Friday, December 6, 2013

and he made ME carry the 5 pound bag of dog biskit’s

Fred may just take the cake for Ellen's worst date ever--and that's saying ALOT. Usually the violative groping or the checkeing out other women or the denial of appetizer would be all that's needed to FOOEY, but last night we checked all the boxes. I wonder how specific her postmortem with Rosa is going to get. 

Meanwhile it sounds like Myrna is done with Olak (or whomever), which likely means Vikram is not to be heard from again either. Again, no great loss. At this point, with Willem more eccentric by the day and Sam apparently having given up, Keith (son of Roberta) is the only fellow to watch.  

Hug’s to you, I am the same today, but it will get better! YAY!
I love Fruegel Friday’s and this look’s like a pretty good start for me after a DISASTER yesterday with Fred. He came here early to pick me up, and was flirteing with Lynn. I ignored that, but we then got a car to take us over to the Barcleay’s Center, and he was stareing at a girl on the corner of Park and 29th Street, and he made ME carry the 5 pound bag of dog biskit’s that were for Myrna’s Shnauzzer. Then, when we stopped at Myrna’s office to give her the dog biskit’s, he was stareing at her, and she told me later he was creepey; then we went to dinner and he did NOT want me to order anything other then the salad, even tho I told him I was fasteing all day so that I could have another appetizer; then we watched the game (the Net’s lost –FOOEY), and then he got us a car to take us back to Manhattan, and when we were in the car, he put his smelley hand under my blouse without permission. When I told him I would NOT let him do that, he said that we could do that back in my apartement. So I said NO, you are goeing home, not up to my apartement. I did NOT let him get out of the car, and had the driver take him directely back to Grand Central where he was suposed to get on the train (about 1230 am).
I can not believe a feed store guy could think that buyeing me dinner and a ticket to see guy’s jumping up and down with a basketeball gives him a license to squeeze my boobies! FOOEY! I will NOT go out with him again and will tell Rosa to tell Ed not to have guy’s like Fred come into my life. He can get some other woman for that, but not me. DOUBEL FOOEY on HIM!
Myrna is comeing over tonite so that we can go over this mess. YAY! She had the same issue with Olak, or whatever his name that guy from Brazil is. TRIPEL FOOEY on men that just want us for sex. We are alot more than sexueal object’s.


  1. Ellen may be a wildly success in her professional life as a lawyer but she sure can't catch a break on the personal end. Why can't attractive professional women find men who want more than to hook up for one night of writhing? Surely there is more to Ellen than a pretty face? Why don't men want to appreciate that in us?

    Women of substance like us should categorically reject all overtures from men who only seek casual penetration. While we cannot deny that the act is pleasurable, we should wait to find steady men for this purpose, not asses like Kutza who will be gone before the sheets have even dried. We deserve so much better!

    1. Agree with SSG3. Quality women deserve quality men, not low quality boys that just want to hump and dump.