Thursday, June 20, 2013

wanted to know everything about us (particularely Rosa)

Food in teeth is a problem with many men Ellen must work with--opposing counsel sweaty hands Brian also come's to mind.

You are so lucky to be nurseing and abel to take a plane and had a good situation. When I last flew with the manageing partner to PITSBURG, he did NOT leave me alone to rest, and I need alot of rest when I fly b/c I should be drinkeing water to hydrate, but do NOT want to have to get up to pee during the flieght. Once when I went with Rosa to Cancune, all these sloppy guy’s came up to us on the plane and wanted to know everything about us (particularely Rosa). She was NOT married yet, but was dateing Ed, but that did NOT stop those guy’s from askeing all these question’s!!! They were the worst! And fineally, when I went to Saint Louis, I realy did NOT like flying b/c I had to deal with bieng nice to the Cleint, Jim, who was acteing weird alot of the time. FOOEY! He is comeing here again today. I hope he does NOT want me to take him out to eat. He gets alot of food in his front teeth, and it is GROSS! DOUBEL FOOEY on that!
PS: Hug’s to NOLA. I also care about her and her family too.

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  1. I concur that there is no shortage of sloppy looking men (with bad teeth) just waiting to stalk us pretty women. It happens to me almost daily, and I have at least 5 years on Ellen. NY City is so full of jerks who think they are "all that" just because they have JD or MBAs.