Wednesday, December 11, 2013

all I need is a non-drunk man to marry me.

Thank's for weighing in, Baconpancakes. We'll see if Ellen took your wise counsel to heart. 

FOOEY! I disagree. I think that b/c Children will alway’s be there, even if the marrage dissolve’s, So you MUST put children first b/c you bring them into the world, you must take care of them.
If I ever had had a child with Alan (which was lucky that I did NOT), I would haveto care for the child, but NOT Alan. He became an alchoholic I no longer needed in my life. So it helps to be abel to get rid of husband’s who are losers, but you will alway’s have children. Fortunately, I do NOT have to worry about it. I need a NEW GUY to marry me and to have a baby with me so that I can have both. I also have a good job that I enjoy doing, so all is well for now. Since I already have a coop apartement to live in, all I need is a non-drunk man to marry me. If only I can find a guy to marry I will have everything I need. YAY!
Myrna gave me the number of her freind’s freind in Myrtle Beach and want’s me to call him. FOOEY! Men should call women, right?

Baconpancakes :
Ellen, you’re a strong and independent woman! You don’t have to wait for him to call you! If you call and have a great conversation, you can tell him to call you, and then if he doesn’t FOOEY on him, but if he does you’ll know he’s interested and willing to put in the effort. Just don’t call him a second time until he calls you, fair’s fair.

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