Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a little testey between the two of them

What did I tell you? It took even less time than I allotted for something to rot in the state of MP and Dad (and their blind-leading-the-blind consulting agreement). Meanwhile, interesting that some had not yet noticed how topical many of Ellen's comments are. Read the post =/= "real," though I am always open to contending theories.

Yes, but I think she look’s JUST like Linsey Lohan! I could use a pair of those shoe’s for NYC walkeng b/c I have a bad habit of steppeing into dog poop and Frank and the manageing partner are MAD when I wash my shoe’s off in the sink. FOOEY!
Dad has been a real pain today. The manageing partner took us to the LAMB’s CLUB, but DAD did NOT like anything on the menu. I had a Cobb Salad. YAY! He said he was lookeing for LAMB Chop’s but they were NOT on the menu. The manageing partner said that next time, HE could take us out to some place that had what HE wanted. It sounded a little testey between the two of them b/c Dad was askeing alot of question’s and Frank did not know the answer’s, according to Dad. The manageing partner said he would talk to Frank to help him with the answer’s but DAD said that these were ACCOUNTEING Question’s that Frank was suposed to know without the manageing partner telleing him the answers. FOOEY the manageing partner said, b/c the manageing partner also sign’s off on the firms financieials.
Any way, Dad left on the train b/c he is takeing Mom to Roozevelt Field and PF Chang’s. I like the MOO GOO GAY PAN but realy think there should be better CHINESE places out there, but she likes it there, plus she can also make DAD go shoppeing with her. YAY!!!!!!
  • downstream :
    it weirds me out when Ellen makes on-topic comments (the model looking like LiLo). Ellen is a real person, people.
    • I totally think she is.
    • Anonymous :
      What do you mean? Obviously she is real- she’s just not a woman named Ellen. She’s a parody account
    • For dummies (but not meant in a mean way)…is Ellen an inside lawyer joke that non-law people just don’t get? I’ve seen people respond as if she was a real individual and then also as a parody character.
    • Nuh-uh.


  1. I also think the model looks like LiLo. Ellen has a sharp eye. She needs those, (together with good clean teeth), to be able snag a man to marry and procreate within the next year or so.

  2. I agree. A woman without clean teeth will get no where with me. I need to be able to be sure her trap is free from food particles or other foreign materials that cause her mouth to stink when she gets passionate. The last thing I like is for a broad to be panting and smelling up the place with the Chile Con Carne she had for dinner an hour earlier.

    Simply put, I insist that before any woman comes into my bed, that she be freshly bathed, brushed and flossed. That has been the rule in the Kutza family for years. It kind of does away with the spontaneity, but we do not waive that rule for anyone.