Saturday, December 14, 2013

never did to many bad thing’s at once

So Ellen's being courted over the phone and has yet another plan for her financeaiel security life-long. I actually far perfer the Mega Millions proposition to Grandma Leyeh's, and indeed if she win's (how could she not?) she can promptly tell the old lady, her asswipe son, and all the gross grabbers where to stick it! I love the idea of spinster-partner Ellen never even needing MP for a clothing bonus again. 

Further down, advising someone on what to tolerate from a man. Pretty much what you'd think. 

The higlight’s of my week was finisheing a big presentation for the manageing partner. I was so busy all day that I am joining in VERY LATE, haveing JUST come home @ 7:30 PM on a Friday! FOOEY!!!
The manageing partner is giveing a presentation on the impact of RES JUDICADA in premises liability case’s and my job was to get applicabel precedent under BOTH NY and NJ laws, even tho I am NOT admited in NJ. So I looked a little on GOOGLE and then asked a freind who knew someone from Newark to call me. He did NOT know much about RES JUDICADA, but he seemed pretty nice for someone from Newark. He said I should send him a picture of me so that he could match a name to a face, but I told him I would NOT be goeing to Newark any time soon, so he then said he get’s into the City about 1x a month so I probably could meet him b/c he is planning on comeing in before New YEAR’S to see the tree. I figured out he was talkeing about Rockfeller Center and told him I already saw that tree when I went to Zara and he said that I probabley would NOT want to meet him. I felt bad b/c he was a little NERDY, so told him I am NOT stuck up and would see him if he came into town but I am goieng to Myrtle Beach so would NOT be around.
Now this guy (Will) want’s to meet me, but he asked about my body. FOOEY! I have enough to deal with the guys around here, but not a NERDY guy from Newark who does NOT know anything about RES JUDICADA wants to know about my body? FOOEY! I am glad I do NOT work in NJ b/c I would have to take another BAR exam. The manageing partner was considereing opening a WC practise in NJ, but I told him I would NOT take that bar just to do WC law in NJ, b/c I have to much work in NY to expand my practise.
I bought a Mega Millions ticket on my way home so that if I win, I can stop workeing full time. I told Myrna I would still consider being a JUDGE (part time) or a Part time Partner here. I have to start listening to the manageing partner b/c he is going to present me to all of the partners formaly as a JUNIOR partner in January! YAY! Me, Ellen Barshevsky, a PARTNER! Grandma Leyeh is so happy! DOUBEL YAY!!!!!!!!

If you have had sex with him, and he care’s about you for more then sex, I agree he should be willing to work with you, includeing moveing if that mean’s you are getting into a good school. You have NOT told us what he is doieng, and if he just has a schlubby job, he had BETTER be willing to follow you or I would tell him the relationeaship is EGGZOVER. That should bring this schmoe to the table. Alan was lazy, but he knew that I had alot of potential so he never did to many bad thing’s at once. If your guy doesn’t start respecteing you, just say FOOEY and move on after telleing him to hit the road. FOOEY!

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