Tuesday, December 17, 2013

like JOAN OF ARK! YAY!!!!

Well, I was right, if I may say so myself, that the coat Ellen recently donated had been gifted by her parent's less than a year ago! I thought she was more economical than this, but then again apparently Dad did too. Maybe the truth is she's about to bust through its seams and just doesn't want to admit it? Out with the old, and shoppeing for new, to gloss over the fact that she needs to go up a size or several?  

As for David, this is a guy who waited more than a year for a second chance. Good to hear, I suppose, that he at least honored personal space/the law and is accordingly getting another date. 

Yes, you make a very good point! I need LEATHER for some thing’s, and swade for other thing’s. I got a new pair of UGGS (which are swade). I am shoppeing for a new coat–the guy’s at the Homeless Care’s place were VERY happy that I gave them my old coat, but thougt I should hold ON to it b/c it was cold out. I said I was giveing back to society this way and they said I was like JOAN OF ARK! YAY!!!! When I told my dad that, he stopped bieng so mad at me for giveing it away!
I went Ice Skateing with David this weekend and the ice was wet and I slipped and got my spandex tight’s all soaked right in my tuchus! I was walkeing around squishing b/c of a wet tuchus. We went back to my place to change and then went out for a while. He is not that bad, tho he is NOT IPOeing any time soon. FOOEY!
Dad says I should MARRY him, but I am NOT sure yet. I will go out with him again b/c he was NOT grabbey. YAY!

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