Tuesday, April 1, 2014

YAY! B/c That is what I want

I never knew that Ellen wanted an SUV to go with her suburban home, family, and job-free second lease on life! I don't believe she has a car at all right now, but this dream, at least, is attainable by merit. 

Dad's freind's son has yet to make his official entrance, but again I say...give this guy a name! Remember, Frank is taken by two characters at this point. Try something else. Like BROCK or ROCK.

I agree. These are cute, but I could not wear them at work b/c Frank would be stareing at my leg’s as well as my tuchus, particulearely if I took off the jacket. I have enough of an issue with the manageing partner b/c I do NOT think he would reimburse me for this outfit. It IS, however, one that ROSA could wear if she EVER decided she needed to go back into the 9-5 workeforce. But for now, with raiseing the kid’s and manageing her house and housekeepeing in Chapeauqa, she is already VERY busy; to busy to even think about workeing OUTSIDE the house. YAY! B/c That is what I want for me. A beautiful house, kid’s and a husband that work’s hard to make sure there is enough money to pay for all of that, and my NEW SUV!
I spoke with the manageing partner about the extra 600 hour’s and he told me that he could NOT even consider anything new b/c he has a new BUDGET that he is workeing on that factor’s in our new space, which he has NOT found yet, but which he say’s will cost alot more, and give me a WINDOW! I told him I would perfer not to have a window as long as I got $75K and kept my clotheing allowance. He said I could not have both in his budget, which ONLEY has me down for the clotheing allowance. He told me I may be luckey to be abel to keep the clotheing allowance with all of the increased cost’s. He said to talk to Frank about the space, but Frank is in the toilet again, with his NY P’ost readeing about the MET’s! FOOEY! Why do men alway’s read in the toilet?
Dad’s freind’s son is goeing to call. He was NOT abel to come to my birtheday party on Sunday, but his dad took home some Corn Beef for him. Eveidenteally he is a big deli fan like me–YAY! At least he is not a complete looser! I hope he is abel to meet me. Myrna also want’s to meet him, so I will sugest that he take us BOTH out. He will be luckey to have two beautiful women to entertain and we will get good food out of it! YAY!!!!!

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  1. Again, Ellen is being taken advantage of because she can generate much revenue for the firm. The managing partner is not even holding out a carrot at this point, but if I were Ellen, I would insist on fair recompense for the extra hours. $75K might be too much; but $50K would not. If she threatens to walk out, I'll bet that bald guy will pony up the money.