Monday, April 7, 2014

It is a littel MACHO

EXPERRIME'NT!!! I am leaveing out Ellen post's that I missed! Can you possibly handel it, readers? I know just about everyone who is real and can walk through the world will forgive me, but I have some extremely persnickety phantom readers (all employed at S&S--huge firm that it is). For those of you who do feel this might bring about the world's end, please post either neglected material or editorial's on same in the COMENTS! Yay!!!

As to the text at hand: gross but predictable that a judge is hitting on Ellen. More surprising that she thinks he's a prospect for Myrna--how so? If anything, Myrna has more leverage on the dating scene, and unlike Ellen she has nothing to gain career-wise by cozying up on the bench.

Yay! Open thread’s! I love Open thread’s! And Friday, b/c I am on my way soon to go eat Frittatta’s at home with Myrna.
But as for the OP, who wan’ts a good place to eat between the THEATER District and Penn Station, I think your best bet is Ruth Chriss’s Steak House. It is a littel MACHO, with dark wood everywhere, but they have GREAT food and Potatoe’s that dad absolutely forbid’s me to eat b/c it goes directley to my tuchus he say’s. But I do NOT mind eating alot of potatoe’s b/c they are so good with sour cream on them and the steak’s are VERY juicy b/c there is alot of MARBELING (meaning fatty, but good).
You DO have to tell them NOT to grill the steak’s with BUTTER ON THEM b/c that only makes it MORE Calories then what you need, but if you forget, it is so good (but not for your tuchus). If you are goieng to the theater, just look up where they are — I think somewhere around 49th street. You could also go to Capital Grille, which is similar, but there are some waiter’s there that love to stare at my boobie’s, so make sure to wear a TURTELNECK so they won’t see anything.
I met a judge today at Macy’s, where I was lookeing at their big sale’s this weekend. The judge recognized me from Center Street, but I do NOT think I ever had a case in front of him. He is freind’s with my Judge, but he does NOT handel WC cases on Special Term. He asked if I was married, but he could see I had NO ring. I said no, so he said I should drop by his chamber’s the next time I was in court and we could talk. I realy did NOT know what to say so I just said that mabye I would tho I have to do 600 more hours, and my time with him would NOT be billeable unless I could find some NEXXUS to a case I was working on. He said that our talk could be viewed as general education, and I said that the manageing partner let’s me allocate those hour’s to my cleint’s.
He is a little old for me (mabye 55), but he said he work’s out at the NYSC downtown. He said he saw me with my lit bag, and remembered me to be very “strikeing”. I hope I do NOT stand out that much in a crowd, but this guy sure knew alot about me.
I will have to tell Myrna about this judge, b/c he could have some possibilitie’s for Myrna, if not for me. She is younger, but she is very worldly and could talk to this guy about alot of thing’s I can NOT. FOOEY b/c I need a smart guy, but I think this guy onley makes about $150,000 / year, and that is NOT enough to support me and my children. I also do NOT think I would like him haveing sex with me b/c he is also bald and need’s to use some kind of Mouthwash. FOOEY!
  • Ellen, you are attracting the wrong men. You need to go to a party with people your own age or you will always have judges, professors and other geriatrics looking to spread their seed after you for your youth and fecundity. These narcissistic men will surely impregnate you if it’s the last thing they do, but won’t be around 20 years down the road for their high school graduations. If you really want a child right now, go to a party in Williamsburg or Dumbo where plenty of men are available for stairwell sex and the kind of anonymity you want to keep losers out of your child’s upbringing. But stay away from geezers who will likely have to shoot many blanks before hitting pay dirt with you.

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  1. Fooey! Ellenwatch You are admitting you are not up to it any more? Try and be more religious and we will stick with you. Otherwise, we will not. Fooey! Ellen has a stalker in the courthouse, and you dismiss him as a fuddy-duddy. I would be more alert if I were Ellen. Warn her!