Friday, December 6, 2013

If anyone in the HIVE has Idea’s,

1) A week in Myrtle Beach? What kind of internet access will be available?
2) If you're curious about "eggzover," here are past usages. I can't find any etymology other than "Ellen's mom," but please share if you know it. 
3) The highlighted quote in our penultimate paragraph really does not sound like Myrna to me. I liked her better when she was Ellen's fast-and-loose foil--and I don't mean specifically regarding men, I mean with the triathlons and the stock market geekery and so on. We already have so many imaginary characters talking about bouncing weenies. Can't Myrna retain at least a bit of autonomy? 

Yay! Open Thread’s! I love Open Thread’s!
Congratulation’s to you on starteing a new job! It is very exciteing for this to happen! Mabye your new boss will be great like mine. The manageing partner just gave me a $500 gift card to Lord & Taylor’s and told me not to spend it all at once! He said it was a special reward for billing over 500 hours in the month of November!
DOUBEL YAY! I am on track for about 450 this month, and that is less onley b/c I am takeing the last week off entirely to go with Myrna to Myrtle Beach SOUTH Carolina. She knows a guy who has a house down there and he knows some guy’s who might want to date me.
Fred called to apoligize for last nite, but I told him NO SOAP, we are EGGZOVER! NO way will a guy be permited to grab my boobies after takeing me to a baskete ball game. I am a woman and have moral’s. I will NOT stand for him, also b/c he was flirteing and stareing at alot of women. He said he was NOT used to seeing so many pretty women before, b/c he does NOT see any up in PURDEY’s at his feed store. FOOEY on that. Rosa knows alot of pretty women up in Chapaqua, so how much different can PURDEY’s be? I am sure he is just a guy lookeing to sleep with as many women as he can, and if he can NOT, he just want’s to grab our boobies. DOUBEL FOOEY ON HIM AND OTHER’s LIKE HIM. We are more than a squeezing bag for men. TRIPEL FOOEY!
Dad want’s me to think about mabye lookeing for places that he and mom can buy for a vacation home down there. If he moves to North Carolina, he want’s a place where Rosa and I can meet him (with Ed and the Kids, and if I ever get MARRIED, MY HUSBAND and MY BABIE’s also–YAY!). I told him I would look and tell him if I found anything he might buy for us to vacation in.
Myrna and I have alot to talk about. She is disgusted at men like Fred and Olak who just think of us, as she says “glorified air mattresses that they can bounce their weenies on”. FOOEY ON MEN LIKE THEM! FOOEY! We have to put together a plan of attack where we can choose the men we want and NOT have to have them think that we are just sex toy’s. We are so much smarter then that!
If anyone in the HIVE has Idea’s, I will come back and get them for Myrna and me to REVIEW YAY!!!!!!!


  1. I can't wait for the day when Ellen will be able to bill more hours than there actually are in a month.

    1. This is precisely why the managing partner loves her. She can bill ungodly amounts, which the client will pay for! How many other lawyers do you know that can do this? No wonder she's such a human dynamo. Now if only she'd be a human dynamo in bed she'd surely be married by now.

  2. Kutza is such a piece of crap. Even when he acts concerned for Ellen, it's only because he is looking out for himself. Usually it is for some sort of deviate form of sex with those at the firm. I'm sure he'd demand the same from Ellen. She's too sharp to fall prey to his addled old lines, and even though Ellen can't wait to be a mom, it won't be done with his seed. We will make sure of that.