Friday, June 21, 2013

they even send him e-mail’s telling him how many stair’s I have walked up

Why is "double" spelled correctly today? 

Seinfeld continues as a reference point, though not yet up to the level of exposure Mr. Pitt enjoys on ELLENWatch. Recall that MP's Hamton's house allegedly lies somewhere near Gerry's
Yay! Fruegel Friday’s, I LOVE Fruegel Friday’s!
I have the same issue. I have to loose 8 lbs, but mostley in the tuchus and leg’s. Dad says my legs are like the piano at Grandma Leyeh’s apartment — short and stubby. Thank’s dad, but I got them from you probably. Dad is himself only 5 foot 7 and he is short and stubby for a guy, and even tho I look at men for their brain’s, if I were a vane person lookeing at just a mans look’s, then I would NOT be lookeing at him striectly speaking b/c he is NOT a Brad Pit type.
Dad is more like a SHORTER older and pudgeier version of Gerry Steinfeld. That is someone that Gerry should look at to see what he might look like in 15 year’s! YAY DAD! Mabye he can get a consulteing gig with Gerry and not looke at my tuchus with comment’s this week! As it is, he call’s me to report on my walkeing b/c he track’s my FIT BIT useage, and they even send him e-mail’s telling him how many stair’s I have walked up! Can you imageine! DOUBLE FOOEY!
This weekend, we are goeing up to see Roberta– Myrna is fit to drive and Roberta has a whole day planned for us! YAY b/c we can eat DELI again!!!! I think I will sample the same thing we ate last night and COMPARE. Or mabye I will try the pastreami and have 3/4 of the Kishkey. It will be a battel between the BRONX and Manhattan deli’s! YAY b/c there can be NO looser in this race!!!!!


  1. Dad is a shrimp and a douche!

  2. I have an idea. How about if I can attach the fitbit when I am with Ellen in the sack, and as long as our bedroom activities register on her fitbit and it doesn't have GPS on, she can get all of her "steps" PDF'ed to dad without her ever having to go vertical! We won't have to tell Dad about that, and Ellen will be "fitter" than ever after I focus on the problem areas!