Thursday, October 31, 2013

as oposed to just liveing with your boyfreind

Alan of course did get some free milk, but Ellen can boast it was never cohabitation. I can just see the steam coming out of Leyeh's ears and Dad's nose...

Yay! I love pearl’s and Grandma Leyeh has a beautiful set of pearl earings, necklace and a BROOCH that she said she is leaveing to me in her will. She said I could have it b/c I do not normaly wear alot of jewlery and this was from the old country, where pearl’s were very rare.
As for the OP, I recomend you tell them you are getting MARRIED and they should be very receptive if you are any good, and after all, you NOT get married often and better you go BEFORE you start, rather then start, then go on a honey moon. Beside’s it’s only a 1 year fellowship and they should respect that you are getting MARRIED as oposed to just liveing with your boyfreind, which is what ALAN wanted to do. FOOEY on him, b/c I was told that he did NOT want to buy the cow b/c I was giveing him free milk. Unfortuneately that was true but I have gotten alot smarter from my experience, and I will NOT let a boyfreind live with me, burp and eat my food, clean his dirty clothe’s etc, etc unless we are at least engaged to be MARRIED. FOOEY on that. But You are very lucky. YAY!

the leave’s are a little past PEEK

Transportation conveyances of all kinds are a problem for Ellen, usually due to ooogleing and odor's. Subways, cab's, MP's boat, even a limo is dubious! Better stick to the stems and log more on the fitbit, I guess.

Meanwhile, Fred. Ellen did get a mystery Valentine's Day bouquet this year from a Fred, though at the time is was a huge question mark because she didn't know anyone by that name. Was Ed's freind smitten by a photo of Ellen, or something? Just waited a few seasons to actually ask for an introduction? Even if they don't meet, I do expect to have this cleared up. 

Great Blouse, Cat? but if I buy it I would HAVE to wear a cami at work b/c of Frank. He is FOREVER stareing at me and without a cami, he would be comeing over and offering me coffee and cookie’s and stareing over my shoulder — FOOEY on that! He has a wife and she has breast’s, so I do NOT know why he is so focussed on mine. Plus, he is stareing at the INTERENET all day and I would NOT even want to find out what websight’s he is lookeing at from his desk. DOUBEL FOOEY!
As for the OP, wow, you are SO organized! YAY!!! But my job is to unpredeictible to tell what I am goeing to be up to hour by hour. All I do know is that I get up, walk to work on my fitbit, get in, usueally by 9 (UNLESS I have to be in court), eat lunch at around noon and go out mabye to Lord & Taylor’s or Macy’s, work STRAIGHT thru until mabye 5530 or 6, then leave and do NON-WORK STUFF. Of course, when I have alot of special project’s, I sometime’s have to stay until mabye 7 and once or twice 8 at night. The manageing partner get’s me a limo b/c he does NOT like me takeing the subway uptown at night with all of the wierdo’s floating around on the 4 and 6 train’s. Dad made him agree to this FORMALY as part of my partnership deal, tho he was sending limo’s for me for the last 3 year’s anyway. But even some of those driver’s are kind of skeevey, and they spend alot of time lookeing at me in their REAR view mirror’s instead of watching the ROAD. They say it’s easy to just drive up Park Avenue, but some are SLOPPY and also eat falafel’s and other smelley things in the car when they drive. They even ask me if I want a FALAFEL and I say no thank you. FOOEY!
Ed called to say Rosa was NOT feeleing well and would I like to come up this weekend and baby sit the kid’s with them. I think I might do it. He said the leave’s are a little past PEEK, but I should get up there b/c he also has a guy, Fred, who want’s to meet me. Fred is in RETAIL up there. I do NOT know what that mean’s but mabye he can get me designer dresses that are better then Lord and Taylor’s. He is onley 30, so I do not think he can be running thing’s b/c it is a family busness. We shall see if I go. I will ask Myrna if she want’s to come. YAY!


So Sam came back to Manageing & MANAGEING though I don't think we ever heard definitively whether the firm took any matters for his company. Sure, it's possibel that he's drawing out the talks (and having all of them in person) because he needs more excuses to see Ellen--but he's being so direct here I don't see where pretense figures in at all. 

And while I'm at it, where's the "wait" coming from? I'll say again that there's no reason Ellen can't alternate dates with Sam and with Willem, especially since chances are that both are a waste of time. Might as well economize. 

Yay! I love this outfit, but the manageing partner will NOT let me wear pant suit’s. FOOEY b/c I think I could look good in this one. Mabye some of the others in the hive could wear this and look good.
As for the OP, My dad did all of the bidding on my co-op. He had alot of troubel with it b/c there were OTHER peeople who wanted the co-op b/c it look’s out on the EAST River, which is in Manhattan. If you are lookeing out on a river, you will HAVE to expect to bid more for a coop. I think the same rule’s apply to condos.
Sam stopped by the office for his visit with the manageing partner, and afterward, he came into my OFFICE. He laughted and said THIS IS A PARTNER’s OFFICE? I said we were moveing soon and that I would have a window in my new office, even tho the manageing partner has NOT yet signed a lease yet. We will probabeley go MONTH TO MONTH HERE b/c he has not decided on Madison or 3rd Avenue Yet. I say Madison b/c it is close to Grand Central, so I could just take the 6 or the 4 or the 5. Sam wants to date again and I said he has to wait. Why is it these men are so anxious. It’s as if I have a special scent that causes men to come to me. I do NOT even wear perfume. FOOEY!

a probelem in the makeing

This sound’s like a probelem in the makeing, and I wish you the best of luck, and hug’s. I think this is about the one thing that I did NOT anticipate before when I am considering HUSBAND’s. What about the mother? Most guy’s that just want sex usueally are not momma’s boy’s so I never had this issue, but now that I am lookeing for a guy who is supportive, I think there is a chance he will be more likely to be BEHOLDEN to his mother, and I do NOT want to have to have her in the picuture 24/7 10 year’s down the road. FOOEY! I have my own mom that I will need to deal with if she get’s needy, so why would I need 2?
For now, all is well and I hope dad will be around forever, but men do NOT live as long as we do so I have to plan for the INEVIETIABLE. FOOEY! Beside’s I rely on dad for all thing’s financial, and would NEVER want mom to have to guide me on all of the fineances that dad does for me. By then I have to be married with my own guy to do the heavy lifteing for me in the finance area. YAY!!!
So for the OP, I suggest you tell DH now that he can be freindly to mom at work, but when he comes in the door, he has to suport you and do thing’s for you, not talk to mom. Also, tell him that you are NOT goieng to like it if he has mom move in with you, or even nearby, b/c you will have your own mom to deal with, and she will have to come first. FOOEY! If you do this in a nice way, and are loveing to DH, he will go along. YAY!! Good luck and doubel hug’s to you!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I alway’s thought Mark Zuckerman was cute

She never does quite get the names right on major public figures. But I guess looking up the correct spelling of any regular word would be just as straightforward as "Zuckerberg," and if she couldn't do the former we shouldn't expect the latter. Furthermore, misunderstanding about The Social Network continues. Ellen and her aliases have always seemed to confuse real life with this movie, and here (highlight) she also suggests that Zuckerberg made it himself. 

For those who missed this post in context, the date she's angling for here is with a Corporette commenter's brother. The offer was still out there unanswered as of last time I checked (but who wouldn't want to set her sibling up with Ellen?) 

Finally, the almost-missable "burp" remark at the bottom is...still...a reference to Alan. Seems like he had a lot of extra stomach gas, perhaps from carbonated alcohol, that came all the way to bed with him. Ellen still isn't over it, any more than she's over anything about Alan. Le sigh, as some Corporettes might say.

Yay Cat! I love the leather bag! And very FRUEGEL!
As for the OP, He sound’s to be about MY age and has prospects. Is he MARRIED? If he want’s to meet a nice girl, I know JUST the person for him, but he would HAVE to work in NYC or LI, b/c that is where I want to be. Right now, I am haveing to deal with guy’s who are NOT as ambitius as he sound’s. I would mabye support him workeing in house for a start-up if the company was sure to be doeing an IPO. I alway’s thought Mark Zuckerman was cute, and I did NOT even know that he is worth over 2.3Billion dollars! Can you imagine how wonderful life would be having the run of the Zuckerman household? My dad says that Mark’s father was a dentist in NY and advertized in the Pennysaver. Dad says that old man Zuckerman probabley drilled his last tooth the day his son made that movie! YAY!!!!
Now I do NOT demand your brother be as smart of rich as Zuckerman, but he should be abel to support me and our children. He must respect me and give me the oportunity to work (but NOT require that I work after he IPO’s his company. If he want’s I could meet him some where and he could interview me and I could interview him. No string’s attached. He should know that I am a good girl and do NOT sleep with men any more until I am at least engaged. That is Willem’s shortcomeing. He is over 40 and evidenteley guys that age seem to demand sex very early in a relationeship b/c they do NOT want to spend money on a woman unless they are comfortabel having her have sex with him without any clotheing on. FOOEY! My dad says I should NOT sleep with men like Willem b/c they will ONLY walk away and burp but NOT marry me. I agree. YAY!!!!!

I told my cleaneing lady that she could have those bra’s

Such noble generosity as punishment for shrinking a patron's underthings. Sometimes Ellen really does seem to have this lady/maid dynamic down cold (if notheing else!) 

Not much to add about Igor and Oleg. When are they going home? And are other relatives really coming back ten-fold to stay at Leyeh's in the future?  

I agree with Kat. The bra’s that I buy have to be washed carefully or the laundry will literaly wear them out. So I told the cleaneing lady to be VERY CARFUL when doeing the laundry so as NOT to wash the @#@# out of my delicate’s. So what does she do? She take’s them, put’s them in HOT WATER, and ADD’s BLEECH! I was MORTIFIED when I put my bra on and it was to small. I thought that mabye I was getting bigger, but it was the bra getting SMALLER! FOOEY! So I told my cleaneing lady that she could have those bra’s b/c I needed to buy NEW ONE’s. Now, b/c of the relative’s, I also have to buy new pantie’s, which I did, and they cost over $100. So the cleaneing lady better be carful with these and I will NOT let either OLEG or IGOR into my apartement unless I have 1 person to watch BOTH OF THEM, and they are NOT allowed into my room, or into the HAMPER either. DOUBEL FOOEY for takeing my pantie’s! FOOEY! Even tho they are relative’s! FOOEY!

His family lives in Bellgum!

More European lineage among Ellen's suitors, it seem's: this is the first I'd heard of Willem's background, and it certainly would be a long trip in context of just a few months of dateing (by then). 

Meanwhile, is anyone else noticing that YAY!!! is becoming less and less contextually determined? Sometimes I even judge that FOOEY would make more sense in its place, yet it's almost as if the two are interchangeable. The case in point here is on the last line--what's to YAY about? Not marrying someone who Dad wouldn't approve of? Is this just some kind of inflation effect?

...And evidently I've been mentioned on another Get Off My Internets forum. Welcome, newcomers! And thank's to all who have endorsed me so far! I don't know how established a blog has to be before earning its own snark on GOMI, but I dare say I'm safely far from such achievement. So I enjoy all crumbs thrown my way as consolation. 

Yay! This is fun. I normally go home and everyone START’s eateing as soon as we get there (about NOON). Mom bakes alot of nibbeling stuff, includeing potatoe’ pancake’s and finger food, but we do NOT sit down to a formal dinner until 3 b/c the kid’s are running around and everyone has to see dad’s new nicknack’s that he gets from his old military buddies that he keep’s in the GARAGE. So at 3, we start by sitteing down to dinner, and Mom has a 30 pound turkey cookeing all day, and dad carve’s it. Ed wanted to do that, but dad said NOT IN MY HOUSE, ED. So we eat from 3 until about 5, and then dad put’s on the basketball game (or football, I forget), and we all sit for an hour or two and then mom bring’s out the cake’s about 7 and we eat them with coffee until mabye 8:30, (I like the chocolate cake and the cheezecake’s she bake’s) and then Ed says he need’s to “hit the road” and then Rosa pack’s up the kids and they are off to Chapaqua.
I get to stay over b/c I do NOT want to be in the City on Friday — there are alot of sales at Rosevelt Field that mom goe’s to and dad grumbles b/c he knows that mom is goieng to spend alot of money.
Willem has been talkeing about inviteing me to go with him to his family’s house for the holiday’s but that is to soon. His family lives in Bellgum! If I went there I wonder if they would think that we were a couple? FOOEY! It is to early for that, but I do want the $50,000 from Grandma Leyeh, tho not necesarily from Willem. Dad would NOT be happy. YAY!

Monday, October 28, 2013

CHEEP LEGAL RESEARCH and free thought’s

Fascinating story. I have never heard of this happening, but I suppose nothing should surprise me anymore. For what it's worth, on this page can be found several Stamford-based Fortune 500s. If anyone has an educated guess about the poor unfortunate company that's been forever blacklisted at Manageing & MANAGEING LLP, please comment! 

As for Linda, who hasn't been mentioned for a long time...I don't want to poke a hole in this woeful tale of injustice, but...didn't she fail out of law school before getting married? Is it possibel that something was wrong with her legal reasoning and/or listed credentials, even if this villainous company had had an opening?

I do NOT want to DASH your hope’s unnecessariley, b/c they could be ON THE LEVEL, but I know a freind, Linda who interviewed for an INHOUSE position at a FORTUNE 500 company in Stamford and they made her write a memo on a topic that cleareley applied to their situeation. So my freind did alot of research and came up with a MEMO, that I helped her on. She was sure she must be on the short list, or mabye even was getting the job b/c there was SOME confiedential information given to her so that she could write a better memo. But FOOEY!!!! As it turned out, this Fortune 500 Company in STAMFORD, CONNECTEICUT (THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE), was just useing her to get some CHEEP LEGAL RESEARCH and free thought’s from her. She did NOT get the job, and as it turned out, they did NOT even have a job. They ONLEY brought her and a few other ladie’s in to PICK THEIR BRAIN’s, free, grattis–THAT WAS DOUBEL FOOEY!
Then the lawyer who was supposedley lookeing to hire her, after telling her there was NO job, asked if she wanted to go out with him on a DATE?!!!! TRIPEL FOOEY! Linda of course DECLINED!!!!
I told the manageing partner, and he said that he would NEVER accept any work from that Company. That may not mean that much, b/c they are in STAMFORD (and that is NOT in NY, and we are NOT licensed in Stamford, but still, I think it was very GALLANT a gesture of the manageing partner to swear off any busness from that Company, especially b/c it is a FORTUNE 500 Company. YAY!!!!!!

Polish Spring water

More specific's on Dad's control over Ellen's finances. Gotta love Ellen's huffiness that non-JD Dad has power of attorney over Ellen Esq! The nerve/the incomprehension. She must have actively granted such power at some point, though--any memory of that, EB?

Further down, Willem predictably has revealed himself, once and for all, as not quite the dignitary we were hopeing for. I enjoy Ellen's careful note that the beverage he came upstairs for was innocent, where nothing else about the maneuver was, right down to elevator conduct. Sunshine Girls and real readers, do you believe he can actually behave himself until further notice from Ellen? I wouldn't be surprised if he never calls again (but no spoilers! I haven't read her next post yet).

Yay! Non-Fruegel Monday’s! I love pricey Monday’s. I laughed when someone said this look’s like Morticia Adam’s. When I was a littel girl, I loved watching the Adam’s Family on TV and alway’s thought she was so svelte! I wonder if she is still as curvey. Mom says yes.
Anyway, as for the OP, I have the opossite probelem. When Rosa come’s into town, she NEVER has an issue spendeing b/c Ed does not badger her about money the way Dad does with me. Ed just pay’s the credit card bills no matter what charge’s are made b/c he trusts that Rosa will not buy anything to stupid. Me, on the other hand, has to deal with Dad, who review’s EVERY charge, and has me on a special credit hold with the bank — he is the one with power of attorney, even tho he is not even an attorney (and I am). So when I hit the monthley spendeing limit, everything is also cut off. FOOEY!
When Rosa came to visit a coupel of week’s ago, we went out and she must have spent $2500 on her and the kid’s at Lord and Taylor’s and Sak’s and Macy’s and Bloomie’s. She had them send everything to Chapaqua so she did NOT have to carry it. I have to carry everything, but the extra exercize is good for my tuchus Dad says. I have been walkeing with my fitbit, and Willem helped. We ate out and he walked me all the way home last week. He did come up for a drink (of Polish Spring water), and then left, but he did act a littel frisky, b/c he kind of grabbed my tuchus in the elevator, but said he was brusheing off what he said was a bug. FOOEY! I told him I do NOT fool around and he was disapointed. He still want’s to “see me” but I told him not if he doe’s that. He agreed he would keep his hand’s to himself unless I invited him to. YAY!!!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

his tuchus shineing thru that old suit!

Hat's off for the phrase featured in this post's titel. It sounds like MP's old suit is threadbare and has taken on a certain sheen, but the image of his ass shining through the fabric and perhaps blinding his wife is more evocative.

Ellen can't go many days without a reliable scrunchie supply, so she's off to replace those that were stolen. Further down, I suspect Vinnie in this grim suggestion about the scrunchies' "misuse" at the hands of pervy Hungarians. Don't respond to that, Vinnie--this has gone more than far enough. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love OPEN THREAD’s! It is better then Fruegel Friday’s b/c everything is OPEN! YAY!
As to the OP, it alway’s is better to keep work seperete from personal. That goes for EVERYTHING, including computer’s (there should be a home computer) and a work computer.
As for the phone, you should have a seperete blackberry or iphone for work that you put ONLEY the work apps on, and onley the stuff that you need for work. That is why you can get a 32 gigeabite Iphone for home use, but onley a 16 gigeabite iphone for work — b/c you should NOT load any movie’s or picture’s or music on your work iphone, unless it is picture’s of work outeings with the manageing partner.
At our firm, the manageing partner pays for everybody’s stuff, b/c we have to be conected. If I am in court, and he need’s to text me, he does it and I do NOT have to worry about cost’s. Many time’s I am in the middel of something and I get a text from the manageing partner. Sometimes, it is just to stop by Crumbs to pick up cookies for the office on my way back from Court, but other times it is to say that he can NOT make an EBT or that Margie need’s to talk to me about something. He does NOT like it when Margie and I talk behind his back. He need’s to know EXACTELEY what is goieing on b/c he is afraid Margie will spend to much money if we go out without him.
The manageing partner wound up getting a $950 suit at Brook’s Brothers, and he looked alot better in it when they were fitteing him than he did when he got back into his schleppy suit with doubel vents. I think his suit is 30 year’s old and the seat is almost worn thru! Margie probabley got sick of lookeing at his tuchus shineing thru that old suit! So he got another new one thank’s to me! YAY!!!!!
Sam has gotten onto my calendar now! He is comeing over to talk with me and the manageing partner about a new busness oportunity — I have no idea what this could be, but Myrna think’s it is realy based on his wanteing to get back with me. I do NOT see this hapening any time soon, b/c I have alot of work to do and this mean’s even more work, and that mean’s no play time for him. FOOEY! Roberta has invited me up to Bronx with Myrna, but I have to go SCHRUNCHIE shoppeing. I think there’s a place on 34th that sells these, but I may be abel to find a better selection on the INTERNET.
I hope dad confront’s IGOR and OLEG when they roll back into town from their cross country excurseion. I think they are misuseing my SCHRUNCHIES, as well as my pantie’s. FOOEY! DOUBEL FOOEY!
Have a great weekend to Cat and also to the HIVE. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would HAVE to keep workeing so that he can smoke his pipe and wear a smelley tweed jacket?

The ladies loved this one. 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s and this dress. And now that I am getteing skinny, my tuchus won’t show as much in a size 2! Doubel Yay.
As for the OP, be careful how quickely you either 1) let a guy in or 2) dismiss him. In this particulear case, I am not sure if he is a jerk, but I NEVER let men talk down to me. After all, I do NOT know what you do, but speakeing personally, as a Member of the NY bar in good standing and as an upcomeing partner in my NYC law firm, I do NOT care if some guy is getting his master’s in Political Theory. In fact, to me, it mean’s he does NOT have a job, and I realy have NOT met any men makeing any kind of money with Master’s in Political Theory anyway.
When I think about it, I would NOT want to be married to a guy with a tweed jacket with arm patche’s smoking a pipe and discusseing political theory, do you? And there is no way a guy like that will be able to support me and our children, so I would HAVE to keep workeing so that he can smoke his pipe and wear a smelley tweed jacket? No way HOZE!
You were smart to walk away from a guy, who I now think could realy be a doosh in training! DOUBEL FOOEY! FOOEY!!! FOOEY!!!!

it onley cover’s over their smell and that mean’s you get 2 smells

Tesyaa has noted the further nostalgia associated with White Shoulders. Today thank you to Susie for pointing out an alternate goal that we should all keep in mind.

More pressingly, look out for Willem claiming to help Ellen loose weight the next time they go out! Walkeing her all the way home almost certainly means inviting himself in again, and the excuse she had last time for saying no cannot be re-used.  

My mother gave me some WHITE SHOULDER’S and on those FEW ocassion’s when I still need to use it, I do, b/c I normally do NOT use perfume at all. I think it is b/c Guy’s like to NUZZELL up to me and if I wear perfume, it ONLEY give’s them another excuse b/c they are alway’s saying “OOOH, I love your perfume. What is it?” So if I don’t wear it, they cannot do it. YAY!
You do have to stay very clean and shower EVERY day, so that you smell if at all, only like the SOAP you use. That is what I do. I use Safegard soap and I smell very little. Men need to bathe more often b/c they smell bad if they do not. I do not like the smell of the stuff they put on b/c it onley cover’s over their smell and that mean’s you get 2 smells, and 2 is NOT better than one. DOUBEL FOOEY!
I am goieng out tonite with Willem. He is stoppeing by at 5:30 and we are walkeing over to 3rd Avenue and we will find a place to eat. He then said he would walk me all the way home b/c I need to get into a size 0 by the end of the year and he PLEDGED to help in any way that he could. I am not sure wether this means’ I have a new walk buddy or not. We shall see. YAY!
  • Just remember, even if you don’t lose weight you can find a brand that runs larger and fit into that 0.

SCHRUNCHIES, and they are NOT cheep

Indeed. The only way that the Igor and Oleg storyline could get more Ellen was that a multipack of schrunchies was involved; done. One word of consolation, though: I think they ARE cheep. In the $3 range for a five-pack of ribbed ones in various colors at my local drugstore, at least. Or does she treat them as disposable? The other explanation would be that Ellen's were couture, but that's never been her speed.

Rosa is running a HALLOWEEN party for kid’s that are about that AGE also. I will ask her and get back to you if she has any idea’s for you! YAY!
I discovered this MORNING when I was packeing my Gym bag to go to the NYSC, that all of my SCHRUNCHIES are missing! There is NO WAY those could have got lost, and I have absoluteley NO idea what Igor or Oleg would do with a SCHRUNCHIE. First of all SCHRUNCHIES are way to small to use as SWEATBAND’S and Igor is BALD, so he can not even use it in case he had hair. Oleg has some hair, but NOT enough to use a SCHRUNCHIE. What would these men do with my SCHRUNCHIES anyway? This is getting wierder and wierder with them. Dad say’s they still are traveling in “the states” and will be comeing back thru NYC to take their plane back to BUDAPEST in November, so I will get to see them before they leave. I do NOT want to get anywhere near their duffle bag’s, which sureley will have more dirty clothe’s in them, but I BET that they will have my pantie’s and SCHRUNCHIES in there. But DAD says NOT to bring it up with them. WHY? Now I have to go out and buy all new SCHRUNCHIES, and they are NOT cheep, and NOW the manageing partner will NOT pay for them. FOOEY!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

cool as a Kukeumbar

This first sentence may be the most reliable asset in Ellen's spelleing repertoire. Still, I'd be surprised if we never saw "TEIM" or some such, especially after Dad moves to North Carolina where his wisdom is not so easily accessed. 

My father alway’s tell’s me there is NO “I” in the word “team”. So that mean’s that we on the team, as MEMBER’s, Have to work together if we are to suceed. I would give them more time to settel in with you b/c it takes time for a team to learn how to work together. Beside’s, you have JUST had a baby (YAY!), and you should remember that your hormone’s are still rageing and will NOT settel down for a while. Also, being in a new place with HUSBAND and BABY can be a little unerveing — I know it would be for me and I usualy am cool as a Kukeumbar, according to the manageing partner, that is. So relax, take it easy and you will do well. And if after mabye a year you still don’t GELL with the team, you can start to look for another job. But for now, remember, RELAX (if you can) !!!!! YAY!!!!

I can only handel one banker at a time.

Really? I don't see any reason not to alternate date's between Willem and Sam, if they're actually both in the running. Time's a-wastin' given that Ellen has been almost 35 years old for 7 years and counting.

I agree with these thought’s and have to post them in my office b/c they apply to a certain EXTENT to the depo’s that I do. I recently posted about some special thing’s I learned about how to handel the plaintiff’s and their council, and these are even better! YAY! I like the one about looking awake, and my rule is even better. Put them on edge so that they get distracted. It is alot like when you are giveing a speech, to think that every one in the room is actueally NAKED (even tho they are NOT).
The manageing partner is giveing another CLE on the Antitrust Law, and he asked me to dust off my PowerPoint Slide’s from last year. I made the corection’s but NOW need to update them for the Supreme Court cases decided in DC since last year on Antitrust. I will GOOGLE them but if anyone in the HIVE is an antitrust EXPERT, let me know so I do NOT miss any case’s! YAY!
SAM, of all peeople called. I think Myrna put him up to it b/c she thought Willem was tryeing to get a cheap shot in with me. I was very cordial, but am VERY hesiteant to start anything up with him again, b/c he can be VERY posessive. FOOEY! I have to give WILLEM a shot, and if he strike’s out, fine, then Sam can try again, but not yet…..Doubel Fooey! I can only handel one banker at a time. YAY!!!!!!

who knows what else they were rummageing thru

Interesting: presented with the information that Ellen's panties are missing after Igor and Oleg slept over, Dad had to weigh his paranoia about men's sexual designs on Ellen against family loyalty/face-saving, and the latter won! (Remembering that it's still possible these two are lying about who they are, we should expand "family" to include jackass CIA acquaintances from 40 years ago...) Of course, no matter how obvious it may be to everyone else that I and O have been rummageing, I have a feeling Dad has the last word on this issue as with every other. 

And yes, tesyaa--Ellen is either secretly senior or just has a certain vintage about her tastes, colloquialisms, and moray's. 

Oooo! I love TAHARI, and mabye when I go up to see Rosa this weekend, we can stop in at Nordstrom’s! YAY!!!!!!
Mom told Dad about my missing pantie’s and he said the cleaneing lady probabley took them, or I left them at the NYSC. I know I did NOT leave my pantie’s at the NYSC (that is SILLY), and the cleaneing lady is probabley a size 16 — her tuchus is even bigger then Franks, so there is NO way she could wear them, and I do NOT think she realy want’s to give away used pantie’s to anyone.
I checked around and did NOT see anything missing, but I can NOT find my UBS drive that I use to bring Word document’s home from work to plug into my MACBOOK AIR, and then back. It is NOT worth alot, mabye $10 or less, but it also had some picture’s on it that peeople had sent me over the year’s. Nothing I can NOT replace — most are on my MacBOOK, but still, I wonder if Oleg or Igor know anything about that. FOOEY if they do. DOUBEL FOOEY b/c who knows what else they were rummageing thru while I was at work and out with Willem? I did let Oleg use my MacBook, so mabye he was lookeing around in my machine also? FOOEY!
Willem is droppeing by the office today, so I wore my new Cashemere Sweater. It is very soft and nice, and I got it on SALE at Lord and Taylor’s! YAY!!! I hope he says nice thing’s. Frank has already said I look good and even Lynn wanted to know where I got it. I hope Willem like’s it! YAY!!!!!
  • Wildkitten :
    You should use dropbox for files you want to keep but not just on your computer.
  • This is SO Ellen, to say “Lord & Taylor’s” like someone’s great-aunt would say.. Even though Ellen is young, she’s a bubbie (grandma) at heart. I guess I’m stating the obvious.

[The Sunshine Girls go Out to Dinner]

Sometime's I think I'm being tested.

SSG, would you be more forthcoming here about this outing? 15-18 people is alot; did you allow men to join you? Are you expecting Ellen or Myrna and Sam, post-work? Let me know how this goe's. 

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a mid-priced eclectic restaurant in mid-town Manhattan where 15-18 people are able to order off the menu and still get in and out within 90 minutes (with dessert and coffee) We do not want to go for the standard 3 choice bland menu of chicken, fish or meat alternatives, but do not want to have to sit and wait F O R E V E R!
  • Anonymous :
    I think your ask is pretty much impossible with regards to the time constraint + large group + eclectic.
  • Is this for something like a pre-theater dinner? Would the group go for Mexican? Toloache on 50th might work.

even tho thing’s look down now

A grab bag of all-purpose Ellen advice! Don't worry too much about work, nor aim too high, but make sure you're meeting enough men and avoiding those who don't make adequate $$$. 

Dont worry. I am so sorry, and Hug’s to you. I started out like you, but you sound smart and you can make it as a lawyer if you have a nice workeing environment, even tho thing’s look down now. You are young, and HAVE to stick it out, at least for now. I agree with you that a 1 hour comute stink’s, but you should NOT worry yet about bringeing in busness, at least not for this firm. I do NOT know what city you are in, but the job market is hardley robust, so best to stay put before thinkeing of moveing to another place. If you are thinkeing of another city, you have NOT mentioned a boyfreind. If you have a boyfreind, make sure you hold on to him if he is making good money and there a posibility of marrage in the picture. That could get you out of this situation pretty quickley, particularley if you want to have children. If there is no boyfreind, are you abel to find a guy around who is worth marrying? You could join a health club and maybe find a guy there, but do NOT date the trainor, b/c they will NOT be abel to support you. You should also join a bar association and meet peeople who can help you to get another job if you want to move out of your firm. You also can learn law there and can teach CLE’s there where you can meet guy’s. I hope I have given you some idea’s but rememember that we all need to stick together. YAY!

think’s that Mabye Igor is a klepotmanic

I did NOT see that po’st, but HUG’s are SURELEY in order. FOOEY on any man that get’s us pregenant then says he want’s OUT. FOOEY on them. I hope his next girlfreind knows he did this and does NOT fall into the same trap. That is why Myrna has NOT slept with ANY guy’s who do NOT bring protection, and that is good. After Alan, I do NOT sleep at all with guy’s now so this is a MOOT point, but I need to remember this if any guy become’s serius with me like Willem or Roberta’s son (tho he is a longshot at this point, b/c he does NOT come home often and I am NOT goieng to visit with him in Philaedephia. FOOEY!
Willem wants me to go out to dinner tonite, but I am goeing with Myrna to a resturant in Rockefeller Center that I saw with Igor and Oleg. Mom is livid about Igor and remembers that he was there in Budapest year’s ago, and think’s that Mabye Igor is a klepotmanic if NOT also a cross dresser. I just do NOT know, but am planneing to go to Lord and Taylor this weekend to replace my panties and anything else I can not find. To bad I can NOT bill it to the firm b/c the relaeatives did NOT do anything work related. FOOEY!

alot of Ann Klein and even some Calvin Klein

Ellen's weight is still back on the downswing, we hear? I note that CRUMB'S may be being replaced by Shake Shack as her go-to, but it's not clear if there's any health gain there. 

Meanwhile, characterization of Harold as a slacker Gen-X wannabe has been quite consistent compared to some other minor presences in our story. The only thing about him that doesn't quite compute for me, come to think of it, is a years-long pursuit of Ellen. But I guess we can never forget how transcendentally irresistible she is...

I am like you. I like to dress very conservative, which often mean’s alot of Ann Klein and even some Calvin Klein, but not to flashy. That allow’s me to buy multipel’s of the same skirt so that if I get food stain’s on one, I can swap in another. Also, b/c I have been looseing weight, I have multiple sizes of the same skirt, one in size 4, one in size 2, and one in size 0 –which is still unworn. FOOEY!, but I hope to get into the size 0 by New Year’s!!! YAY!!! I have to stay away from the turkey gravy this Thank’sgiving with Mom! Or I will let Rosa eat all of it with the kid’s eateing the stuffing.
Willem called me at home on the cell; I told him he could use my land line, just not to use the land line at work b/c Lynn is starteing to think I actualey have a life outside of work. Dateing guy’s from a restrunt who grope me or others who just want sex with me is NOT the kind of life I am lookeing for. I want a guy who is proud of me and who respects me even if I do NOT have sex with him, but if he is all that abel to provide for me and our children, and then I would have sex with him. It realy is NOT a dificult proposition, but guy’s just want to wham bam thank you maam and move on. That is why I do NOT want to get started with Harold. I am sure he would like to see me WITHOUT my clotheing on, have his way, then take off afterward’s if I let him. FOOEY on that. He is a skater, and I do NOT think he is even workeing. Beside’s he is way to young for me, and being related to the manageing partner is NOT something I need in my life. FOOEY!

he is goeing to HAVE to go with me to Brook’s Brother’s

A Shake Shack + clothe's shopping outeing with MP, Margie directing action behind the scenes. At first I wondered why anything between these two colleagues surprises me anymore, and then I realized this excursion does have a new flavor to it: a) they're going alone rather than with a group, as they often do to the Hamton's etc; b) Manageing Partner is supposed to be trying on suits and springing for a new one of his own. To me this signifies a new vulnerability that doesn't come from e.g. making Ellen root around his office for old discarded muffins. 

Cat, I agree this is a VERY pretty dress! Great Selection!!!! I would rather have it short on the bottom, and risk men lookeing at my LEGS, then having it low cut and haveing men stareing at my boobie’s. This one I will get b/c I can see it at BROOK’S BROTHER’s near Grand Central, where I was goeing to walk today to get lunch. I told the manageing partner about the Shake Shack and he is goieng to try it out with me for lunch, but that now mean’s that he is goeing to HAVE to go with me to Brook’s Brother’s. He is weareing a schleppy suit today, so I will call Margie and have her call the manageing partner and tell him to shop for a nice one while we are there. That way, we can spend MORE time (and money) there together, and I can get him to approve the dress on the SPOT! YAY!!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

an interneational incident

Latest development's in the case of the missing undergarments. We actually don't know anything new from this, just that Mom is prepared to point fingers (though she may well have her own reasons for doing so, as highlighted below).

Other (previous) highlight: motive attributed to pantie thieves has gone from dressing up in drag to...providing American textiles to their best girls back home. If Ellen is going to be so devoid of suspicion, I can assume ELLENWatch commenter's will not. Remember, after all, that Igor and Oleg only had the opportunity to pick through her laundry in the first place because she made sure to have overnight guests (them) on the night she went out with Willem so that he couldn't insist on coming in. It's a fooey at every turn, I say-- avoiding one loss of virtue seems only to lead us into another. 

Yes, me too. I agree it is GREAT that you went to thereapy! DOUBEL KUDO’s to you. I spoke to my mom about the pantie’s and she suspects the releatives. Evidentley, many year’s ago dad went with her to Budapest and they stayed with the relative’s and when they were headeing out, Dad could NOT find mom’s duffel bag, which had alot of dirty clotheing. Everyone started lookeing around, and hour’s later, it turned up, but w/o alot of dad’s clotheing and mom’s stuff that was in the duffel bag. Mom think’s that they liked their clotheing so much they took it, but that was year’s ago, and I went with Igor and Oleg to H&M, Lord and Taylor’s and Macy’s and also Sak’s Fifth Avenue, so they sureley did NOT need to take my laundry to bring home to their relative’s or girlfreind’s. It was not even new OR clean for that matter. FOOEY! b/c now I am goeing to have to go out to Macy’s and spend mabye $50 on some replacement clotheing and the manageing partner will NOT reimburese me for any clotheing that he can NOT see. That include’s pantie’s, bra’s and stockeing’s. DOUBEL FOOEY! And mom want’s to tell dad about it because it is HIS side of the family, and mom is fed up with Grandma Leyeh saying his side of the family is desended from ROYALTY. Tripel FOOEY b/c I do NOT want to create an interneational incident. What about the hive? Has anyone ever had their releative’s take any of their clotheing, or is this just happeneing to me? OMG, what a NIGHTMARE! FOOEY!