Thursday, June 27, 2013

dad is a very INTENSE investigoator

And so it continues. Madeline's weight is also probably an issue here. Meanwhile I'm waiting to hear what Myrna think's of Brandon. 
It's just occurring to me that Ellen is chronically mistrustful of her own decision-making capacities. I can't think of anything she has ever done without assiduously securing approval from MP, Dad, Myrna or Leyeh first. Brandon is just one more exampel. Perhaps Ellen punts on all of these judgments because she's wise enough to know herself a fool? 

This is a VERY beautiful sweater, Kat! And I Totaly LOVE the color! And a good price also! YAY!!!!
Myrna is comeing with me today to my health club to check out Brandon. I wonder what she will think of him.
The manageing partner aksed me today if I could get my dad to be less forcefull in his interview’s of the staff b/c Madeline said he was kind of a bully to her, and she is ONLEY a associate! I said I would see if I could calm him down, but I think that my dad is a very INTENSE investigoator, goeing back to his days in the Goverment. I wonder if he think’s he is ON to some thing. The manageing partner said Madeline thought he was like a PITT BULL in his interogaetion of her. She does NOT even have any control over firm fienance’s either!
Dad is comeing in again tomorrow, so I will go to lunch with him. I will also mabye go home for the weekend b/c mom said she is bakeing my favorite lemon marangue pie for dad and he onley eat’s about 1/2 of it and will not let mom finish it b/c of her tuchus. FOOEY for her, but YAY for me!!!!

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  1. Ellen's dad makes her mom bake a pie, but then won't let her eat any of it? This is incredible. But if he's worried about Ellen's fat tuchus, how is it that she can come in and vacuum up 1/2 of the pie herself. Granted Ellen is much younger than mom, but what good will it be if she's just another pretty blond with a big tuchus now? What in the world will Ellen look like after eating pies for the next 25 years?