Tuesday, April 1, 2014

women who have been abel to harness their men

Here was Ellen's response to the April Fool's post asking what kinds of articels Corporette readers would like to see. (She may not have noticed that DAD was invited to join a roundtable on Living One's Life Correctly--reading comprehension has never been one of Ellen's strengths.) I'd actually love to see such a thread too, however! "Manageing Your Men: From Home to Office."

I would like to see a special place on Corporete where profesional women like me can discuss the dificultie’s associated with balance work and a career with home and family issue’s. Personaly, I think I have figured out the work thing pretty well, but the personal family side is a mess. FOOEY! Men are so dificult to figure out and I would LOVE to hear from women who have been abel to harness their men (like Rosa) and have a good family life as MARRIED HUSBAND AND WIFE, so that the wife (me) can enjoy a home life rather then haveing to bill 6600 hour’s a year so that the manageing partner get’s rich on his 53 foot boat or whatever it is. In my case, I think the manageing partner just think’s of me as a billeing machine who can generate alot of revenue so that he and Margie can live big at the Hampton’s while I slave away day and night to keep up my billeings. A place on this websight where women can trade tip’s on how to handel men would be great Kat! YAY!!!!

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  1. Ellen, tho somewhat inarticulate, raises a good point. How to horse-tie men so that they won't do something embarassing, or worse yet, dip their wicks into places they don't belong. This would be a great thread either here or on Corporette. Men need to know that we women are not to be taken lightly, and they need to behave if they are to expect any dividend payout from us.