Saturday, December 21, 2013

an OOOGLEING lawsuit! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is such a great Ellen link. I wonder if shesaw the story because she has a Google alert for "ooogel" or something. Seriously--the word in its correct spelling shows up often enough, but such precision, to find the one story where, in Ellen sisterhood, we've added a few extra Os. 

It doesn't look like Ellen commented on this online articel, but maybe she's written directly to the offending employer to express her anti-ooogleing solidarity. 

You may not hear much out of either me or Ellen over the next week, but I say this is a great note to go out on--even for the year.  

Yay! Open thread’s! I love open thread’s! (and Friday too!)
As for the OP, Super Hug’s to you. Interviewing is alway’s stresseful, and peeople who are lookeing are alway’s lazy, particulearley around the holiday’s b/c they are busy eating and goeing to parties and all that stuff. Even I have put on 5 pound’s since Thankgsgiveing, and I am sure that ALL of it is in my TUCHUS! FOOEY!
But they will eventually decide and I am hopeing it is YOU b/c you deserve a good 2014!
As for the rest of the hive, I cam across this articel that was VERY interesting about a woman who sued the cop’s for OOOGELEING her driver’s license photo in Minnesota. She sued for alot of money and setteled for $32,000.
According to the Paper, “The City Council approved the settlement last week after Paula Kruchowski’s attorney wrote in a notice of claim ­letter — which typically precedes a lawsuit — that she had been “oogled [sic] by scores of men.” As the city attorney’s office liaison to the police domestic assault unit, Kruchowski works in Police Department offices at City Hall.”
If she can stop peeople from OOGELING her, there is hope for the rest of us from beeing OOOGLED! DOUBEL FOOEY!
I think this case is and can be VERY good presedent for us who get OOOGLED by peeople in our own companies! I am printeing out this article to give to BOTH Frank and the Manageing partner, b/c I do NOT like it when Frank is ooogeleing my boobie’s and tuchus. He is MARRIED, and he can OOOGLE her!
So for the HIVE, remember this case and we can make even more money if we bring an OOOGLEING lawsuit! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Have a nice vacation! Come back ready to provde insight, though perhaps you and Ellen are one and the same? Oy! I knew you seemed to predict all too well!

    1. I do not think Ellenwatch and Ellen are the same, tho they may be taking a vacation together! I love your name Phaedra. It reminds me of that old song with Nancy Sinatra, "Some Velvet Morning" which is very sexy. Ellenwatch, you should post the lyrics, so we can sing it together....the beginning words are: Some Velvet Morning when I'm Straight; I'm gonna open up your gate; and tell you about Phaedra, how she let me in.....(it is probably talking about sex with Phaedra!)

  2. Men ogle us for our t&a