Thursday, June 27, 2013

the assistant dean all of a sudden wanted to start dateing me

Where Ellen was oooogled
Irresistability began early for our girl, as we already knew. Not only did substantially all of her law professors try to date her, she apparently rated some upper-level administrators back in undergrad too! Asst. Dean play's rescuer and then expect's the spoils--FOOEY! 

Note the formulation "nerdy guy" applied to someone from ~10 years ago. I assume this wasn't the same guy who almost came to work at Manageing & MANAGEING--though I do still hold out some hope for that one as a husband, breadwinner and impregnator. 

Extra credit: How many fake words has ELLENWatch used in this post? 
Very sereious! Sound’s like some one I would NOT let get to close, b/c some peeople get very volitiale when you tell them later you are NOT interested in dateing them. When I was in college, there was a nerdy guy that alway’s hung out in front of my dorm room waiteing for me, and I felt sorry for him because he was so dorkey. Once I talked to him, I think he got it in his head that we belonged “together” and were dateing, even tho all I did was say hello and was freindly to him instead of brusheing him off like all my girlfreind’s did.
It got to the point that he would be stareing at me in the quad, and followeing me around to my classe’s. Fineally, I had to tell the quad coordineator that this guy was hangeing around me to much and mabye she could tell him to move on.
Well this guy got very mad and told her we were dateing (even tho we were NOT — I never even said anything to him other then hi, how are you today), so we had to go the assistant dean together and explain our story together before the assistant dean told this guy to stop hangeing around me and to move on. It was so embarassing, especialy b/c the assistant dean all of a sudden wanted to start dateing me (and he was very old — then mabye 45 or so and I was 19). I told him I could NOT go out with him even tho he KNEW I did NOT have a boyfreind, b/c he was my father’s age. I can think fast on my feet, my dad said. YAY!!!!!

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  1. The dorm leader should have warned Ellen about the assistant dean being an old hornbag. Too bad she had to push him off herself.