Wednesday, December 4, 2013

haveing babie’s and doeing DOMESTIC thing’s

Sometimes Ellen really is a troll in the most conventional sense. I'm all sputtering and ear-smoking and up in arm's, of course. 

There's no news here. We even already knew about the tuchus growth necessitating salad. NEXXXTTTT

Nice Dress, Cat, but a little pricey for me. Also, Frank would be grabbeing at my tuchus (which he already is doeing), because he calls it his early Christmas present. I think it is sexist, but I let it go. FOOEY on him!
As for the OP, Yay that your grandparent’s put money into a fund for you — my Grandma Leyeh did that for me, but she has my DAD manageing it for me so I do NOT have to even think about it. She told me a long time ago that we should ALWAYS leave the financeial decision’s to the MEN in our live’s b/c we have more important thing’s to think about, includeing, this time of year, getting the BEST sale’s on clotheing and haveing babie’s and doeing DOMESTIC thing’s. She is of course NOT 100% right, but she is on the financeial thing’s. Dad does EVERYTHING for me and my 401K has grown alot b/c he is manageing it for me! He want’s me to get MARRIED so that my HUSBAND can do this already, but he like’s makeing it grow for me and showeing me how smart he is with my finaneaces! YAY Dad!!!!
I am trying to FEND off WILLEM, who is fixeated on getting a picture of me to send home. What is it about these men? What is he telling his family about me? He said he did NOT tell them I was his girlfreind, but if that is TRUE, why such a fixeation on getting a photo to send back to Belgum? There MUST be plenty of other girl’s he can take picture’s of at work — since I am NOT his girlfreind, I said I will NOT let him take my picture. Myrna said that Men photoshop picture’s of us with NAKED women and then put it up on FACEBOOK! FOOEY! I do NOT want to be photoshoped onto a naked woman for his Facebook page! DOUBEL FOOEY!
I am goeing with Fred to the Barclay’s Center and he want’s to take me out to eat first. Because I ate so much I need to find a place in Brooklyn that has good salad’s. Does the HIVE know a place near there we can eat? I do NOT want a bigger tuchus then normal, so I MUST have salad. HELP!


  1. Ellen has got to stop relying on dad for matters financial and take the lead on breaking free from his economic noose, and I am not thinking of foisting off such tasks on the man who marries her. She needs to learn these things for herself, as she already knows that men like Alan just use her for sex. Not a reason to have a loser like him around.

    1. Agreed. No man can do a better job than me at financial things. I should apply to be her financial advisor. I really don't care for her dad, though, and would need to interface with him to get the full story on her finances.