Wednesday, December 11, 2013

you mabye get good

David? Really? Like Hurricane Sandy David? I thought Ellen was dead set on ignoring all of his contacts for all time. She must really be getting desperate. Hot chocolate probably wouldn't have done it for someone who isn't being baited with $50k to get married and have kids immediately...

I think I will get one of these for Dad. Even tho it is expensive, I have learned OVER the year’s that if you buy something cheep, it will fall a part on you. I bought my dad a pair of slack’s on sale (famous name) but within one season (he said onley about 5 washing’s) it already started to get threadbare and is now a total SCHMATTA that mom onley let’s him use when he is cleaning the basement or the CAR. Now I could see mabye if it went at the knee’s or in the seat –my dad’s tuchus is also not microscopic, but it started to wear right where he put’s his hand’s in his pocket’s. And guess what, he is NOT a Knish Vendor makeing change in his pocket’s all day, either!
So I learned dad’s lesson. You buy cheep, you get cheep. You buy good, you mabye get good. Dad is smart. That is why he has a doctoreate degree. YAY dad!!!!!
David called out of the blue and want’s me to go ice skateing with him at Bryant Park. I told him mabye it’s better to go to the Wolman rink, b/c there was a shooteing at Bryant Park. He said OK, so I will go this weekend with him. He promised to buy me some hot chocalate there. YUMMY!!!!!!!

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