Monday, December 2, 2013

(woman wize)

So Ellen gained 4 pound's in fewer days and is unabel to lose the tuchus to frost! Holidays are such a stressful time, don't we know it. Skipping ahead a bit, we FINALLY meet Roberta's son (a Philadelphian, remember) and I want to know what he does to have such a doubtful future income. In more immediate prospects, Ellen has confirmed on the Knicks game with Fred--recall he's a friend of Ed and Rosa's and wants Ellen to move out to LI and help him run pet stores.

And, to bring it back up to Para. #2, we're back to speculation that Alan did in fact cheat. Most of the time, he sounds like such a borderline functioner (at least during their relationship) that he could only handle one, woman wize, but obviously I wasn't there. I do remember one oblique reference to a maybe-other woman in the past, but that's all I got. ***Hmm maybe Ellen will explain for us now Hmm***

I so much agree, KC! Cat, this look’s like the old black and white TV my dad installed in his toilet! He insist’s it still work’s tho it is NOT in color. FOOEY!
I had a busy weekend and ate alot of turkey and stufffing (includeing my own YAM stuffeing, which everyone thought was a HIT, even Grandma Leyeh!). Unfortuneately, I put on 4 pound’s, I think nearly all in the tuchus and leg’s. Dad made me walk with him on Thanksgiving, and it was SO COLD OUT that I thought I froze my tuchus off, but when I came back in, it was still there! DOUBEL FOOEY.
Dad had David and his dad stop by the house on Thanksgiving for dessert. Dad want’s me to start over with David. David say’s his company is still doing OK, but he said he does NOT want to I.P.O. in this economic climate b/c he heard about all of the compleaince issue’s that public companie’s have to deal with. Dad want’s me to consider workeing as David’s General Council, but I do NOT see a future there unless they I.P.O. David’s dad wants for David to get MARRIED so that he is not focused on different women. I do NOT know where David has been (woman wize), so am not sure if he is clean. I would have to have him tested, b/c even Alan was noseing around other women and I am not sure where else. TRIPEL FOOEY!
Myrna thought David was OK, but Olak, the guy she started seeing, wants to have sex already, and they onley went out twice! She said Olak has funny breathe and some kind of a twitch, and she is NOT goeing to have sex with him.
Also, I met Roberta’s son, Keith, and he want’s to date me now. He seem’s nice enough, but I am NOT sure he would be abel to earn the kind of money we need to support me and I am not sure I want to have children with him yet. But he is comeing back into town in late December and want’s to see me then. We will see. YAY (mabye)!
Fineally, Willem kept texteing me this weekend askeing about getting together. I am not sure b/c he want’s to take a picture of me to send home. I have NO IDEA what he told his family about me and I do NOT want to be thought of as the gal WILLEM is haveing sex with when I onley went out with him a few time’s.
Finally, I do have to go to the Net’s Game against the KNICKs this week with Fred. The manageing partner says that both team’s “stink” but at least 1 team will win. YAY!!!!


  1. This guy Keith has possibilities. Given that he is Roberta's son, we at least know that mom has some bucks to carry him if he should ever get Ellen interested in him. Query why Willem remains in the picture. We are convinced that Willem is the kind of guy that is caught pleasuring himself at his desk at work. Not the type for Ellen. Sorry.

  2. David has been in the picture longer than anyone else, and he has dad's good housekeeping seal of approval. Since he is the only guy who is circumcised, this is probably the one Ellen will sleep with, even though things now look bleak for him.