Monday, December 16, 2013

sharing some pino noir

Once again I am wishing I could invite myself along to one of Ellen and Myrna's ladies' nights. I'd gladly have stopped at CRUMB'S on my way over! 

Yay! I love Brooks brothers! And Wildkitten yes that schlepper is way to big. You should get a LIT BAG if you need to have a big bag. I am staying in b/c of the weather and am watcheing STAR TREK! Why is it that I always wind up dateing these Klingeons? I want a captan kirk! FOOEY! Myrna came over and we are sharing some pino noir. It actualy is ok but I must not have to much b/c it winds up on my tuchus! FOOEY! Myrna may stay over b/c of the snow! Yay!!!

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