Wednesday, December 4, 2013

with a SNAKE and gas masks

Not sure when Mrs. Barshevsky's birthday is, exactly. I say her surprise gift is a divorce! God knows she's earned it by now. 

What a coincence! We are planning my mom’s 60th, so I will have to come back and read the IDEA’S on this thread! Yay and thank’s for raising the ISSUE. Rosa is takeing the lead on the party, but we are thinkeing of hosteing the party at a hotel, b/c we do NOT want peeople spilling schmutz all over her persian carpet, and needless to say, I onley have a 2 BR coop that can NOT handel the 50 or so peeople Rosa is inviteing. We thought of having peeople go to Rosa’s but that is in the middel of NOWHERE, in Chapaqua, and many peeople would be coming all the way from LI up there so we FOOEYED that Idea. Grandma Leyeh has a very big apartement in the Bronx, but in not such a great block, and we would NOT want peeople to drive there and have their tire’s stolen. So there are a few hotel’s on LI we are lookeing at, one in Garden City and some in Manhattan, but they are very expensive. Fortunately, Dad said he would pick up the entire tab, b/c as he says, you are ONLEY 60 once! He passed that 2 year’s ago.
Frank caused a probelem today at work, b/c he backed up the firm’s toilet. He said it was b/c of Thanksgiving, but this is Tuesday already and I can NOT beleive this is the first time he has had to go since he ate turkey, but he said that turkey “binds him”. FOOEY! All I know is that the building maintance guy’s had to come up here with a SNAKE and gas masks. DOUBEL FOOEY! I am glad I took a long lunch b/c it was NOT plesant to be sitting in my office this morning. FOOEY!


  1. Frank clearly is a pig, but one that craps up a storm to boot. If he had 4 days worth of poop in him, one can only imagine the sheer volume of poop he let loose in that bathroom. It is no wonder the bowl broke. I pity those that sit anywhere near the bathroom. Ellen's dad must have a boatload of $, since he bought her the 2Bedroom coop in Manhattan, which must be worth at least $700K, and he's footing the entire bill for the party without charging Ellen, which is magnanimous of him!

  2. Wow, Ellen's dad probably has big buckeroos to be able to spring for a 2BR co-op in NY City. That has got to cost mucho dinero!