Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hoepefully, the manageing partner will NOT charge dad for the meal

This is going to be such a sh!t show from beginning to end. I predict the deal goes sour within a few weeks at most. 

Still slowly piecing together Dad's credentials and professional background. 
Rosa has the Tahari dress, and I think she got it at Nieiman Marcu’s in White Plains NY. She look’s great in it b/c she is very svelte. Personaly, I love it too, but my tuchus is way to big to have such a styleish dress b/c it would be to tight in the back and it would look stupid. Dad says that he will get me a new bicycle so that I can ride in the City with Myrna. My bike is old and not workeing, so I am goieng to donate it to Big Brother’s and Big Sister’s. YAY!!!!!
Dad called me last nite and said that he want’s to meet me in the City this week and spend a day at work goeing over the books and OBSERVEING what is goeing on at work so that he can start to forumulate his opinion’s on efficeiency. When he was first starting out, he worked for the CIA on very important matter’s of security so he know’s how to fix thing’s. I told him I would have to check my calendear b/c I have some depo’s and court appearenaces and I do NOT want to miss him b/c he take’s me to lunch and we eat good food together. YAY!!!
He said NOT to think so much about food b/c of my need to loose weight. FOOEY I told him, I still have to eat and I do NOT buy 6 cupcakes any more at CRUMB’s. I will ask the manageing partner to join us. Hoepefully, the manageing partner will NOT charge dad for the meal.


  1. Dad is a real winner. I cannot conceive of having to live under his tutelage for all of these years; no wonder Ellen is so subservient. He touts his intelligence by monitoring her tuchus remotely and handles all matters financial for her. What in the world is going happen after Dad is gone? Is Ellen somehow to become financially astute and saavy enough to manage her own affairs? The father has evidently given her the condo, pays her bills, monitors her weight (remotely) and negotiates her job promotions for her. Surely she after all of these years ought to be able to do some of these things herself. After all, she is a lawyer. How did she get through college and law school? Perhaps in part on her looks, but that couldn't have gotten her past the bar exam. I think Ellen ought to start handling more of her own affairs now, so that she can lessen and eventually eliminate her dependence on Dad. Mom sounds well adjusted enough; she was able to land and keep Dad. Ellen should be saavy enough to do this without having to find some schlub to marry her.

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself, even if I stayed serius for an entire paragraph. You know these were precisely the sentiments expressed in POLL #3, where a plurality of readers urged Ellen to gain financial and caloric independence from her Dad: http://ellenwatch.blogspot.com/2013/04/results-of-poll-3.html

  2. Even I agree. I think dad would warm up to me because of my background and the fine lineage that the Kutza family would bring to his line were we to "merge". I say no old crusty dude is going to prevent the right guy from heading right for home plate and scoring. I just want to be the first one to slide in. Ellenwatch, why in the blazes won't you assist in my efforts to score with Ellen?