Monday, March 31, 2014

I learned from mom to be pateint

For anyone who missed it, and while we're talking about tax probelems, here is the background on why Ellen's firm owes so much. No surprise that she's expected to take the fall now, and Dad is of course full of tough talk now that his consulting fees are locked down and he's safe from all other blowback. My outlook on this prospect for a raise is dim at best, too--though it seem's Ellen earnestly wonders whether keeping the clotheing allowance is more important anyway. 

Fooey! I love this FURLA Satchel, but I just bought another one, and it’s to late to return it b/c the baby spit up on it this weekend at Dad’s house. DOUBEL FOOEY!
I learned from mom to be pateint and not to let men fluster me. The manageing partner has been pusheing for me to get new busness b/c we need to make more money to pay the tax bill, but I realy think I should NOT be responsibel for that b/c I did NOT get a partnership share in those year’s, which must of been alot bigger b/c they were short paying the taxe’s. But NO, the manageing partner want’s me to carry the load on it and pay it off thru more work so that he and his dad can make alot more money. FOOEY!
Dad say’s I should negotiatite for a $75,000 raise, b/c He figure’s if I am going to HAVE TO work another 600 hours (at $700/hour), that is breinging in another $420,000 GROSS into the billiengs, so I should get the equivealant of a “tip” of $75K, which is less then 18%. It make’s alot of sense to me, but I wonder if the manageing partner is goeing to get MAD at me, like he alway’s does when I ask for more money. I DO have expenses, and I DO love this satchel, but I worry that he will take away my clotheing allowance if he gives me another $75K. What does the hive think? Should I even ask for it? Why do I have these delimmas? Why can’t I just get prince Charming to find me and MARRY me already so I can have kid’s! I am so stressed over this now. TRIPEL FOOEY!


  1. I never knew how much Ellen worked before! No wonder her boss loves her. I would take the $75k and give up the clothing allotment, but that is just me. BTW, how many other firms give their employees a clothing allotment?

  2. Ellen needs to find a rich guy and start breeding. Sam is probably the best bet, tho he is not local and that is not a good thing. What about Benjamin, the tax guy? Isn't she due to go see the cherry blossoms? Perhaps love may also bloom in DC, as this is where Ellen was likely defrocked for the first time, I think?

  3. Ellenwatch, have you gone back into hybernation, or are your fingers too busy to respond. Wake up and Sing, said Clifford Odets. Time for you to start your holiday chanting, Ellenwatch.