Tuesday, December 17, 2013

bring your dumb freind’s but leave me OUT OF IT!

Alan is acquiring a bit more dimension as a character here--we've never seen him doing anything other than drink or perform other basic bodily functions, except a few occasions of exercising his CPA. I actually wasn't sure he had friends or did anything for fun. This anecdote is a bit heartening, if only because when/if he is sober it sounds like there's at least one clean activity he enjoys.

I once got Alan a day playeing paintball in the wood’s with some other freind’s of his. But I said NO WAY when he wanted me to do this with him. You can’t imagine what a bunch of jerk’s he had as freind’s growing up and they went from playing dungeon’s and dragoon’s to xbox to that paintball stuff. They all go upstate and shoot each other with paintball’s. FOOEY! Then he came home smelleing funny–he said it was the PAINT, but I think he wound up falling into some kind of SMELLEY pond (mabye a cespool), and it would NOT get out of his hair. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Needeless to say, I did NOT do this dumb thing with him— he was begging for it for along time, so I told him GO, have fun, bring your dumb freind’s but leave me OUT OF IT! HOPEFULLY THE HIVE WILL HAVE SMARTER BOYFREIND’s THEN I DID! YAY!!!!


  1. I thought Alan was no longer in the picture.

    1. Good point, Goddess of Love. For all practical purposes Alan is indeed out of the picture, but emotionally and mentally he's still important to our girl. Feel free to advise, given your credential.