Monday, December 9, 2013

not totaly wortheless

So we have 3 pound's to loose and none to gain heading into the holiday's. Also, Rosa knows all about Fred's groping, but I'd like to see it passed on to her husband, his buddy, Ed. No, I am not sure he will care, but the more attention on this the better. 

Yay! Pricey Monday! I can almost afford this dresses’s like this! I like the neckline b/c there is NOTHING for Frank to stare at also! YAY!
As for the OP, yes, I walk in to work and I bring a tupperweare container with celery and carot’s so that I have something to snack on (other then the cookie’s the manageing partner has Lynn bring in every day). I still am 3 pound’s over where I should be b/c of all of the Thank’sgiving meal I ate. Mom is also trying to loose weight by walkeing with Dad with a new FITBIT! YAY!
I told Rosa all about Fred and she did NOT like that Fred stuck his hand inside of my sweater. She said he “should NOT be lookeing for his key’s there!”. I agreed, b/c he is NEVER getting the key to my heart, either. FOOEY on FRED! Rosa said he has ALOT of nerve for thinkeing that my boobies could be rented out for the price of a cheap meal. He would NOT even let me eat a second appetizer and I did NOT even have an entreee either! FOOEY on FRED. Myrna’s dog did like the biscut’s tho. So Fred was not totaly wortheless. But I could have gotten Xilo some biscut’s without haveing to have a guy squeeze my boobie’s. FOOEY!
Myrna told me about a guy she met who wanted to marry her last year, but he wanted her to keep workeing b/c she made alot of money and he wanted to be a “housefrau”. I do NOT even know what that mean’s but she said NO. She would NOT suport a guy who just would lay around waiting to give her sex at night. That is what Alan was turneing into, I said and she agreed! We will hereinafter pass on any man that just want’s us to work while they play. Myrna showed me an articel about this in the NY Times that the HIVE should read. We will NOT ever become this. FOOEY!
If I am doieng all the work, should I be also have to come home and start doieng all the housework? NO WAY HOZE! We want men to work and to suport US, not the other way around. FOOEY!

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