Tuesday, December 17, 2013

it make’s me alot more ZENLIKE

The thought of a Zen Ellen...something to meditate on. And it's such a big deal that David didn't grope, peep or pressure that it's mentioned in multiple post's, multiple paragraph's. 

I think if she like’s COFFEE, you can get her a Starbuck’s card, but make sure she can handel it. Alot of my freind’s perfer DUNKING DONUGHT’s b/c the coffee is NOT like syrup. FOOEY! B/c I do NOT drink alot of coffee. I am a Chai Tea person — it make’s me alot more ZENLIKE, the manageing partner says, b/c Margie got me started on Chai Tea. YAY Margie. Our day at the manageing partner has been postponed b/c of bad weather, but the manageing partner took the day off anyway, so we are at work haveing fun! YAY! Frank did NOT come in so the bathroom is free (and not stinky either), tho Madeline has already set up camp there. FOOEY!
The teck guy stopped by to See Lynn. He is hanging around here alot and I think Lynn met him for coffee (mabye Starbuck’s). He is here now with her, but he is stareing at me also. He can NOT have both of us, and I have NO intention of dateing him anyway. I got a box of doggie treats in the mail from Fred who wrote I should give them to Myrna. I hope he does NOT think he can now date her just b/c Xilo got free doggie treat’s. I told Myrna and she was HISTERICAL over that.
David called me @ home — I told him I do NOT perfer texteing to calleing, and he is bieng VERY nice. Dad must have told his dad how pissed off I was about him, so now he is makeing it up by bieng VERY nice. It was so refresheing that when we went back to my apartement so that I could get out of my soakeing wet spandex leggeings, he did NOT come into my room to check on me b/c he knew I would be takeing all of my wet clotheing off. Most guy’s would ask if they could help. FOOEY on that. I told dad he did NOT do that and he said that was GOOD. Grandma Leyeh want’s to know when she will have a grandchild from me. I said not to soon. FOOEY b/c the $50K is not goieing to happen unless there is some kind of imaculate conception hapening! DOUBEL FOOEY!

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