Saturday, December 14, 2013

and now I have 3 left hand glove’s and NO right hand glove’s

She's giving away her "old" coat? If this is the same nice warm one that she got for her last birthday, it's less than a year old! Fooey! I'd beg for it as a hand-me-down but am sure I could never squeeze all my girth into Ellen's beautiful castoffs. 

Meanwhile, I didn't know that any conversation actually took place about Sam's inadvertent flashing. Ellen confronted him about it, evidentelly, and he's sorry. Moreover, she passed on the apology to her father, who says she should accept it. I do recall that Sam is one of the better looking suitors on the scene, and pickin's are slim right now anyway, so I do suspect he's going to get (at least) one more chance. 

I agree! Even if it is fruegel friday’s you alway’s want to be thankful. Also, thank him even if you will NOT eat the chocolate’s b/c it makes your tuchus grow, alway’s thank the boss.
I learned to be VERY thankful to the manageing partner and he ALWAYS give’s me thing’s like the $500 gift card for shoppeing! YAY! I still have NOT spent it, but am lookeing for another winter coat. I am giveing my old puffy coat to NY Homeless Care’s b/c it is cold outside and they need it more then me.
Myrna is goieng to point out the type of coat I can wear that has alot of pocket’s in it that I can carry thing’s so I do NOT have to hold them. FOOEY b/c I lost 1 glove and now I have 3 left hand glove’s and NO right hand glove’s. I wish I would loose a left hand glove once in a while so I would still make a pair!
Sam is followeing up with me about the fruit, and I said it tasted good, but I let the office eat it. He is still VERY remorseful about wearing those short short’s where his winkie peeked out at me, and he sware’s that he will NEVER show me any part of him I do NOT ask him to see. Dad say’s that is more then fair but I think dad want’s me to consider him b/c he has a big job and talkes with a British accent.
Grandma Leyeh asked me about the movie, and I said it was on TV and again she was singeing, but she said she got that song from the Woodey Alan Movie –everyone say’s I love you. She might be right. Does any one in the HIVE know for sure?
I wish the hive a good weekend. It will be cold and snowey here in NYC. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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