeing where he used to work, but it was NOT a new buildeing and his company is NOT even there any more. He said he worked there in the 1970′s before I was EVEN born!!! I guess he did OK b/c he was a BIG KAHUNNA! YAY!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

(not so much any more unfortuneately)

I alway's enjoy when Ellen's posts show signs of revision; always a fascinating glimpse into her authorial craft. Other examples archived here including times she thought her post's were lost entirely, and re-sent with markedly differing content.
  • I would tell the manageing partner right away, other wize, she will continue to do it. When I first started, all 3 of the women thought I was brought in to work here b/c the manageing partner thought I was cute, but not savvy. So they acted jelous and did NOT help me on thing’s like finding out where the supplie’s were and how I could FED EX things and other stuff. I figured out that they were some how mad at me b/c I was very cute then (not so much any more unfortuneately), and said to them I could be mean to, but I did NOT want to be. My dad said I should be nice and also bring in cookie’s and cupcakes, so it was VERY easy for me b/c there is a CRUMB’s Store near the office that I decided to get cupcake’s from. Every Tuesday, I would bring in 10 cupcakes (for them and the men) and they got to be nice VERY quickly. We also got fat tuchuse’s out of it at the same time so they are NOT that jelous of me any more. That is how I would handel that! YAY!!!!!!!
  • I would tell the manageing partner right away, other wize, she will continue to do it, or as my dad say’s “SMOTHER HER WITH KINDNESS.” When I first started, all 3 of the women thought I was brought in to work here b/c the manageing partner thought I was cute, but not savvy. So they acted jelous and did NOT help me on thing’s like finding out where the supplie’s were and how I could FED EX things and other stuff. I figured out that they were some how mad at me b/c I was very cute then (not so much any more unfortuneately), and said to them I could be mean to, but I did NOT want to be. My dad said I should be nice and also bring in cookie’s and cupcakes, so it was VERY easy for me b/c there is a CRUMB’s Store near the office that I decided to get cupcake’s from. Every Tuesday, I would bring in 10 cupcakes (for them and the men) and they got to be nice VERY quickly. We also got fat tuchuse’s out of it at the same time so they are NOT that jelous of me any more. That is how I would handel that! YAY!!!!!!!
  • Omg double ellen post. WOW

why burst her bubbel?

Wait--Ellen MET Alan's new girlfreind? Where, when, and most importantly how? Does this mean she saw Alan himself at that time too? If not, how did she know this was the gal?

And, more evidence that Myrna is in finance. No wonder she has so many dudes.
I think there is 2 School’s of thought on that. I know men who DO wear the button down shirt’s with a tie. Think of all the guy’s with those STIFF white shirt’s on. Of course they have ties. Even my drunk ex, Alan, used to wear white shirts with button DOWNs, and tie’s too. Of course, he was a slob and by the time he came home, there was NO TIE on, but in the morning’s he had a tie on with his button down shirt’s. YAY for him b/c I think he got another accounteing job. I met his new girlfreind but did NOT tell her why we broke up, just that it was NOT meant to be. I figure the girl will have to be a SAINT to put up with his drinkeing and vomiteing (assumeing that is that he is drinkeing), so why burst her bubbel?
Myrna still has a sore throat from her infection so we can NOT go out yet. She said she got it at work. I wonder if they have bad air conditeoning at her place. She is by Wall Street, and it got FLOODED out during Sandy, so mabye they need to redo the Air conditioner’s? Does any one else in the HIVE know about bad air getting peeople sick with sore throat’s? She had to go to the ENT for a SCRIPT. FOOEY!