Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So we just have a stump there

When a toilet gets chopped down, it leaves a stump that cannot regenerate any new growth on its own. Best wishes to Manageing & MANAGEING LLP for a functioning bathroom asap, or better still a resolution to the longstanding plan to move offices. 

I believe the runner to whom Ellen is responding is our own January, so dear reader please appreciate that the MANAGEING baldness/bad breathe himself has opinions on your exercise plan. 

I am back from Court, and I won 6 out of 7 motion’s! The one that I did NOT win was a motion for attorney’s fees and sanction’s, which I did NOT get granted. The plaintiff said that he was injured, but we have a picture of HIM on the basketball court. The judge said that he could NOT tell if he was just standeing there or playing. I said he had NIKE AIR’s on (not like mine) and short’s so he HAD to be playeing. His lawyer said this was NOT conclusive. The JUDGE dismissed the case, but did NOT award me attorney’s fees and Sanction’s. FOOEY!
As for the OP, I would NOT run on a rainy night with temp’s in the 40′s!!!! Why run at night any way? And if it is in the 40′s you will freeze your tuchus off, particularely if it is rainy and you get soaked. I talked to the manageing partner about this and he said he agreed with me.
We still do NOT have access to the firm’s own toilet. They have to replace the porcelean bowl b/c they broke it when they tried to snake out the toilet. So we just have a stump there which can NOT even be used by Frank or any man for urineation. Now we all go into the hall to make #1 and #2, b/c of Frank’s issue’s. I cant WAIT to move to Park Avenue next year. I have an office with a NICE window lookeing out on Park Avenue. My dad is very proud b/c he was the one who selected MY office from the BLUE Print’s! YAY!
Tomorrow Fred is pickeing me up early so we can eat Italian in Brooklyn. I want a salad with alot of olive’s and mabye some pasta primevera if I starve dureing the day. He said he would drive but I told him we should just take a CAB or the subway. We will have to see how this all work’s out. He is bringeing dog treat’s with him for me to give to Myrna b/c she has a puppy SCHNOUZZER named Xilo. I think Xilo is smarther then alot of men in NYC, tho he also like’s to sniff in place’s he should NOT be sniffeing. FOOEY!


  1. Look at today's post. Fred is already proving himself to be a pig, going after Lynn while waiting for Ellen. If she is to continue with this guy, she cannot expect him to be true to her. As I said on Corporette, which Ellen should read, if not here, Ellen should cry, and not trust any man that is flirting with a younger secretary while waiting to take Ellen out on a date. Clearly, Lynn is attractive, and Fred is already not to be trusted. Men are pigs, so Ellen should keep her ankles locked at all times with him. He is a jerk.

    Ellenwatch, please do what you can to get this guy out of Ellen's life now, before anything happens Ellen may regret.

  2. Frank sure can stink up a can! And Fred is a loser!