Thursday, December 12, 2013

the swade I have

So Ellen is takeing the advice of Baconpancakes and, against her own judgment/The Rules, has decided to take the initiative with whom we now know is Luke. Not holding my breath, needless to say, and remember this one is in Myrtle Beach. That's worse than Philly! (Whatever happened with Roberta's son Keith anyway?) 

Mom just got me a pair of UGG boots!
My dress boots had poopie on them so I donated them to the Salvation Army! They said they could clean them.
I need to look for LEATHER b/c the swade I have will NOT make it thru our salty streets in NYC.
I am calling Myrna’s freinds freind, Luke. I have a hard time thinkeing that I could MARRY a guy named LUKE. Mom says it is not a common name. FOOEY!


  1. I think Ellen means that Luke is not a *Jewish* name. It's some kind of tribal revulsion towards dating someone with the name of an apostle. However, Mark is a Jewish name (at least, I know a million Jewish guys named Mark, including plenty of religious ones), so go figure.

    1. A meaningful contribution again, tesyaa. Thank you. The response below, believe it or not, I am sure is also a testament (ha!) to how relevant your input is.

  2. I disagree. When I dated a guy named Lucas, I was always grossed out with his mucus ;). Go figure -- he was Jewish!