Wednesday, June 12, 2013

chideing me for being late

Ellen's weight loss target has not budged, then: 8 pound's and (alway's) counting. Meanwhile, no surprise if Dad doesn't think Frank's expleaneations add up. 

Yay! I love this dress, as soon as I loose 8 pounds I am getting it!
I just walked in and Dad is already here wondering why I’m late. Because I WALKED in, silly boy! FOOEY on him for chideing me for being late when it is HIS FITBIT that made me late! FOOEY!
He’s in with Frank and he does NOT looke happy!
I will report later. I want SUSCHI for lunch and the MAnageing partner is payeing!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. If this woman is able to eat sushi and other slimy seafoods, she will surely be able and willing to provide for, and be attentive to, my personal pleasures with no gag reflexes. Bring her on, Ellenwatch!