Thursday, December 19, 2013

NOT likeley that would hapen.


Alan's mother's given name is brilliantly revealed to be Bertha. Since we already have a Myrna, now we just need a Hildegard (or better). I really didn't think Ellen's names could get much more imaginative (see "alternate names" under Known Information) but this, this was worth waiteing for. 

As to plot points: we do need the full story on this run-in at Bloomie's, but our hunch that Alan's mom still wanted Ellen as a DIL was correct. I see this only going good places.

Ebro, this is EXACTELY what I do. I have learned (from my dad) to be VERY Solicitus of the Manageing partner. He love’s it when I do a good job and give him alot of attention, and he give’s me GIFT’s like the Lord and Taylor card in addtion to the firm annual BONUSSES!
They are NOT discloseing our 2013 bonusses yet, but since I will be a PARTNER as of 1/1/14, I do NOT vote on my 2013 bonus. The manageing partner said it will be alot bigger than 2012 b/c I think I will be abel to bill about 6000 hour’s and he takes an additional 1500 of my hours as OVERVIEW billeing.
Once I am a partner, I think I get to do overview billeing b/c there will be a new associate that I will be manageing that the manageing partner told me is comeing in b/c he knows his dad. This guy is just a kid (about 25) and has NO legal experencce, so the manageing partner says I MUST take him UNDER MY WING. YAY! I just do NOT want him lookeing where he should NOT, and I have to keep him away from Frank if that is even possibel.
Anyway, I will tell the hive later about Bertha Sheketovits, who I bumped into in Bloomie’s. She still want’s Alan to marry me!!!!! I told her I said it was NOT likeley that would hapen.

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