Saturday, December 21, 2013

get’s started on being serius on life

I'm actually somewhat glad to hear Ellen may not be posting much from her vacay, because I'm going to face some lomitation's of my own. I like the idea of leaving the crew of New York men in the New York dust, though! And all the better stories for when she return's. 

Also excitingly on tap for next year: Ellen's getting a supervisee! Maybe SHE's going to ooogel? He better have hair.

Yay! I LOVE FRUEGEL FRIDAY’s! And I am workeing so hard to get ready to go with Myrna to Myrtle BEACH! YAY!!!!
I will probabley not be abel to p’ost much from there unless they have INTERNET access and a computer. I hate typeing from my I-Phone, so If I don’t post much next week, I will catch all of the HIVE up later about what is hapening with my life when I get back home and get on my MacBook Air!!!!!! YAY!! I am exceited that I am comeing back to the office as a JUNIOR Partner, which the manageing partner tell’s me get’s me my own letter head! Yay!!!!!!! I am goeing to send letter’s to all of my old freind’s showing them that I am a sucess even if I am NOT MARRIED to them and do NOT yet have a child. FOOEY b/c I think I should have both and I will have both, say’s Grandma Leyeh.
Dad says he will NOT let me spend the $50K grandma Leyeh is giving me in January. Instead, he is putting this into the Firm’s 401K plan, which he got the FIRM to agree to match (at only 10% — which is an extra $5000 — Dad is such a negoteiator — mabye he should have been the first US Based Barshevsky, Esq., but that is ME!!!!!
Anyway, I am leaveing all of the guy’s back in NYC in the dust as I explore South Carolina for a potential MATE. I am not expecteing much — Roberta says I should NOT ruel out her son, b/c she is goeing to see to it that he get’s started on being serius on life. Also, in January, we are getting the new KID to be my associate! YAY b/c I can now be a manageing attorney who is a partner, tho NOT THE manageing partner! Margie sent me flower’s at home, but since I am leaving, I told the doorman he could just bring them home to his wife, b/c she is making him ChimmyChanga’s for the holiday.
I hope all goe’s well for the HIVE, and that we all will be charmed in 2014. For now, I guess it’s TOODELES! YAY!!!!!!

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