Monday, April 21, 2014

OFTEN does NOT come in with fresh clotheing

Don't you all just have the patience of saint's!!!! After an unannounced multi-week hiatus, ELLENWatch is risen. I can make no excuses. (Though, for all you know, I was just waiting to see when Anonymous would finally break down and post a long backlog for me!) For the record, I did not spend the time in bed with Gonzalo, Alan, or Harold. Any other guesses, though? 

Looks to me like the critical updates are: 1) Willem is tired of the runaround and rescinded his offer to marry Ellen after she decided not to go to Belgum to meet his fam; 2) Ellen still needs to loose some waight; 3) Ed is even more reasonably suspect as cheating on Rosa. Extra long hours at work? Mmmmhmmmm. 

I'll try to do better, but I know better than to over-promise. Who knows what else I may have in this little life of mine?Thank's again for baring with me, though.

I am planning to take Lynn out to Lunch at the CELLAR in Macy’s. She love’s PASTA and they make a GREAT Garlic Penne Pasta. Now that she is dateing Mason, she doesn’t care that much about her wieght, so she is up for the PASTA. I want to spend a littel time alone with her (away from Mason), since they seem to be liveing together, I think at Mason’s apartement. I can tell b/c she is the one that OFTEN does NOT come in with fresh clotheing, haveing spent the nite before at HIS place. I have to warn her not to get to lazy yet, b/c he has NOT yet agreed to marry her. I found out she is NOT pregenent yet b/c she was complaieneing about her period so you can NOT be pregenent and have that also. That is a good thing b/c Mason is way to young to father a child, tho I am NOT. FOOEY!


  1. The prodigal daughter returns! Welcome back! We thought we lost you to Willem or Sam. Let's hope we don't have to wait another 2 weeks for you to wake up and post again.

  2. Is Mason still having sex with Lynn?