Wednesday, December 4, 2013

that I had appraised at $3.

This one does have some historical resonance. First, if Ellen's Rolex from Dad is real, she had a funny way of returning the love a few years after he gave it to her! If it isn't real, then Ellen is so dense she can't spot a hoax played on her even when she's played precisely the same one on the hoaxer.  

As for Alan's infamous stinginess, I LOOOOVVVE that Ellen got this particular bracelet appraised. Wonder if she was thinking about insuring it? While we're on the subject here are my favorite posts (one, then a-two, and a-three) about Alan getting her gifts at CVS. (Hi, Eunice.)

I do NOT like peeople to buy me any jewlery. That is b/c it is my taste that matters and way to many peeople think they know my taste. But they do NOT. I usueally get very NONDESCRIPT jewlery that peeople will NOT recognise when I wear it over again. I also have a ROLEX watch that my dad bought me when I gradueated from LAW School, b/c he said I always should be PROMPT when goieng into COURT. I still wear it today, even tho it is over 6 year’s old! YAY Dad!!!!!!
When I was dateing Alan, he bought me a very CHEAP bangel, that I had appraised at $3. He told me it was 18K gold, but it was NOT even gold plated. I told Alan he should keep it or give it to his sister Syd, so he did. FOOEY on Alan and cheap jewlery! FOOEY!


  1. Alan is a pig. $3 for a bangle! It must have been made out of tin, probably from China, full of heavy metals. Dad deserves the fake Rolex for demeaning Ellen and pushing off David on her. She deserves a better man than him.

    1. Agreed. The bangle had to be bought at a street fair from some Indian guy or a guy from the West Indies. Either way, it is worthless, except maybe for sentimental value to Ellen, as Allen I think was the first guy she had sex with.