Friday, December 6, 2013

[Fred defect's?]

The Sunshine Girls and I are dismayed, and Kanye's tone is appropriate as well. Fred (set up with Ellen by her BIL) stopped by the office and apparently ended up distracted by the young-ish secretary! He must not have taken too many pains to hide it, either. 

Ellen wasn't even sure she was all that interested, but they had a date coming up and she was beginning to evaluate her career future if she pulled up all stakes and decamped to LI for him. Maybe Lynn should go in her place--she's single as far as I know. Then Manageing & MANAGEING can hire somebody older and saggier for the front desk so this sort of thing doesn't keep happening. 

Fred is here. FOOEY! He’s flirting with Lynn.


  1. I would be there to comfort her. Of course I'd expect a quid pro quo in the sack.

    1. You, my friend, are a loser that no self respecting woman would take "in the sack". We might kick you there, but that's all.