Wednesday, July 31, 2013

as teh EQUAL’s we are???

Boogersnot is going to be evaluated, by Dad, for its nutritional content. Meanwhile yes, of course, the original offer of guaranteed salary was way too low for prospective first-year partner Ellen, and even doubled (as proposed below) I still say it's short of fair. 

I hate sexism in the media and in public. FOOEY! When will men ever treat us as teh EQUAL’s we are??? DOUBEL FOOEY!
We should NOT share our BODIES with MEN WHO DO NOT RESPECT OUR MIND’s!
Sam sent over some flower’s, includeing roses, and gardenas and lily’s. It was very nice and it said: “I DONT EAT MEAT, BUT MEET ME IN THE HAMTON’S!”
It was very cute and Frank wanted to know all about him. I told him he was a VEGGAN and did NOT eat meat. I also said he did NOT eat GLUTEN, and Frank said “OH, ONE OF THOSE!” and he snikkered.
I did NOT tell him that Sam picked his nose b/c I am not sure b/c I did NOT see that. I suppose that is not VEGGAN or GLUTEN, but will ask DAD.
Dad is NOT goeing to tell me exactely what is in the report, but he said that I should NEGOTEATE an extra $75K guraanteed salary. I wonder if this means that I am being UNDER PAID or if it mean’s I need to get more. I should ask HOW I should do this? DOES THE HIVE HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR ME? I will ask MYRNA, b/c she was abel to get a good raise and buy a car with it. YAY!!!!

before I go to seed, he say’s.

Well done, Susie. Notice that Sam's (British) accent is considered a negative that needs to be weighed against pros such as his income and ardent pursuit of Ellen.

This is what my dad keep’s telling ME! I am NOT goieng to get any better, just worse, so I need to land a guy and get MARRIED right away, before I go to seed, he say’s. Even Grandma Leyeh is pusheing me hard to get MARRIED, but I will NOT settel for any schlub. Sam is kind of OK, but he has an accent and he pick’s his nose. I will NOT go through life cleaning up after him when he pick’s his nose. I may be crazy for saying that b/c he make’s alot of money and seem’s to be VERY interested in me, but I have been fooled before with Alan, who turned out to be a no-good drunk who used me for sex and that is about it. I will NOT submit to a man just b/c he has alot of money if he has disgusting habits, and I do NOT even know what else is bad about him yet. FOOEY!
But I will NOT ruele him out, b/c Dad and Leyeh keep telling me my tuchus is not goeing to get any smaller, and my looks will ONLEY fade with time. FOOEY! I still am pretty good, tho I am NOT as cute as Rosa, but then again, I do NOT think I ever was.
As long as men keep stareing at me, I figure I am still OK. YAY!!
  • Don’t settle for a nose-picker; you are soon going to either make partner or be a judge so you can do better than that!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

even if it is onley worth $5-10,000

Again the confusion of carrots with karats. It seems she takes pain to make sure that in most cases the wrong word is used. Here's just the latest instance of the reverse effect from what we see below.

Grandma Leyeh, remember, has also offered Ellen $50k to get married and pregnant within her specified time window. Thus we can see the ring thrown in as a bonus, though to my knowledge there's no time constraint associated with that component of the deal.

Grandma Leyeh offered to give me her engagement ring if I find a QUALIFIED HUSBAND to give it back to me. It is an OLD Style ring, but it is about 2 carrots in size, and is suposedly of top clarity so it’s worth mabye $25,000 she say’s b/c it is in a platinum setteing. I have mixed feeling’s. On the one hand, I would LIKE to be traditional, and wear Grandma Leyeh’s ring, but on the OTHER HAND, I love new thing’s and want for my HUBBY to buy me a NEW RING of MY CHOICE, even if it is onley worth $5-10,000, at least it is NEW!
I like Tiffany’s and DeBeer’s and I like the new, LOWER diamond setteings, and her’s is the OLD style, HIGHER setting. I also do NOT want to have to pay for $25,000 of insureance on that ring, and have to wear it in the smelley subway where it can get lost.
I hope I do NOT sound to pushy, but Sam has alot of money so if I do decide to marry him, I would like for HIM to give me a nice ring when we get ENGAGED. YAY! The onley issue I know that make’s me worry is that he is a NOSE PICKER, and I am NOT sure I can live with a guy who does that. FOOEY!

Where is my GROOM when I need him?

Ellen is so distressed to find out that her best marriage prospect in quite some time pick's his nose that she has written a post with 100% CORRECT SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION, INCLUDING APOSTROPHES. The situation is obviously dire. (But we knew something had to be wrong with Sam, right? Or is Myrna just trying to sabotage because it's getting too deep?) 

Evan is a recycled name as well. Initially I had thought there'd been some references to him on LI, but nope: he was a wealthy tech type, bald with bad breathe, who courted Ellen for a few minutes last winter.

I want to be MARRIED! Where is my GROOM when I need him? Myrna says Sam picks his nose! FOOEY! That’s all I need! FOOEY! My cousin Evan picks his nose and it’s gross! The thought of my husband being a nose picker is more than I can take! FOOEY!

Monday, July 29, 2013

he must think I also know alot about thing’s

Ellen feels the need to impress Sam both with tuchus size and crossword puzzle abilities. I guess either is shorter-term than makeing partner, though of course that's on the MRS to-do list as well. Meanwhile, scroll down for yet another instance of Barshevsky tax advice. This is one area where she does often feel comfortable helping out--though I agree with commenters that it's still surprising to see such diligence. 

I can NOT wear a white blazer b/c it get’s stained, either from eating, or from standeing in the subway’s and peeople rub up against me with their dirty clothes or worse, with food. I had a white blazer that some woman splattered MUSTARD on. I think she did NOT like me b/c she was stareing at me for 2 stops on the METRO (in DC). FOOEY on her! FOOEY!
Sam want’s me to go to the Hamton’s this weekend with him, but I have NOT worked out enough with Myrna, so I said not yet. Mabye by Labor Day my tuchus will be respecteable enough for him to see it, but NOT before. Myrna is litearally workeing my tuchus off. She made me walk to a STREET FAIR Saturday on 6th Avenue and BACK, and we then had to walk up to Karl Schruz Park and sit. FOOEY! I was VERY tired on Saturday, so ONLEY read the NY Times on Sunday. I think I will have to start doieng the puzzel like Dad does, b/c Sam does it and I want to be at least as smart as him, if he is to MARRY me, he must think I also know alot about thing’s.
Frank keeps stareing over at me today. I wonder if it is b/c I am wearing a sheer/white blouse? I hope NOT, b/c he is MARRIED and should be thinkeing of his wife, not me and my body. FOOEY on him if he is thinkeing dirty thoughts. My body is for me and my husband onley! Mabye that will be SAM. YAY!!!!!


Yay! I know the answer! This came from the IRS, so it must be right! Who needs a drunk boyfriend when I have the INTERNET! YAY!!
What if You Inherit an IRA?
If you inherit a traditional IRA, you are called a beneficiary. A beneficiary can be any person or entity the owner chooses to receive the benefits of the IRA after he or she dies. Beneficiaries of a traditional IRA must include in their gross income any taxable distributions they receive.
Inherited from spouse. If you inherit a traditional IRA from your spouse, you generally have the following three choices. You can:
Treat it as your own IRA by designating yourself as the account owner.
Treat it as your own by rolling it over into your IRA, or to the extent it is taxable, into a:
Qualified employer plan,
Qualified employee annuity plan (section 403(a) plan),
Tax-sheltered annuity plan (section 403(b) plan),
Deferred compensation plan of a state or local government (section 457 plan), or
Treat yourself as the beneficiary rather than treating the IRA as your own.
Treating it as your own. You will be considered to have chosen to treat the IRA as your own if:
Contributions (including rollover contributions) are made to the inherited IRA, or
You do not take the required minimum distribution for a year as a beneficiary of the IRA.
You will only be considered to have chosen to treat the IRA as your own if:
You are the sole beneficiary of the IRA, and
You have an unlimited right to withdraw amounts from it.
However, if you receive a distribution from your deceased spouse’s IRA, you can roll that distribution over into your own IRA within the 60-day time limit, as long as the distribution is not a required distribution, even if you are not the sole beneficiary of your deceased spouse’s IRA. For more information, see When Must You Withdraw Assets? (Required Minimum Distributions) , later.
Inherited from someone other than spouse. If you inherit a traditional IRA from anyone other than your deceased spouse, you cannot treat the inherited IRA as your own. This means that you cannot make any contributions to the IRA. It also means you cannot roll over any amounts into or out of the inherited IRA. However, you can make a trustee-to-trustee transfer as long as the IRA into which amounts are being moved is set up and maintained in the name of the deceased IRA owner for the benefit of you as beneficiary.
Like the original owner, you generally will not owe tax on the assets in the IRA until you receive distributions from it. You must begin receiving distributions from the IRA under the rules for distributions that apply to beneficiaries.
IRA with basis. If you inherit a traditional IRA from a person who had a basis in the IRA because of nondeductible contributions, that basis remains with the IRA. Unless you are the decedent’s spouse and choose to treat the IRA as your own, you cannot combine this basis with any basis you have in your own traditional IRA(s) or any basis in traditional IRA(s) you inherited from other decedents. If you take distributions from both an inherited IRA and your IRA, and each has basis, you must complete separate Forms 8606 to determine the taxable and nontaxable portions of those distributions.
Federal estate tax deduction. A beneficiary may be able to claim a deduction for estate tax resulting from certain distributions from a traditional IRA. The beneficiary can deduct the estate tax paid on any part of a distribution that is income in respect of a decedent. He or she can take the deduction for the tax year the income is reported. For information on claiming this deduction, see Estate Tax Deduction under Other Tax Information in Publication 559, Survivors, Executors, and Administrators.
Any taxable part of a distribution that is not income in respect of a decedent is a payment the beneficiary must include in income. However, the beneficiary cannot take any estate tax deduction for this part.
A surviving spouse can roll over the distribution to another traditional IRA and avoid including it in income for the year received.

Friday, July 26, 2013

she backed up into a building at Rosevelt Field

Yay! OPEN THREAD’s! I love Open Thread’s! But I do NOT own a car b/c I live in the City!!!!
Dad is thrilled b/c he saves alot of money by NOT haveing for me to buy insurance so all I have is COOP insureance, and he know’s the guy who sells insurance so we get a GREAT deal. Mom had a few accident’s with her car and if my dad did NOT know the guy, our rate’s would have gone UP UP UP, dad says. He was mad at mom b/c she backed up into a building at Rosevelt Field and it damaged the trunk of her SUV.
Now Dad had it fixed for $4000 I think and it look’s like new. He makes mom signal whenever she gets into the car even before she starts backing up now out of the driveway! It makes NO sense to me, but Mom says she does it to shut dad up.
This weekend Myrna (who has a car — YAY) is takeing me to Pyramus b/c there is a BIG sale goeing on for shoes and there is so many places there we get lost. With her car, we carry everything back to the City! YAY!
Sam said he would like to see New Jersey, but this is strictley a girl’s day out trip we told him so he will have to tag along some other time.
Hope everyone in the HIVE has a great weekend. I am goieng to press dad to tell me what the result’s of his report said, even tho it is suposedley CONFIDENTIAL! FOOEY!

it took alot of soul searcheing

So now MP is joining the pressure to get married ASAP. But as for the middle paragraph, I actually think Ellen's question is interesting, as she compares the "embarrassment" of alcoholism with cyber-cheating. She may simply be more honest than most in sayeing that having a man at all has to be balanced carefully against all the terrible things he may bring upon her. 

Are we confident that Dad actually is on board with the principle she settled on? I've had a feeling that most of his objections to guys since Alan were based on income, not character (lacking as both may be).

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s! But today, enough about ME! What does the hive think about Huma Abedin (Anthony Weiner’s Wife). Dad emailed me for my view on this and I think that she should not be forced to stand up behind her man just b/c she is still MARRIED to him.
As Corporetes, we should have a strong UNIFIED view point about what do do when men we are with MISBEHAVE. I think that if a guy is putting his picture of his unit in text messages that he might do other thing’s that might embarrass in the future. I know that when my Alan started drinkeing alot, it took alot of soul searcheing before I decided to dump him, but I did that and my dad now understands that it is better NOT to be married then to be married to a drunk that might embarrass me and him in the future. What do you CORPORETE’s THINK? DUMP OR NOT?
The manageing partner also agree’s, tho he think’s I can get more cleint’s if my husband knew peeople. The manageing partner says I should be abel to tap as many sources as I have — includeing busness colleueges, freind’s from college and law school, AND, if I am MARRIED, my husband’s contact’s! He says that can DOUBEL our billieng’s! YAY!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

b/c it involves me, at least alittle bit

Based on what we know, MP should be glad if he's not getting a subpoena based on what's in this report. I'm not sure Ellen will have any luck finding out its contents from Dad, however. Remember how he seemed to manipulate even her tax returns because it was all just too complicated for her

The manageing partner has us over to his house every summer and winter, and at these firm gathering’s, we are all expected to sing seasonal songs. In the Summer, we all sing songs from s Roggers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma, and in the winter, we play songs from Chiaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, but we do NOT sing. The manageing partner’s brother comes and he is a good singer, but the manageing partner and Margie both can NOT sing well at ALL!
Madeline also likes to sing, but she does NOT know most of the words to the song’s so she makes them up. She also sings with food in her mouth, which is DISGUSTING when it flies out. I usueally do NOT stand anywhere near her for this reason. FOOEY!
The manageing partner is livid b/c Dad’s report says bad things about the firm. He has not shared anything about what it say’s, so I will have to find out about what it says from Dad, b/c it involves me, at least alittle bit, and my partnership prospects. Has anyone in the hive faced this situation? If so what did you do? What should I do if I am not to be a partner? No man is going to be happy if I am not a partner. FOOEY!

I usueally wear avaitor glasses from RAYBAN

Dad's resume just keeps getting longer and longer! What hasn't he done? 

ELLENWatchers should take note of this weekend gear: baseball hat + aviator's. Assuming the white scrunchie pokes out the back, you can NOT say you don't know what you're looking for on the sidewalks of Manhattan.

Ever Since hitting 28, I have learned to take better care of my skin. I now do NOT sit out in the sun and bake, like a french fry, even if I go to the beach or the Hamton’s, b/c I learned it was NOT good for you.
I also use a moistureizer (NIVEA) every nite, and am goieng to get a better one from Estee Lauder when I am mom’s age, and I can afford to. Men alway’s tell me how soft and pure my skin look’s, but Rosa looks ALOT better then me–I think b/c she does NOT sit under a flurescent bulb all day like me. Dad says she is an “IVORY GIRL” and I am a bit spotty, but I know that since I am the oldest one, I have to be abel to let that run off my back, like a duck. FOOEY on him for saying that b/c I am tryeing and Rosa is MARRIED so she does NOT have to work like me.
I also wear a baseball cap when I walk on the weekend’s, but NOT backwards like Jim and some of the other idiot’s I see on 86th at the bar’s who think that they are atheletic b/c they wear a baseball cap backward’s. I use it right so that the sun does NOT hit my face and eye’s. I usueally wear avaitor glasses from RAYBAN, which Dad got when he was in the militiary. They are NOT prescription, so I can wear his. Men think I look very cute in his glasses!!!! Who knew that I would look better with glasses then without them????? YAY!!!!

I think it sound’s FOOEY

So Dad's final report on the workings of Manageing & MANAGEING LLP is now complete? My first thought is, that was fast! I want to know what he billed, to be done so quickly when I expected him to drag out this "consulting" gig for years. Next, of course: what did he recommend? Will MP capitulate? If so, what are the impliceation's for Ellen?

I vote Ellen goes to the Hamton's with Sam and borrows a one-piece from dowdy ol' mom if necessary. Since the tuchus definitely comes from that side of the family.

Recall that Adam is David's rocker roommate, interested in Myrna for a time in fall 2012.
Great Dress! But not with my tuchus this week!
As for the OP, and her batheing suit issue, I have kind of a similar issue, tho it’s not from haveing kids. My over sizedtuchus is a family legacy, from MOM’s side, dad says, and Grandma Leyeh agrees I did NOT get it from the Barshevsky’s. I have been invited to the Hamton’s by Sam, but my tuchus is to big for my bikini, and I have a 1 piece Speedo, but even that is tight. I do NOT want to ruin my chance’s with Sam if he see’s all of me hanging out of a bikini, tho my top is VERY flatering. If ONLEY I could keep his eye’s ABOVE my waste, I would be fine, but men tend to look below the belt b/c that is where they ALWAYS go once we start dateing. FOOEY!
Dad e-mailed the manageing partner his report. He has a SCANNER at home so he sent a PDF in. I want a scanner for my birthday so that I can do that too, but dad says I do NOT need it. I would like to scan in magazine articels so that I do NOT have to keep the paper copies. I have about 3 inches worth of Marie Claire articels that I have saved and now Grandma Leyeh gave me a book of recipe’s that I have to try. Sam keep’s texteing me and he has a place we should eat that is GLUTEN FREE VEGGGAN in Brooklyn. I think it sound’s FOOEY, and Brooklyn reminds me of Adam (doubel FOOEY), but I will try it. I wish he was a meat eater and we could go to PETER LOUGER’s! That is also over there some where, and that I can eat! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I NEVER see Gluten on any menu I have ever eaten

Sam's dietary restrictions just keep piling up. He must have a VERY high-fiber diet, and all that comes with it. I like the direct quote below in P. 3, however. Make's him seem reel!

This is a very cute suit, and the model even look’s a littel like ROSA! I have to send her the hypolink to this page! Ed will be also very happy to see that peeople who look like Rosa get great modelling jobs, but I do NOT know his email address. YAY!!!
Sam texted me to see if I want to go eat tonite. Of course I can eat, but he told me he also does NOT like to eat Gluten. I asked what that was, b/c I NEVER see Gluten on any menu I have ever eaten, and he went into some big expeleanation about grains and stuff, and now I do NOT think he can even eat Italian food, unless it is just salad’s and fruit’s. FOOEY!
Myrna says give him a chance b/c he told Myrna he has NEVER met a girl like me before. I think that is b/c he JUST came here from the UK 1 year ago, even tho he has been workeing in their LONDON office for 8 year’s. He is so excited about the Royal Baby. I told Him I want a baby and told him about Grandma Leyeh. I nearly hit the FLOOR when he said “well, we will see what we can do about that, Luv..” OMG, I wonder if he will be my baby’s daddy!!!???
The manageing partner keep’s pestering me to see if I can get busness from him. I told him PLEASE, give me time! He is VERY imatent and think’s Sam will get away, like some kind of fish that needs to be realed in Quickley. FOOEY on that. I would like to real him in as my HUSBAND, even if he does NOT throw the manageing partner $500K of busness! FOOEY!


Thank you for returning to the contributor's circle, eek. You were always gifted.

We do NOT have any IT security on our machine’s at work, other than the window’s password (which everyone’s is the same), and we all use Gmail, which is FREE!
Fortuneately, I have a MACBOOK Air at home and I was abel to get the IT guy to load the office stuff on it so I can access it from my co-op useing the WIRELESS ROOTER. So in a nutshell, I am useing my machine from home and never have to worry about their old machine at work.
Sometimes I bring my Macbook Air into work b/c I need to keep workeing on something and do NOT want to have to send it to myself at work. FOOEY on that! Every one wants to have a Macbook Air like me, even Frank, who does NOT even use his computer!
I also have Gmail on my laptop, so I can do email from there, too. YAY!!!!!
  • Ellen, make sure you have a strong password. You should probably change from “Password1″ to something stronger.

I usueally buy it!

My dad point’s out almost DAILY that I have issue’s here (or back there). I usueally do NOT buy a dress unless I try it on with someone OTHER then the saleslady there, b/c they ALWAYS rave about how great I look. My other rule is to ask ROSA about whether she think’s the dress would look good on me. She has a very flat tuchus b/c she does pilate’s and zoomba, and she does NOT have to sit at work on her tuchus all day like I do stareing at a computer screen! FOOEY!
If Rosa says it is good for her, I then ask, would it be good for me and my tuchus? She usueally is very frank, b/c she knows that Dad does NOT like me to parade around with a noticeable SHELF. He says that I am NOT a JAY-LO, so should not to think that the kind of guy’s she attracts are any good for me.
Once I get the OK from Rosa, and try on the dress, I usueally buy it! YAY!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

but he has NOT seen me in a Batheing Suit

Once again, Myrna will be called in to facilitate Ellen's rapid weight loss. And I think it's hilarious that Ed is now also trying to get some money out of Sam before he's made it to Date #3 with his sister-in-law. Scareing-off issue aside, I think this speak's to Ed's resemblance to Ellen's father. No wonder the old man approves so heartily.

Yay! I love these pump’s, but to pricey again! Plus, the white tip would NOT work for me b/c of the curb’s in the city I ALWAYS skuff my toe’s on! FOOEY!
Ed want’s me to introduce him to Sam b/c he is also lookeing for business in his brokerage. Why is it that EVERYONE is trying to HORN IN on this man b/c he has alot of money but I do NOT care about his money THAT much — I need a boyfreind to marry me and help me have a child so that Grandma Leyeh will pay me $50,000.
I told dad about Sam, and he say’s he wants to meet him. So far so good, but he does NOT yet know that SAM is from Great Britan. I am NOT sure where he comes from; I think most peeople come from London, but I am NOT sure. Mabye he come’s from where the Beatel’s come from. If he does, MOM will love him b/c she was a BIG Beatel’s fan back when in the 1960′s. She has alot of Beatel’s RECORDS and she likes to dance to the music. She’s got a ticket to ride, she say’s, but Dad is NOT a dancer, and he claim’s it’s b/c Mom’s tuchus alway’s knock’s him around when she moves around to much.
Grandma Leyeh called and she also wants to meet Sam. How can I have all these peeople meet Sam without scareing him off? He said he likes me JUST the way I am, but he has NOT seen me in a Batheing Suit, and he invited me to go to the Hamton’s this summer, b/c he has a house that he share’s with 2 other guy’s. I do NOT want to go out there by myself b/c I am sure he would see me in a batheing suit, and without looseing 8 pound’s, I think he will not like my tuchus up close. For now, I think Myrna will get me into shape, starteing THIS weekend. YAY!!!

to throw us some billeable’s without scareing him off

What well-known bank or fund do Sam and Myrna work for, you think? 

Note that the amount MP expects Ellen to bring in from Sam exceeds the amount Leyeh has promised her for getting married and pregnant by a factor of ten. Many conflicting interests are at play here...

I keep all of my stuff in the big lit bag that I carry around, even in the summer! It look’s clunky, but I am getting excercize carrying it around all day, so that is a good thing, Dad says.
The manageing partner is getting antzy b/c Sam is busy texteing me, but I am NOT “parlayeing that into busness” for the firm. The manageing partner says I MUST put aside socializing for business and he think’s I can squeeze $500K per year out of Sam’s company, even tho it is a famous company. I have to figure out HOW I can get Sam to throw us some billeable’s without scareing him off. I think I will ASK Myrna, but does anyone in the HIVE have any sugestion’s for me? HELP! I am a partner, but am NOT abel to think like one, YET! FOOEY!

schvitzing all over the place

The weight loss goal is still 8 lbs, evidently. I wonder if she's continued to gain but just feels comfortable with this number. It always signifies an 8 lb. loss, after all, and that sure sounds like Ellen logick. 

Me too! I love the color of this sheath dress and the high neckline virtually ASSURES that Frank will NOT be able to see anything to stare at. YAY! Now I just need to loose about 8 lbs so I do NOT have a tight seat for him to stare at my tuchus!
Sam is texting me to much. Every time I look at my I-phone there is ANOTHER message from him. I have to tell him to slow down b/c it is beepeing all the time and the manageing partner is wondering what is wrong with my I-Phone. I think I have to turn the SOUND down or leave it in my LIT BAG.
I am heading to COURT this afternoon for a calendar call. I have 15 cases to report on and the judge has NOT seen me for 2 week’s. I think his clerk wondered what hapened to me last week, but I had NOTHING to update the court on and all of the motion’s were NOT returnable until TODAY! YAY! I am wearing a very nice suit and it is a little less hot, but I think I will still be sweateing, so the manageing partner said I could take a CAB to court, and NOT the subway!!! YAY!!!! The last thing I need is to be schvitzing all over the place with my mascara running down my face. That is mascara that the manageing partner insist I wear in front of the judge, but NOT something that I would wear on my own. I also have new shoe’s from Anne Klein, which I got on SALE over the 4th of July weekend. They are a little tight, but I will be abel to wear them.
Wish me well b/c I am now going to tell the Judge I will soon be a partner! YAY!!!!!

Yes, you need to look your best, and that does not include sweating. Give Sam a try before rejecting him because you are not getting any younger. Who cares if he’s from the UK. The royal family just had a baby so why can’t you with him? If Prince William is any yardstick, those Brits are not shooting blanks!

I on the other hand am very outgoeing

Usually men are the alleged grunters. I wonder if this is more on how the women of the office tend to be cold to Ellen due to jealousy of the latter's youth, beauty, cloething allowance, and favor with MP. (4 links total; we have alot of precedent.)

It is very rude. At my firm, some times Madeline does NOT even aknoweledge me in the hall, and it is NOT like there are so many peeople around. Even when we see each other in the hall way goeing to the toilet, b/c Frank is busy using the firm toilet, she barely say’s boo to me. At best, she grunt’s and goe’s into the stall, and then grunt’s some more.
I on the other hand am very outgoeing, both to peeople in the firm as well as in the elevator. That is how I got my job, and I alway’s tell young attorney’s to be freindly so that you can get a job. There is NOTHING wrong with smileing and being nice to peeople. Just b/c we are attorney’s does NOT mean we have to be sour faced. FOOEY ON THAT!
Dad is comeing in for the last week to finalize his report to the firm. He stand’s to collect his money for onley about 25 hours of work. At an hourley rate, he is doing alot better then the rest of us. I hope his report is a good one.
He has not met Sam and I am afraid to bring him up to him b/c he is from the U.K. Dad spent a year or 2 in the UK before I was born. He never said what he was doeing there but I think he was working for the CIA or the NSA or something secret. He NEVER talks about that and mom stayed in the USA. She does NOT talk about that time either. I have to think if I should even bring up Sam, because he is a VEEGAN, and Myrna says that b/c Dad is a meat eater, he would NOT like Sam. FOOEY! What would other ladie’s in the HIVE do at this point? HELP?!

Monday, July 22, 2013

He said it was POISON! FOOEY

Was it "House of Cards" or "Orange is the NEW Black"? At any rate Sam still sounds like a serious contender. My one question is how he thinks the charm will work is he's calling lady love's food poison. Still it sounds like the next date may involve two people rather than three. 

Yay! Beautiful dress, but kind of pricey for me.
As for the OP, My dad has done this for Harvard and Yale year’s ago, but stopped b/c he was abel to get a better consulting position. He is NOW semi RETIRED, but is still very active in the market, for a few select cleint’s.
Sam showed up at Myrna’s on Friday, and we all watched a NETFLIX show. It was good. Sam was also kind of nice, tho he could NOT eat any of the snack’s we had. Also, he would NOT eat any of the muffin’s we brought up from Crumb’s. He said it was POISON! FOOEY b/c I do NOT eat poison.
He want’s to date me. I do not know if I can date a guy from the U.K. Does any one in the hive have idea’s for me? He make’s alot of money and is nice. Help!

Friday, July 19, 2013

which I am not sure is different from a Veggetarrian

Sam just keeps getting more and more interesting. It has come to my attention that Dad may approve of him all the more based on his veganism, as it might encourage Ellen to cut back on some key tuchus-enhancing foods. 

Not much sense here of whether Sam and Myrna's employer is indeed going to become a client for the firm or not, but of course we can be glad that Sam isn't scared away (yet) and Myrna is going to supervise tonight's date as well. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love Open thread’s! And I LOVE these Michael Kors’ Shoe’s! YAY!!!!
As for the OP, You have NOTHING to worry about. Clerking will be a great intro into Big Law. I never clerked or worked in Big Law, but have read ALL ABOUT Both. Relax, but do NOT forget to work hard. No one care’s what you used to do. What is important is what you will be abel to do today and tomorrow! The manageing partner taught me all of this!
And OMG, today’s lunch was HYSTEREICAL! The manageing partner brought Margie, who did NOT want to be there b/c she had wanted to meet her OWN FREINDS in the City at 40 Karat’s, but the manageing partner insisted that she meet Sam and Myrna as potential new firm cleints. So we all met at the Lambs Club and it turn’s out that Sam is a VEGGAN, which I am not sure is different from a Veggetarrian. He couldn’t have anything with meat or eggs or even Cheeze! How am I suposed to cook for a guy who does NOT even eat Cheeze? If we went out for Italian, Myrna says he eats salad and pasta primavera with ONLY marina sauce but NOT any kind of creme sauce. Since he comes from Great Britan, why doesnt he eat meat pie? So he ate alot of salad and NO dressing and bread but NO butter, and he had fruit for desert but NO cake b/c there was butter in the cake. He could turn out to be a bigger pain than dad, and I am NOT even married to him yet! OMG!
The manageing partner liked him and he kept OFFERING me up to him like some sort of FRINGE benefit if he gives us BUSNESS. I told the manageing partner that I did NOT want to do ANTITRUST law, but the manageing partner kept saying that I can do anything and he even told him about the case with Jim, and all about the HSR fileing, which I thought was suposed to be confidentieal.
So we left and just got back, and Sam said he still wanted to see me so he is goeing to text me tonite and mabye meet WITHOUT the manageing partner. I told him I was busy with Myrna, so he said she can come too. YAY!!!!!!!

you are only a new name and have NOT established a repueation

Ellen advises not negotiating a starting salary, instead waiting for the additional money to fall into your lap just as the job did (due to being cute in an elevator). If this doesn't prod even the most skeptical of us to lean in, I don't know what would.

Mulva is choosing her words carefully, but I suspect she thinks Ellen needs to loosen up her mores a bit. The advice may be kind of analogous to Ellen's, translated from work to dating, come to think of it: be willing to give it up, essentially. After all, who are you? I do appreciate that Ellen's being encouraged to make MP butt out, however. Next to be booted from the stage, DAD!

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s!!!! I LOVE Fruegel Friday’s!!!!
It is also a very HOT and SWEATEY FOOEY FRIDAY in NYC. FOOEY!!!
As for this OP, Kudo’s on getting a job. In this economy it is a GREAT testement that you were abel to land the job so quickly! I onley have ONE word of advise to you at this point.
DO NOT BE TO PUSHY ABOUT MONEY at the outset. Why? B/c at this point you are only a new name and have NOT established a repueation YET. Start hard out of the gate, like a race
I was VERY happy when the manageing partner offered me a job after I bumped into him in the elevator, but did NOT negotieate a salary on day 1. He offered and I accepted. After 6 month’s I had established myself as invalueable, so when I brought up MONEY, he imediately gave me $5,000 as a raise and $10,000 as a bonus, and he also gave me the clotheing allowance!!!!
After a year, when I had my first review, he gave me another $10,000 b/c I had learned how to become a billeing MACHINE!
So if you do what I do, you can get regular raises, and then you can even become a PARTNER, and will be very sucessful if you follow my lead. YAY!!!!!!
  • Ellen, if you ever check back to read comments, make sure the MP does not screw up any chance you may have for happiness with Sam. Be careful that he is not a jerk in disguise, but do not be afraid to open yourself to the possibility of love, even before he gives you a ring.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We are now goeing on Friday

MP needs to chaperone his wife's excursions into retail districts and control as much of her time as possibel while there. I don't know why he hasn't already mandated that she use Long Island nail salons only, preferably housed in office buildings surrounded by laundromats isolated by on-ramps.  

On the date that is now tomorrow: I think this early intersection between Sam and MP needs to be noted based on additional info we have, highlighted below. MP is poaching Myrna's employer company via "big player" Sam, and Ellen has a direct interest in his success in that regard. She also evidently wants to at least try dating this Englishman. Thus her romantic and professional fortunes are now both invested in a friendly and mutually approving relationship between MP and Sam. I have long believed that any lasting beau was going to need strong ties to both omnipotent patriarchs in Ellen's life--her boss and, of course, her Dad--and between the facts that he make's a lot of money and apparently can decide how to direct legal business for some financial entity, I'm even more confident that Sam just could be it. 

I love this Tote, but my dad would literally SKEWER me if he found that I bought this, especialy b/c he got me a legal LIT bag that he has me useing most of the time. I even put my clotheing in there when I walk to work with SHORT’s on b/c it does NOT wrinkle up like it does with my BEACH bag.
Myrna was laughing when she found out the manageing partner invited himself along, and is goieing to be picking up the tab b/c he is lookeing for business from her company. Sam is a big player there so he can direct business over to us, but he will HAVE to be impressed with the manageing partner. The manageing partner may bring along Margie b/c this way he can buy her LUNCH and have the firm pay for it instead of him. He also sugested the LAMB’s CLUB b/c he has a running tab there. I guess we will go there b/c Myrna likes it. We are now goeing on Friday b/c Margie is getting her nails done in the City then and she will be here all day with NOTHING else to do but shop. This way, the manageing partner can keep an eye on her and keep her out of Sak’s 5th Avenue. I bet Margie wants to go there w/o the manageing partner. I wonder if we can all go there together or to Bloomingdale’s afterwards? I want to go to get frozen yogurt there anyway b/c it is so hot out!!!!! YAY!!!!

and now he has invited HIMSELF to go

What a classic MP move: appointing himself company on Ellen's first date with Sam, theoretically because he wants a new cleint but also at least a bit in order to oooogle Myrna. I say Ellen gives him the wrong time or restaurant and then says oopsie-daisies a la Joan Harris to Pete Campbell this past season. 

Thank's for your observation, WriterKate. She has indeed toned town the caps in some posts of late. Mulva is part of the backup band, if y'all had not noticed already. Grammar per se really has never been the issue, and notice that the spELLEN and whimsical apostrophes are as rampant as ever.

I agree that the dress can be dizzyeing to look at, but it is cute! Rosa would look GREAT in it.
The manageing partner heard that I was going out with Myrna and Sam, and now he has invited HIMSELF to go b/c he think’s I can get business out of it. He says I need to start thinking like a partner, and he thinks we can “mine” their company for mabye $500K of billiengs per year.
He also like’s Myrna b/c she is very cute and perky, so I am not sure about him horning in on my personal life like this. There should be some sepearation between work and play no?
  • WriterKate :
    Only two caps!
    • My theory is that Ellen’s readership would prefer she try and clean up her grammatical act, and that she is so doing. I wonder what Ellenwatch thinks about all of this?