Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the banana’s and the peache’s

My favorite part of this post is the cautionary words about the heedless and hot Lynn. Remember how Fred misfired by hitting on her last week when he was supposed to be at the office to pick up Ellen? Anyway, our girl is about a decade older and she's concerned about the secretary's singledom. Personally, I'm not worried about Lynn. Not only is she young, but uneducated is a nice, secure, attractive place to be for a gold digger. Focus back on the issue, Ellen: you're not getting any younger OR less profesionel! The Husband 911 call is on nobody but U!

Lower down, a movie recommendation seconded by many. Agreeing with Ellen on some things is less concerning than on others.

Hug’s to you. You rest up so that the babie’s will be healthy and HAPPY! YAY!!
I am lookeing forward to the day when I will be haveing two babie’s, mabye one at a time tho, b/c I am NOT sure that my body can handel 2 at a time, tho I do have a littel of a POT BELLY, but I think that is b/c I eat to much.
I got a fruit basket from Sam — he want’s to date me still even tho he showed me his winkie, and that was not some thing I wanted to see. There was a lot of fruit in the basket that reminded me of that day and his winkie, and I laughed and told Lynn and Frank they could have the banana’s and the peache’s. So funny! I am leaveing the basket at work so that we can eat some thing OTHER then Crumb’s. My tuchus is so large that I am sureley going to have to start wearing YOGA PANT’S to work, even tho the manageing partner has forbidden us from wearing pant’s.
The janitor stopped by and he wants to go out with Lynn. I am not sure if Lynn want’s that b/c she is used to dealing with lawyer’s and investigator’s but I said why not? He seem’s like a nice guy and he was the one who fixed the toilet that Frank stuffed up so he IS very HANDY!
Lynn said she would think about it, but I am goieng to encourage her b/c she is not getting any younger (at 25 — with onley a high school diploma), and she needs to start haveing babie’s soon, like me. YAY!!!!!


I absolutely LOVE the movie “LOVE ACTUALLY” It is the BEST Movie and so Romantic. The guy’s are MEN and the women are pretty and everything is so HAPPY.
And the song’s are so great. My dad even get’s teery eyed with the singing and he is very UNEMOTIONAL. Mom like’s it too. Grandma Leyeh even sing’s the song….Everyone Says I love you….the dog in the kitchen and the kitty too…. the preacher too says I love you. YAY!!!!
Anyone in the HIVE that has NOT seen “LOVE ACTUALLY” should run right out and get the DVD! It is my alltime favorite. YAY!!!!

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