Tuesday, December 17, 2013

to cow-tow to men who are NOT superior

Men are SUCH A PAIN! Particulearley for high powered women like us who are very sucessful in our job’s either as attorney’s or as MBA’s. THEY WANT TO BE KING OF THE ROAST, but can not face it when we are doieng better then them. My philosophy is to be yourself, and not to cow-tow to men who are NOT superior in the wage department. After all, why should we be so carful to STROKE their ego’s when all they do is grab our boobies or tuchus and think they are better then we are. I say we have to find men who are sucesful and professional and do NOT treat us like china doll’s. After all, we are big girls and should be abel to take it as well as dish it out.
Last week there was some guy who was unsure if he would have a LD relationship with one of our hive member’s who was goieng to be goiengto a big MBA school. I did NOT even know what he did, but she was SO worried about him. I told her to tell him to get lost if he did NOT want to suport her goeing for an MBA. For all we knew, he was some schlub that worked in his dad’s feed store! FOOEY on that!
Yes we women MUST stick together, wether in the HIVE or out in the workplace. We are all VERY smart, and should NEVER forget it. YAY!!!!!!

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  1. If she insists on being superior I don't mind her being on top tho she will have to do other things for me