Thursday, June 20, 2013

he is sloppy looking and pick’s his nose

From Dan Draper to Don Drayper. Be careful, Ellen--one of these day's you might actually get it right!

My dad would NOOTER me if he found out I bought these. FOOEY!
Even if I was a PARTNER at my firm, I would NOT be abel to get these. They are cute tho!!!!
Myrna is comeing by at 5 so that we can go to the Second Avenue Deli. She realy love’s Corn Beef and Kishkey so we agreed we would order both then SPLIT the corn beef and I would get 3/4 of the Kishkey. Yay!
Dad does NOT like me eateing Deli b/c he said that is how Mom got her tuchus. Mabye that is true or mabye it is NOT, but either way, I think we should be abel to eat what we want, and if that means corn beef or Kishkey, then so be it. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
I do NOT have any plan’s for the weekend yet. This guy from the office across the hall keep’s stareing at me. I think he is in adveritiseing, kind of like on Mad Men. If ONLEY he was a Don Drayper, OMG, I would melt. Unfortunateley, he is sloppy looking and pick’s his nose when he look’s at me. FOOEY!


  1. I love deli also. The guy who picks his nose; we have some one like that where we are.

  2. She can have all of my Kishkey, if she can handle it!