Monday, December 9, 2013

car’s are a BAD thing for some of us

Zora is warned of the risks to one's romantic and professional life when a woman drives a car. Thanks, Ellen, as alway's. And Willem is going to get yet another chance to interrupt Ellen's voracious billing because...he steps onto the premises and MP's going to bill him in turn. 

Which brings me to our final highlight today: the 150% uplift that Ellen can't know about until she's fully partnerized? Wha...? I mean, we've all had plenty of educated guesses to this effect for a while now, but seeing it in writing is different. This means there's going to be some kind of formal induction to MP's illegal/unethical approach (if it's even more extreme than Ellen's manner of billing now) and also, probably, that Dad is in on it. Recall his consulting role in a sort of external audit of Manageing & MANAGEING earlier this year

Hug’s to you, Zora. It can hapen to any one of us. Mom backed up in Rosevelt Field and hit her car, and dad realy lit into her for being sloppey. I do NOT drive any more since I moved into the City, but I do Drive when I am on LI, but do NOT like driveing b/c of all of the luneatic’s out there. FOOEY!
I remember in college there was a girl who was very popular, but it was onley b/c she had a car. Lot’s of guy’s dated her just to get to drive her MUSTEANG Convertible. She wound up flunkeing out of school b/c she had so many guy’s dateing her for her car. So car’s are a BAD thing for some of us, particulearly her. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Willem called again and he insist’s on comeing over. The manageing partner said I should let him come over and he will talk to him also so that he can bill his company for talkeing to him. I have almost 280 hour’s billed this month with over a week and 1/2 to go so I should get about 450. The manageing partner said that I should be shooteing for 6500 hour’s next year, and as a partner, I should be easily abel to do that with the 150% uplift he will teach me about. YAY!!!!!

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