Monday, April 28, 2014

b/c once she get’s to porky (and over 30)

I promi'sed to post about the sit-down with Lynn, and here we go. 

I actually don't follow Ellen's reasoning at all (a first, I know!) If ultimately she plans to detach from Lynn's marriage and weight dilemmas, and accepts with serenity about the worst possible findings from this conversation, then why did she bother initiating it at all? "Oh ok--you're just having a lot of sex now and hoping he prefers your moves and cooking over other women's over the long term, even as you're gaining weight by the day? I should probably focus on myself right now anyway." Who is porky and over 30? 

Yes, I already pointed out that Ellen might as well have staged this dialogue with herself. I was about to nominate a thin, securely married woman from this narrative as a better person to issue Lynn's warning, but come to think of it we do not have such a person. Lorrie/Laurie, in DC, is divorced, and we all know what Ed's "working late" means for the pregnant Rosa. 

Yay! I love Ann Taylor and this dress! Even tho it is a V neck, the V is not to deep, so Frank will realy have to look deep if he is mineing for boobie gold. I will ask the manageing partner if I can buy it, b/c I love the littel black dress look, and I should be abel to wear it into court, at least in the Summer. YAY!!!!
I had a good talk with Lynn. She can realy eat! But anyway, I warned her about getting to close to Mason emotionaly b/c he is not yet mature enough to handel a real relationship. She said she understood, but she is also getting alot out of it. He is at least clean, she say’s, and he has not been with alot of women so she is abel to teach him thing’s, which he is very apreaciateive of. She does not think he want’s to marry her, yet, but she is hopeing that he will turn out positive, meaning that he will get addicted to what she does for him rather than goeing out and testing whether other women will do better for him, emotionaly as well as in the bedroom and the kitchen. She told me a few gross things about him which I will NOT share based on privacy reason’s but all in all, she could do alot worse, considering she does NOT have a college degree and is looseing her figure to quickley. FOOEY!
I did warn her that she should get married while she is still cute, b/c once she get’s to porky (and over 30), w/o a degree that make’s her marketable in the busness world, guy’s will not want to marry her, or even have sex with her. She was very nice and thanked me for the pasta. She took some back with her and I saw Mason eateing it at around 5 yesterday. They are both back in and again she is weareing the same dress as yesterday, so she did NOT go home as I thought she would, but spent the night again with him. I hope this does not backfire on her. But we all have to live our lives, and now I have to find my OWN guy who will do thing’s for ME! YAY!!!!


  1. Yes, you are probably right about the irony of Ellen giving advice, since she has many of the same troubles keeping men she attracts. But as yet, I don't recall her shacking up with a guy other than Allen, and certainly not so quickly. So my guess is that she is urging Lynn to hold back a bit, and not "spoil" Mason into a daily routine of cafeteria coitus (i.e. whatever form of it he wants on a given day, Lynn gives him with a smile). Ellen likely metes out her favours sparingly -- witness the longing of Sam and Willem, neither of whom likely more than a peck on the cheek (and it was not at all likely their butt cheek either!)

    Even if Ellen is a tad chunky, she can still advise Lynn to keep up her figure because once she puts on the Freshman 15 (or its equivalent living with Mason and washing his underwear), she will be less desirable to others, if not also Mason. The last thing she needs is to turn into a dishtowel for his sexual whims. No one wants a cocky lawyer telling her what to do and how and when, etc.

    So even if Ellen is not the most logical one to educate Lynn, at least she is doing so with a good heart, and with any luck, Lynn will not be used and abused by men like Mason, tossing her aside after he has had his way with her and she has put on a few pounds.

  2. Seika, Ellen means well, and I am sure has morals, but she should already have had values instilled in her by the time she was 21, or little advice from Ellen will be heeded by Lynn. Lynn I think comes from a different socio-economic background where sex outside of marriage is hardly frowned upon; quite the opposite, among people like her, sex is pretty much a given after introductions and a few beers. Lynn likely engaged in many sexual experienced long before she got a job as a secretary, and that could well have included a variety of risky undertakings which need not be spelled out here. That is why sex with Mason is so easy -- by everyone's understanding, Mason is a newbie to the world of sex and he is likely living up every moment of it with Lynn, utilizing every orifice available to him.

  3. Lynn clearly is taking it up the pooper from her men. Her weight gain may be coming from ingesting other caloric secretions.