Thursday, June 2, 2011

have to kiss alot of frogs and beleive me, I have

I wonder if this was the post in which Ellen first announced she had broken up with Alan. I have not found any other as of yet.

Ellen June 2, 2011 at 5:45 pm
There is SO much good advise here that I REALY can not add to much to it. But all I can say is that you have to be REALY carful when it comes to matters of the heart. My dad told me I would have to kiss alot of frogs and beleive me, I have, but what is logical for one person is not for another.
You are probabley right that the guy is a jerk, but she has some need for that or she would have dumped his sorry ass along time ago.
So I would tred very carfully around the issue, but show her other examples where men have been assholes. You can EVEN show her my post, b/c I thought Alan (an accountant) would be the PERFECT guy for me and then he turned out to be an alchoholic, perferring the bottle every night over ME! What a DOPE my dad says.
So it is hard, tell her, to have to dump him, but believe me, she will get over it, as I have, even though I do NOT have a BOYFRIEND yet. I am hopful I will get a new boyfriend who is NOT an alchoholic. I do NOT even care if he is an accountant or a lawyer at this point, only that he loves me and RESPECTS me.
Good luck to her. YOU are a angel she should apreciate!

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