Wednesday, October 31, 2012

way to much on my calender for a single girl

I assume these aren't availeabel at L&T, but would
be an ideal choice. Venture to guess Roberta would
want her own pair as well.
OK, correction. She's not necessarily back in the office, she's just required to be back in the city. I see why she was frustrated by this. As usual, anyone stakeing out the Lord & Taylor shoe department should relay back potential intel.
The alignment of woes around Ellen's unmarried status seems to bring everything else back to feeling normal, despite the flooding and lack of power/secretary.

Ellen :
I even get the same thing. Pleatiff’s do NOT like to loose and when they do they blame me. FOOEY on them. The manageing partner actualy get’s our carier to take care of those. I would be litiegieting all day if I had to defend myself. Myrna just dropped me off. We were on the LI Expresway for 3 hour’s and thank goodness I have power here. I do NOT think we have any at work, but the manageing partner want’s me to take a bus down later to see. I will be abel to stop and Lord and Taylor’s to see if they have nice rain boot’s. He told me he would pay for a pair b/c I ruined by suede boot’s. Yay! If the office is geting power, I am to call him and he will get Frank to come in and do the month end acounting. Frank live’s in the City somewhere. Lynn live’s in Brooklyn somewhere so I do NOT think she will come in any time soon. Just as well b/c I will do everything myself. I do NOT like to do breif’s that she does not finalize tho. Not sure yet about this week’s calendar, but will check when I get into the office. I just have way to much on my calender for a single girl. FOOEY! If I were MARRIED, I could have my husband do alot of this. FOOEY!

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I can onley be in one place at one time

Ellen should be back in the office today, 10/31. Confirming my report from yesterday that MP's Hamton's residence sustained significant hurricane damage, and also nailing down the provisional notation that Margie must be MP's wife. 
This is the first time I've seen Ellen's mom saying Fooey, suggesting the habit has been handed down from Grandma Leyeh without skipping a generation
Most importantly, who is WILL? If Myrna and Ellen are at the Barshevskys' in this post, and Myrna is talking to him on location, and Ellen knows him to be "very impressionable," does this mean she's had a brother all this time??? Other possibilities might include neighbor, family friend, or other relative. Input welcome as always.
I have not heard from the Sunshine Girls since Sandy hit...hope it's nothing worse than a few days without power for them. Again, best to all my East Coast reader's, wherever you fall on the realness-of-person spectrum.

Ellen :
We did ok in the city but not on LI. My parents place is a mess and Margie is upset about there place in the Hamton’s. Myrna and I am here now and she got a flat tire. Some guy got out and helped us. So nice of him. Myrna took his number b/c he lives in Belmore. She told him we owe him one. The Manageing partner says I can stay here as long as I make my hours but I will have to go back tomorow. FOOEY b/c my family needs me here. As a city girl I can onley be in one place at one time and thank god for iPhone! Yay apple! Jim keeps ringing my cell about goeing to Saint Louis but their no fleight’s going anywhere. My dad says he is jouvenile and my mom says he is a schumueck who does NOT apreciate me!! FOOEY on men like that she says. Myrna now is talking to Will so I better go b/c he is very impressionable and he should not get to exited about her. Bye to the hive for now!!! Be safe and be smart!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

but I am the practiceal one

Post-Sandy sitrep: Ellen (in Manhattan) and Myrna both seem to be fine, but the Long Island Barshevksy home is in the dark. MP's digs in the Hamton's is not fit for hosting a party next week. Jim, probably calling from his home in Queens rather than his office, seems also to have power at this time. Oh, and ELLENWatch is still functional.

I'm unsure whether Ellen thinks the pilgrim party was "not to be" or instead she's cancelling her budding relationshep with David. Adding to the ambiguity (and to Susan's subtle Sapphic suggestion) is Roberta's comment that Ellen should get over her boycrazy. But Ellen has never found anything more urgent than finding a husband. What's going on? Either I'm misreading, or David failed last weekend's mattress test --perhaps showing too much hesitation when Ellen put down the commitment plank. It's also possible that the Miles Standish costume turned her off. Guess David is more my type than hers...

PS. Ellen got pearl stud earrings as a hurricane gift from me last night (see above). I felt like they were the safest jewelry to add. Hope she enjoys. 
Ellen :
My parent’s power is out. Myrna will drive me out to help them. My dad is very smart but I am the practiceal one. Yay, just what I need. The Manageing partner is cancelleing the pilgrim party. FOOEY! David wanted to go as Miles Standish. Maybe it was not to be anyways. I can’t think of men now Roberta says. And Jim called about to see about do dileigience but not to see if I was ok. Roberta was right. He is a jerk even if he pays his bills. FOOEY!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

NOT goieing to go through the rain and wind

Ellen considerately posted last night, lest Sandy interfere with updates early this week. 

I wonder how the topic of Ellen's tuchus size came up in the first place--and, especially if someone was fishing, is it a good sign or a bad sign that David says it isn't big? Judging by how clunky Ellen's declaration of sexual standards seems to have been, I think I'm glad (believe it or not!) that I wasn't their to hear this conversation. Not that I feel bad for Myrna, who seems to have a penchant for the inappropriate as well (awkward rather than humorous sub-type). 

Stay dry and safe indeed, Atlantic reader's! 

Ellen :
Yay! No work tomorow. The manageing partner called and told me that he was giveing everyone the day off b/c their is NOT any transporteation. I could almost walk to work, in NICE weather, but I am NOT goieing to go through the rain and wind to get there, especialy if there is NO power! FOOEY! So I am writeing this now in case the power goe’s out.
I had a good weekend and saw David with Myrna. Adam was to hungover to meet us. FOOEY another Alan! And this one does NOT bathe! Doubel Fooey. We went to some furneture stores in Brooklyn tryeing to find Adam a real bed. Right now he is sleepeing on a footon! FOOEY on Footon’s! Myrna wanted to try out the bed in the showroom with David, but she was only kiddeing! Can you imagene sleeping on a matress someone tried out in the showroom? FOOEY! I would NOT want to have to sleep on a soyled matress! David embarased me b/c he said he would onley try it out with me, not Myrna. I told him I do NOT sleep with a man without a comitment, and he was good with that I think. He also said that I do NOT have a big tuchus, and he was nice for sayeing that! Yay!
I think there will NOT be any calender call tomorow either. I was suposed to make an argument against Brian b/c his cleint will NOT settel. FOOEY! But now I will find out when the case is continued to.
I hope every one stay’s dry and safe with hurricane Sandy. FOOEY on Hurricane’s ! I want to work! FOOEY!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

he is involved with the INTERNET!

For once, Mom weighs in rather than Dad. Looks like we were right about Roberta assuming a kind of mentor role. And...I assume the furneture is for David's apartment, since he's the only one we know to be decorating right now? (They almost went last weekend--I take it this is the IKEA in Red Hook. ELLENWatchers look out!) 
Ellen's undertaking such an intimate errand for David makes me think it is in fact not "too early to worry," and as for Myrna, it sounds like she may be more into Adam than her friend suspected. 

Ellen :
Good luck! You must remember to dress VERY conseravatively, b/c you do NOT want the partner’s to think of you as anything other than a competent profesional. I learned this the hard way, b/c men started to be lookeing at me the wrong way, but the manageing partner at least treat’s me like a professioneal.
Myrna and I will be goeing to Brooklyn to go furneture shoppeing tomorrow, before the hurrecaine hit’s. My mom say’s David has come along way from the small weaseley guy with thick glasses to become the business man he is now. I am not sure exeactely what he does, but he is involved with the INTERNET! Yay! I know that will be around for a while.
Roberta is also interested in meeting David b/c she want’s to be sure I do NOT get burned again like I did with my ex. I told her it is way to early to worry, but I realy think she is acting like a big sister to me. She also knows that Jim can be a jerk, but she is happy he refered us together. Yay! Me too b/c the manageing partner said I made my monthley’s and will be getting my bonus this month! Yay! I do have the full weekend off, tho the manageing partner wants me to call his wife to help plan the pilgrim party. I can do that b/c she like’s me also!

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David was a gentelman

Ellen had a successful date!!!!!!!! This isn't even kind of a big deal, it's totally unprecedented. And I should know. Sounds like there's definitely going to be a second one, and Myrna perhaps NOT comeing along allows more leeway. (I wonder how Ellen might delicately convey to the HIVE that some kind of canooodeling has taken place?) Myrna was up for flirting with Adam, but it shouldn't be surprising if she prefers to keep playing the field. 
I enjoy hearing more facets of Frank's incompetence and overall marginality. And opposing counsel Brian is on his way to being cowed into complete submission. Although we had no posts on 10/25, it was clearly a banner day.

Ellen :
Yay! I love this tee shirt! But NOT for work! I could NOT write yesterday b/c the network at work was down. Frank spiled his coffee on the server and he said that did NOT do it, but the manageing partner said it did do it. So we had to get the teck guy in and he put in another card (I do not know exactely), and it took way to long b/c he kept stareing at me. FOOEY on those teck guy’s.
I was abel to finish my breifs for Roberta’s 4 case’s that we are takeing to court next week. I have another new one where Brian is representeing the plaintiff. Mabye I can get Roberta to make him settel, but this one looks like it is worth mabye more money. Brian was scared of Roberta, and he was sweateing before he agreed to settel. I have to call him today about the case before I file the brief. Yuk.
I had a nice meal with David at a French bestro off Park Avenue South that was NOT hard to find. The waiter kept lookeing at me then at David, then he asked me if we were sereious. He was very forward. I think it might be b/c he was NOT from the USA. But oh, what nerve he had! I said I was NOT interested in dateing anyone I met in a restuerant, so please just serve us as we are askeing you to do. David was a gentelman and he took a cab with me uptown but did not ask to come in. Yay!!!
I still have to help him with furneiture, so I said I would ask Myrna and see if she wanted to doubel with Adam. I know Adam liked Myrna, but not sure if Myrna want’s to start up a releationship.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

drinkeing down calerories that go right to my tuchus

***MEETUP-EXCUSEWatch*** Ellen has, naturally, scheduled her first real date with David for tomorrow night, preventing her from attending. Again, though, I have to note that rather than express regrets on this one, as she usually does no matter how many hundreds of miles she would have to travel, she's simply ignoring the invitation posts. I think she's realizing that NYC gatherings could become a regular thing, and just can't afford to continue pretending that she wants to make it to one of them. Notice also that this scheduling conflict was within her control, unlike assignments from MP or the trip to St. Louis (cited in the past). This means RSVPing regrets would have forced her to acknowledge that she was available for socializing tomorrow night, but committed herself elsewhere. The one Ellen continuity here is the priority on marriage prospects, of which David is firmly established as one.
Lynn and the wrap dress: Ellen seems to have inadvertently bought into the idea that one's subordinates at work should feel appreciated, and better compensated, if you give them hand-me-downs...despite FOOEYing this proposition decisively when MP tried it on her. 
Meanwhile Myrna continues to develop as the party girl foil. I wonder if she's been seeing David's roommate, the unkempt metalhead, off camera? 

Ellen :
This is how I FEEL when Lynn get’s lazy with my typeing. FOOEY on assistan’t's who do NOT assist! I did give LYNN my wrap dress so she should be happy. I am goieing to meet David for dinner tomorow. He said he will text me the place tomorow. I hope it is good b/c I do NOT like junk food.
Jim is very sad b/c his CARD’s are not playeing. Mabye when we go back, he will sit still and not be busy checkeing score’s and reading sport’s magagzeines. FOOEY on that. The manageing partner want’s me to invite Jim and the General Council to lunch with me and the manageing partner. I think we might go to Spark’s or the Lamb’s Club, but it will be up to THEM. I vote for Spark’s b/c they have very good steak’s and I love the lamb chop’s too!
Myrna and I am meeting tonite and getteing drinks and a mojito place. I normally do NOT like to drink on weeknight’s, but she know’s somebody and she said it will be fun. I hope so, b/c I realy should be at the gym exercizing not drinkeing down calerories that go right to my tuchus. Doubel FOOEY!

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it is not as tho Brad Pit is wooeing me

Is Ellen's PILGRIM costume particularly unforgiving on the growing tuchas? I would have thought it was pretty gravy-friendly for the season. Anyway, since Ellen is apparently going to recommend Corporette to svelte, fashionable career woman Roberta, we should all be on the lookeout for comments under that name or seeming to be Roberta with some clever handle (like Verna or Wilma). Ellen will also presumably scrub all of her comments to make them client-eyes appropriate from now on--right? Like the savvy profesionel she is?

Looks like a date with David may present the necessary conflict on Ellen's calendear for tomorrow evening, when there is another NYC meetup (which she has ignored thus far). But we'll see!

Ellen :
Roberta has this DRESS! I can vooch that it looke’s great on her, and she DID get it at NORDSTROMs” . She wore it yesterday. Yay! I do NOT know if she reads Corporete, but I will tell her!
Roberta is goeing to have another 25 case’s sent over from the other firm. The manageing partner is thriled about this, and he said Margie has agreed to delay the party for another week and call it a PILGRIM Party. We are all to dress up as they did along time ago on Plymouth Rock. It will be FUN! I do have to start exerceising more b/c my tuchas is getteing WAY to big from all the desert’s at CRUMBS that Roberta and I eat. I am blameing all of this on Roberta. She is abel to eat alot, but I can NOT. Fooey!
David called here, and want’s to meet me for dinner during the week. I said I was busy today, but mabye tomorow. He is nice, and I think my dad gave him my #, b/c I did NOT. I did tell him where I worked, so mabye he GOOGELED it. Whatever. My dad think’s he has posibilities but I am not sure. I will give him a chance, b/c it is not as tho Brad Pit is wooeing me, and I want to get MARRIED and have a baby soon.
Jim is again calleing me about the do diliegeience. He is goieng to be a probelem, b/c I wind up doeing all the work when he sit’s there reading sport’s magezine’s. FOOEY! The manageing partner may cut my billeing b/c the general council evedenetently is not happy about the QUANTUM of work we did so far. DOUBEL FOOEY. I was there, but Jim was NOT. That is NOT my fault. FOOEY!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a continegency of 33% of NOTHEING!

Ellen approves the fashions of both Ann Romney and Michelle O'Bama. 
Getting back to the core of our legal drama, it looks like the matter brought by Brian against Roberta & Co. (on behalf of his client) is now over. Roberta busts balls and then quickly rejoins Ellen, on our usual plane of oblivion and frippery, for girl talk + love fest + diet sabotage. It does indeed seem she is the perfect mentor, or (if not yet hitched) wife for our heroine. 

Ellen :
I do agree, but like BOTH people’s clotheing. I realy like Michele’s dresses’. I met Roberta in Court and she saw me in Action! Yay! I got one of her case’s dismissed b/c the plaintiff did NOT show up and his counsel did not show up either. Also, she met Brian, and he had just eaten some kind of spinach keeche and it was in his teeth. Yuk!
Roberta told him he had better settel or we would take our offer off the table and he would have to work for a continegency of 33% of NOTHEING! So we agreed to pay $1000, and he will sign our RELEASE. YAY!
With the $400 or so we “saved” on the case, Roberta bought us LUNCH and we each had chocolate muffin’s for desert at CRUMB’s! Roberta says I am a great litiegiator, and I told her she is a great cleint. I did NOT tell her about JIM and what a doosh he was, b/c they are old freind’s. I have to balenece the good with the not-so-good, as long as they keep payeing me as cleint’s! Yay!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

lookeing for something way different

Forget your Hunger Games,
biotech. This is Susan.
Susan (The Real) shows laudable resilience today, responding to the Sunshine Girls' co-optation of her handle by becomeing more involved over here, rather than less. This post is impeccably on point, particularly for its process-of-elimination approach to matrimony and its echo of Ellen's indelible No-Scrubs ethos. WELL done!
Indeed Roberta and Ellen are planning their second lunch date in two weeks--though no word on whether this one is also going to proceed to Macy's. My one note of caution is that given Ellen's severely underdeveloped political consciousness (articulated thus far on issues of race and religion) I'm not keen to hear her response to a proposal that she marry a woman. Luckily, she almost always ignores everyone, so it's unlikely to come up. 

I may be almost as tired of Jim as she is, by this point. 

Ellen :
I agree. The guy is tryeing to get simpathy b/c he is in the military, but the girl has moved on to another guy, and is NOT interested in hanging around waiting for him. She even colored her hair from blond to red so you know she is lookeing for something way different.
I respect guy’s who are in the military, but would NOT marry one. Fooey!
Jim keep’s calling about due diliegence, but will schedule the week the Card’s are in the World Series? What is that about? My dad used to live in San Francisoo, and He is a big GIANT’s fan. So I do not know who I will root for to win! Yay!
Roberta want’s me to meet her after calendear call for lunch tomorrow. I said YES, b/c she is alot of fun, and I do NOT want to have to talk to Brian, who has dirty teeth with alot of food in them most of the time. Also, Roberta does not wear a hat backward like Jim and she does not grunt all the time about baseball game’s.. He is very draining. FOOEY!
  • Susan ( :
    I think the answer to your marriage woes is staring you in the face.
    Clearly, the one for you to marry is Roberta. Not Jim, Brian, etc. She’s professional, wants to help you in your career, isn’t an alcoholic like Alan, doesn’t have food stuck in her teeth or have bad breath.
    I may be a judgmental biotech about some things, but not about same-sex marriage.

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we can all be dressed up as PILGRIM’s

Tentatively we'll say that Margie is MP's wife (never before named). She's been quite the busy hostess this year--no wonder she couldn't pull together a pre-Halloween party so soon after their anniversary bash. I look forward to hearing what everyone wears to this next Hamton's affair. Downside is that presumably HAROLD will be there, and maybe also his skeezie father.

Ellen :
The manageing partner is haveing a Haloween party at his house next weekend, but it is AFTER haloween! I told him that but he said Margie did NOT have time to plan anything earlyer. I said have a THANKSGIVEING party then, and we can all be dressed up as PILGRIM’s, but he said he would ask his wife.
I have calendar call tomorow, and am calleing Roberta this afternoon about 2 case’s. I also think I will see Brian in court b/c he has alot of cases there. I do NOT think the judge think’s that much of Brian b/c he is a sloppy dresser and his shoe’s are alway’s dirty.
Jim called about the do diliegience and said that the general council think’s we should have done alot more. (Duh! — if he had not been at the game’s we could have, but he did NOT even show up until noon after the game. FOOEY!) I need to tell the manageing partner, b/c he could get touchey about the billeing. My dad also think’s that Jim was silly with the baseball game’s.
  • transition :
    Ellen, what will you dress up as if it remains a Halloween party? Also, if it becomes a Thanksgiving party, do you already have something to wear? TCFAG, could you help Ellen to find pilgrim-wear?

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[Coments ON the new logo?]

This post is just here to centralize any comments you may have on the new ELLENWatch logo. As you can see, I'm going for unwitting self-mockery. I'm fairly committed to the wrong-way-pointing binoculars concept, and have some loyalty to the red Arial title of my roots. But beyond that...

  • does she need bangs? Some of us had tentatively agreed this is her likely hairstyle.
  • earrings? If so, what is the look? (Assume this is a weekday and she has to pass MP muster.) 
  • is her blond ponytail sufficiently scraggley? 
  • lip color? I don't picture her wearing anything bold, but does anyone think otherwise?
  • any other concerns or suggestions?
Freinds on this websight! Thank's!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

luncheon with two of his KRONIES

The apple of our eye is showing signs of burnout and low morale. Can't blame her. Sounds like her ethics question about billing for STL has been, at least tentatively, resolved...but without checking MP's judgment with that of anyone else. Compared to yesterday's bluster about the ethics hotline, she's backing down. Maybe the dry cleaneing was her last straw and she just doesn't have the energy?
This is Ellen's first ever mention of a nephew. I won't go over the ambiguous family tree yet again; there are simply too many missing pieces. But noted.  
Once again, this post ends with a sentence that was never completed. I'll come back to see if she corrects the error. FOOEYs like that are sometimes quite illuminating.
***MEETUP-EXCUSEWatch:*** If she has to be in court this coming week, then she isn't going back to St. Louis just yet. In other words, she will be in New York, and her binding engagements have to be during business hours! (Deliberately feigned sense of suspense!)
UPDATE: "Susan" chimes in below. Susan is one of the known existing alternate names, and particularly the lines I've highlighted sound very Sunshine Girls, complete with misspelling "Allen." However, since the time of the original faux Susan, Corporette has acquired a FANTISTIC regular commenter named hopefully I can get the latter to clear this up for us. 12:42 PM 10-22: Corporette Susan has kindly confirmed this wasn't her. Sunshine Girls/Ellen(s), please consider this name unavailable in the future. 

Ellen :
It is NOT even 9 a.m. on a SATURDAY, and I am already back at work sitting on my tuchus tryeing to catch up on thing’s before I get on the LIRR to visit my family. What is wrong with this picture? How is a professonal like me EVER going to be abel to relax when I have to balance my casework, litieagation, and corporate do diligience with all of the other thing’s I have to do.
I have a BOATLOAD of dry cleaening that I could NOT drop off b/c the guy was NOT there when I had to come here, and I want to look just right when I have my Tuesday calendar call. I called the manageing partner, and he was actualy sympetethetic to my situeation in Saint Louis. He said Jim should probabley have spent more time at the plant then the baseball stadium, but I should still bill 100% of my time.
The manageing partner said I have to go to court this week b/c he has a luncheon with two of his KRONIES that alway’s come to the firm and stare at me. Fooey! At least I do NOT have to join them for lunch. Yay!
My mom is bakeing me my favorite muffin’s b/c she see’s how stressed out I have become with all of the thing’s going on. She told me I will be much happyier when I am at home. She also asked about David. I think my Dad want’s me to date him. He is OK, but his room mate is very sloppy. Myrna left 2 voice mail’s for me, so I have to call her b/f I go out to LI. At least the weather is nicer here then in Saint Louis. DOUBEL FOOEY on the rain. I am giving my nephew this silly baseball hat Jim bought for me even tho it is way to big for him now. Mabye he will become a fan, but I hope he does not grow up & wear it backward’s and act stupid like Jim and the two guys from the plant. TRIPEL FOOEY! I hope the rest of the hive has a nice weekend! I have to start workeing now.
The manageing partner

Susan :
Hear! Hear! Ellen, you are so right about guys who wear their baseball caps backward. That’s a sign to me never to date them because of their Neanderthal attributes–which carry over to other areas. Hang in there girl because we are all pulling for you. Jim may be a jerk but you may find David is ok. In any event don’t let guys like Allen into your life to break your heart. Drinkers are losers!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

a person that anser’s question’s anoonomounsly

The plot thickens! To the extent that it ever does or ever can!
Ellen has expressed discomfort a number of times already about billing for a whole lotta nothing in STL this past week--and now, characteristically, she wants either authoritative professional advice, or alternatively she'll take Dad's word. He did go to MIT and join Mensa...
While the above reasoning is pretty true to form, in other ways I do think this is a significant twist in our story. To my mind, Ellen's ethics quandary and budding plan signal two significant departure's:

  1. MP may be a fraud rather than simply a fool. Almost everything the guy does--ooogleing, buffing his bald head, botching clients' transactional submissions--is attributable to his bumbling and overconfidence. He's certainly stingy, condescending, and sexist, but never has he given us reason to think him a thief. What the dill? I see a few possibilities: he's always done things like this, and Ellen just never figured it out before; he's charting new territory because he knows Jim (the cleint who will be getting this bill, after all) is a chump; OR--yes, it may be--Ellen has a fundamental misunderstanding of what's going on. I suppose I should tack on the fourth possibility that Jim is actually being billed for Ellen's company rather than any work hours (ahem), with or without misapprehension of what went on at the hotel. It's hard to rule anything out here at ELLENWatch, including that MP is effectively pimping, or that some kind of gentlemen's agreement involving the Tiffany's ring was struck months ago. I wonder what the Sunshine Girls would say?
  2. Ellen is questioning MP's judgment and taking action with an eye to "tell [him] if he is right or not." This has been completely unheard of heretofore. Notwithstanding all of the above, the fact remains that the relationship between Ellen and MP may never be the same again--whether or not he ever finds out about her suspicions, whether or not any phone call is made, whether or not said phone call is anoonomouns. She's showing a refusal to defer, meaningfully, for the first time. And if she's sprouting her own wings I feel like either she makes partner sooner rather than later, or MP has to let her go--with all of her clients and without any PISHAWing.
Thank's to rosie and EK...and I'll be on this. 

Ellen :
I am not a big fan of lace b/c my ex alway’s wanted me to dress provocativelely for him, and he alway’s liked to stare at me.
Fooey, I am at the airport here and my flight is delayed again. Doubel Fooey!
Does anyone in the hive know about some ethices officer in NY State that I can ask question’s of? I had a billeing issue and now I was told there is a person that anser’s question’s anoonomounsly. If I can get an answer, I can tell the manageing partner if he is right or not. It just does NOT seem right to me that I can bill $20,000 plus expense’s when I have done virtueally nothing all week on the job.
I am going to visit my dad this weekend, and will ask him to. Even tho he is NOT a lawyer, admitted to practise in the NY bar the way I am, he is very smart and intutitive, and should be abel to give me an answer that I can live with.
Yay! Weekend time and once I get home I will have a great time.
  • rosie :
    I have heard that the bar operates a LINE for all these question’s. There is DEFINETLY an ethics officer that can help you and manageing partner.
  • EK :
    YES there is an ethices officer hotline you can call – though it’s a strange set up. You’re essentially calling some volunteer bar member either on his cell phone or on his office line, and of course, if you end up calling on his office line, you have to give his secretary your name, etc. before you’re allowed to ask your top secret ethices question. Very un-anoonomouns.

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I will STILL be abel to bill for every day

We had deafening silence for much of yesterday, coinciding with the announcement of another NYC meetup following closely on the heels of Oct. 17th's. I am not going to re-post the date here because I don't want to give our little girl a leg up on composing an excuse for not going, but below I have highlighted two likely candidates: (a) she has to go back to St. Louis soon, and (b) hearings are coming up next week. You heard it hear first! But don't you alway's.

Sequel on this billing ethics issue coming up momentarily.

Ellen :
Yay! I love Fruegel Friday’s and I love this color top! I am goeing to fly back tonite b/c Jim has to be home tomorow to take his dog out of the kennell. Also, he is doeing so very little other then going to the baseball game’s. He went AGAIN to the big game last nite — GO CARD’S! he keep’s saying, and OMG, he says he is going again tonite if he get’s ticket’s. I told him NO more for me, Jim. I am flyeing home today!
I needed him to interpretate alot of document’s but he was to busy with those 2 guy’s talkeing about the Card’s and everything, but the Manageing partner says I will STILL be abel to bill for every day, b/c I was here, ready, willeing and abel to work. I now think that is etheical, and I could NOT do any other work, b/c I did NOT have my WC files here. Beside’s, they are all VERY confiedenieial b/c they have medicial information in them, so I would NOT bring them here for do dileigience anyway. FOOEY!
Unfortuneately, b/c I got so little done here this week, I am goieng to have to come back here again, but I need to work it out exactly when with the manageing partner. I have about 12 case’s that are up for hearing next week, so I can NOT do both, and the manageing partner does NOT like to cover for me in court. I do NOT like traveleing even if I am in a nice HOTEL, b/c I do not have all of the thing’s I need here. FOOEY. But I did like the spa YAY! and mabye the manageing partner will reimberse me for the loofa massage! Yay!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

"two women on the Green line talking about Ellen"

This kind of thing almost makes me teary. From sea to shineing sea!

Legally Red :
If anyone scrolls down this far–just wanted to say that I couldn’t make it to the DC meetup because I had another happy hour to go to, but I overheard two women on the Green line talking about Ellen in St. Louis. If you were one of those women, and you saw someone in a blue coat trying really hard not to stare at you, that was me.

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Jim said let’s sta.

Confirmed that Ellen attended yesterday's Giants at Cardinals. The rain delay was reportedly 3 1/2 hours. My question from yesterday was answered: the two additional guests were "guys from the plant" (that is, of the acquisition target on whom Ellen is there to do diligeince). Meanwhile, this is the first I've heard of problem drinking by Jim. 10:11 am, and he's bailing on work for it? (Indeed, in STL this would have been 9:11 am.) Normally I'd wonder if Ellen was confusing "drunk" with "hanged over," but given the depth and acuity of her experience with Alan I think drunken men is one topic on which she's pretty precise. 
[Freinds on this websight featured after the post.] 

Ellen :
I LOVE Michael Kors! This dress is fantistic for $48, but I am stuck in Saint Louis and it was raining cat’s and dog’s!
Yesterday, Jim took us all out b/f the game and these 2 guys from the plant kept stareing at me like they never saw a women before. Their must not be alot of women in Saint Louis b/c they aksed all about me. The were shocked when I told them I was NOT dateing Jim. I think he told them I was. FOOEY! They all drank alot at the Baseball game then it started raining. Jim said let’s sta. He got us 4 dumb baseball hat’s but that did NOT keep me dry. FOOEY!
He and the 2 other guy’s put those dumb hat’s on backward’s and started grunteing GO CARD’s! But they were winning any way.
Finaly, I said I did NOT want to stay and keep getteing wet, so I took a cab back to the hotel ALONE and warmed up at the hotel spa before I went to sleep. Yay!
Now I am finaly back at the plant, but Jim is not here. I think he is to drunk to show up on time. All I can do is wait and talk to these guy’s who come over to talk to me. FOOEY!
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And by the by, it's really nice to see other ELLENWatchers arriving at similar states of agitation given the prospect of actually seeing her. 

gov anon :
...I’m very disappointed yesterday’s Cardinals game was in the afternoon so I couldn’t watch it. I was really hoping to see Ellen on TV.
  • Herbie :
    Girl! The game was rain delayed for a long time. You totes could have watched it. I hope the Manageing Partner let Ellen go to the game.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

just about EVERYTHING but what I am suposted to be doeing

I'll be checking back in to see if anyone does advise on this billing ethic's issue. 
The bit about having a sister is a real tease. We do know, "of course," but what we want to know is HOW MANY sisters Ellen has, whether one of them noted as Rosa sometimes post's on Corporette as Lourine and/or Frances, and whether this is the same one who is mother to DAWN and apparently another tyke. 

Ellen :
I love this DRESS! It is not to expensive either. I will ask the manageing partner to aprove b/c he likes me in RED.
My fleight was late yesterday comeing into Saint Louis so I did NOT get on to the INTERENET all day, and now I am at the Companys computer. The key’s gets stuck alot, and I have NOT done any work at all yet. FOOEY!
Jim met me at the HOTEL this morning and we took a car over to this big plant and all morning all I am doing is talkeing to people about New York. A bunch of guy’s came over and they asked me where I live (Manhattan) and what I do (a lawyer) and do I have a sister (of course) and just about EVERYTHING but what I am suposted to be doeing, which is the do diliegeience.
And Now Jim want’s to go early to lunch and then to go RIGHT out to the BASEBALL field for us to watch batteing practice?
Jim says he paid alot of money for these ticket’s but it is very WINDY here today, and I do NOT want to sit in the rain. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Also, I do NOT think it is etheicial for me to bill for a full portal to portal day when I will be doeing absolouteley no work, but the manageing partner say’s I can bill portal to portal. Is he right? I hope so.
Does the HIVE have any advise on this? I do NOT want to bill them for $5000 a day when I am doeing no work at all, but I let the manageing partner decide.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[De Facto Guest Post: Dressed Down by the Sunshine Girls Yet Again]

Their latest coment is so long, includeing (sure, mea culpa) an Ellen post that I missed, that I'm calling it what it is. I think I'll refrain from defending myself, because the criticism is always the same and thus my response is always the same too. Sounds repetitive already, doesn't it? 

S&S, I think I am already at capacity in my Ellen vigilance, so your assistance is valuable, and I think we'll have a more productive and pleasant workeing relationship if we choose to view it as such. xoxoxoxoxooooxxxxxooooo

It seems that Ellen actually answered your question as to her whereabouts well before you asked it. In the Splurge Monday's TPS report, two of us here at S&S noticed her anonymous post which you missed, where she said, anonymously that:

I like this but to pricey for me. Jim called and said he was going to Saint Louis today and that I should be there by WENDSEDAY, b/c he has ticket’s for the Cardinal’s Baseball game. NOT a Yay!

I told him I do NOT care for baseball b/c Alan used to be a MET’S fan and all he did was DRINK at the game and then throw up on my carpet.

He said he would ONLEY drink 3 beer’s and have a few dogs. FOOEY on that. And he better NOT make me pay for the ticket’s! DOUBEL FOOEY!

I am way to busy to spend alot of time in Saint Louis any way.


We also note that she mentioned Alan by name, which you also said later she no longer uses. This is not a case of Ellen following the lead of Ellenwatch, but of Ellenwatch making incorrect assumptions after the fact. Had Ellenwatch been watching instead of prognosticating in the abstract, you would have been accurate. Now all of the Sunshine girls realize that Ellen is not the sharpest knife in the drawer (her father is), but we look to you, Ellenwatch, to guide us (and her) through the difficult issues she must face. We love the commentary you give, but must insist that you be more vigilant to find the posts that the two Sunshine Girls here at S&S found before you! 

beside’s do diligence

Fooey! Ellen has inevitably dodged the New York meetup tomorrow night by confirming that she's out of town. 
Jim just keeps finding things to do other than work on these trips, doesn't he? Wonder who the other 2 tickets are for...

Ellen :
I love these boot’s!!!!
My flight is tomorow, so I will not be able to read Corporette. Jim did get 4 ticket’s for the Cardinal’s game so I will have something to do there beside’s do diligence. Yay! I really do NOT care for baseball, but he does so he got ticket’s.
I do not know much about Saint Louis, so it is just as well. FOOEY!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

finaly had to decide to dump my ex

Ellen mentions Alan by name less and less often, it seems. It's almost as if she has stopped assuming that her audience instantly recognizes him in such anecdotes. 

As far as I can see, no answer thus far to my challenge this morning re attending the NYC meet-up. 

Ellen :
I had this issue and finaly had to decide to dump my ex when all he did was lay around on my couch after drinkeing and getting drunk, then burpeing the next day. My dad told me I was worth alot more then that and if I married that, all I would have to look forward to is cleaning up VOMMIT for the next 30 year’s, then changeing his Depend’s! FOOEY!
I said I could do that with a baby, but onley for 5 year’s of diaper’s, and NO depend’s so I said GOOD BYE! I have not looked back, either. YAY!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

and I had paint on my shoe.

Interesting, unpredicted resolution. No surprise that there's apparently going to be a doubel date in the future--not only is DAD pushing this, but it seems like MP is screening David as well. 

Ellen :
What a crazy mess! I am up so early today and am SO busy lateley that I have to rest today! I completeley forgot about the manageing partner telling us we had to meet at a school in Brooklyn Saturday to clean up and paint. Fooey! So Lynn call’s me at 9:30 in the MORNING from the school to see where I was. I told her I was just leaveing my apartement and would be comeing there soon. Myrna told me that she wanted to go anyway, and David said he would help to, and meet us at this school. The manageing partner was happy we all fineally showed up. He aksed David alot of question’s and we did some painting and left around 2:00 after eateing some pizza! Yay!!!
David took us on a bus to his apartement. It is very big, but it is dark b/c it is faceing a wall. He call’s it early industreial, but it is not where I would live. He rent’s it with a guy, Adam, who is a musican in heavy metal. Adam was stareing alot at me and also Myrna also, but he need’s a shave and a shower (FOOEY!). Myrna still liked him. Anyway, his apartement is in a big wearhouse and mabye he needs some furniture, but David already has a bed and a desk. So we decided we would NOT go to IKEA, b/c it was late, and I had paint on my shoe. Myrna wanted to go out again with those guy’s but I was to tired, so we agreed we would drink some wine at the apartement and said we would do something after I got back from Saint Louis.
David was a gentelmen b/c he walked us to the subway. I told my dad he gave me a hug and my dad said he like’s David and want’s me to be nice to him. My dad is usueally right about thing’s so I said I would be nice and Myrna and I will meet him and Adam again. I wish I did NOT have so many thing’s going on. I was suposed to get my hair trimmed today but am just goieing to stay home today watch TV after I pick up my dry cleaneing.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

I love salmon and never knew what was in it before.

Nine West is well-established as Ellen's favorite shoe source, but based on this price and color description I can't find her new shoes on their websight. Oh well. 
Let's hope this Myrna-meets-David plan doesn't backfire. I can't imagine anyone outshineing Ellen, but it does sound (from past posts) like Myrna is a little more the flirt. Have fun, ladies...

Ellen :
Go to OLD NAVY. They are NOT to expensive!
Open thread’s–I love Open thread’s!! I just got back from Roberta’s lunch and shoppeing at Macy’s! I got a nice pair of 9 West Shoe’s! They are a nice cordovan color, and the manageing partner likes them. Since they cost $100, he will give me back $30. Yay!
Roberta had me order this great hot Salmon dish. I love salmon and never knew what was in it before. She had it also. We stopped for desert at CRUMB’S. I love Crumb’s and I had a great cupcake and she had a cookie! I love BOTH, but we cannot eat to much of desert.
She warned me that I should NOT go into Brooklyn by myself if I do NOT know where I am going, so I got MYRNA to agree to meet me at Grand Central and we will take the train together tomorrow. She knows about Dumbo (how dumb is that name? Dumbo? ) and she also want’s to see who David is. So she can show me where to go and David will not have to look for us. We are suposed to go from Dumbo to some furniture place that he knows so we can see what he want’s and then mabye go to IKEA down there somewhere together.
This is going to be fun, b/c Myrna is alot of fun. I do NOT have any work to do this weekend. Yay!

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