Monday, June 10, 2013

he IMPELMENT”s all of the recomendation’s within 3 month’s

Dad has turned MP's sketchiness/the firm's insolvency into a cash cow. And to think that M&M LLP calculates having Ellen on board permenently, and in a leadership position, is worth paying her blowhard father for some set of mandatory instructions? I throw up my hand's. They all deserve each other.

As noted, the imperative to be married and pregnant by next spring was overlooked when Dad made this proposal. It's even possibel that Leyeh's 50k would be more than Ellen takes home as a partner, if she signs on just before the firm goes under. Of course, Dad is working for himself and nobody else. I wonder if his plum new consulting gig will keep him from moving to North Carolina in the near future as well...

This is a funny! Yay, but sorry for Diana Barry and her turmoil’s. FOOEY on Lice! FOOEY! Lice make’s you scratch alot. Rosa had lice when she was in first grade.
But beleive it or NOT, there are peeople who can get bedbug’s JUST by takeing the subway’s and the busesse’s in NYC! That is why I perfer to STAND UP instead of getting a seat. Have the rest of the HIVE even seen how SKUZZY the seats are on the MTA bus is? It is suposed to be BLUE, but many seat’s are BLACK or BROWN (don’t even ask what that is), and they smell when they get WET. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Dad had a great boat ride with mom and the manageing partner and Margie, and he deceided that I may be abel to be a partner, but first, he is goeing to be a paid special consultant to the law firm for 6 month’s and he is goieing to provide consulting advise on restuructureing the partnership. He think’s that with a proper restuructureing, I will have a proper LONG TERM prospect there. He also think’s that thing’s have to be more effecieintly run, and he will make out a report after 6 months. If after the report is given to the manageing partner, he IMPELMENT”s all of the recomendation’s within 3 month’s , then I can be a partner. The manageing partner will pay dad $25,000 to study the firm and to make recomendation’s. Dad says that if all work’s out, I can be a partner, but NOT until after April of next year. FOOEY b/c I need to be pregenent before then so I CAN GET the $50,000 from Grandma Leyeh.
How can I get married and pregenent before then if I am NOT a partner? Dad did NOT facter that into the equation. He is smart, but that is goeing to cost me $50,000 unless I get creeative myself. TRIPEL FOOEY!


  1. Welcome back! We missed you. Do not set up Vinnie with Ellen. I do not think his intentions are honourable

    1. I agree with this person. He will take far more than he ever gives.

  2. These two losers dont know what they are missing. 5 minutes in the sack would have these two dames singing a different tune.